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    Adventure Travel Insurance Cover for Activities

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    Protect your adrenaline-filled trip with Cover-More

    Are you looking for travel insurance that can provide cover for adventure activities or extreme sports? Nothing should hold you back from engaging in the sporting activities you love while you’re away on holiday – whether that’s hiking, bungee jumping or even skydiving!

    At Cover-More, we know not every traveller is content with taking a sightseeing tour or laying on a beach. If you’re seeking an adrenaline rush for your next holiday, having travel insurance may help you access emergency assistance and may help protect against financial loss if something goes wrong.

    Discover more below, read our adventure travel insurance cover FAQs, or get a quote online to see how affordable it is to protect your holiday adventures.

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    Why do I need adventure travel insurance cover?

    The beauty of travel is in the new experiences it brings, and if you’re someone who likes to push boundaries and get your heart racing, travel can bring on a whole new range of achievements.

    Whether it’s fulfilling your bucket-list dream of trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, touring Vietnam by motorcycle, or embarking on a ski holiday to New Zealand, getting a little wild can create lifelong memories. But with great adventures comes greater risk that something might not go to plan.

    This is where adventure travel insurance cover or extreme sports travel insurance comes in – and why it’s extremely important to consider as part of your travel plans.

    When comparing travel insurance plans, we recommend paying attention to what adventure activities are automatically covered– and what activities you need to add extra coverage for – to ensure you’re protected.

    What adventure activities does Cover-More travel insurance automatically include?

    Good news for the sporty and adventure types: all our Cover-More travel insurance plans automatically include cover for over 80 adventure activities.

    To find out what popular activities we automatically include in all our domestic and international plans, please read the full list below or in our PDS.

    Sporting and adventure activities automatically included on all Cover-More plans:

    AbseilingJet Boating/Power Boating (as a passenger only)
    Activity Centre HolidaysJet Skiing
    Amateur Sports (e.g. Baseball, Basketball, Football, Rugby)Kabaddi
    Archaeological DiggingKite Landboarding
    ArcheryMartial Arts (no contact)
    Assault CourseMuay Thai (Thai Boxing, training only)
    BadmintonMountain Biking (not BMX or racing)
    Bamboo Boat RaftingMountain Boarding
    Banana BoatingOff Road or 4WD Driving (organised tour)
    Battle Re-enactmentOrienteering Outward- Bound Pursuits
    Beach GamesPaint Balling/War Games
    Boogie/Body BoardingParagliding/ Parascending/Parasailing (over water only)
    Boxing (training only)Quad Biking (organised day tour)
    Breathing Observation Bubble (BOB) (maximum depth 30 metres)Racing (on foot) – up to Marathon Distance (not extreme/ultra-marathons)
    Bridge Walking (supervised by a fully trained guide)Rambling
    Bungee JumpingRifle Range (at a commercial range)
    Camel or Elephant Riding or TrekkingRiver Tubing
    Canoeing/Kayaking/Rafting (including white water grades 1-3 and sea inside territorial waters)Roller Blading/Skating
    Canyon/Gorge SwingingRounders
    Canyoning (organised tours only)Safari (organised tours)
    Cave Tubing (organised tours only)Sail Boarding
    Clay Pigeon Shooting (at a commercial range)Sailing Within Territorial Waters
    Cycling/Cycle Touring (leisure)Sand Boarding
    Dinghy Sailing Inside Territorial WatersScuba Diving – (up to 30 metres) if diving with a diving school or qualified instructor
    Dragon Boating (organised event or tour)Skate Boarding
    Fell Walking, Hiking/Trekking (under 2,000 metres)Sleigh Riding (reindeer, horses, or dogs)
    Fishing (including Deep Sea Fishing)Stand Up Paddle Boarding
    Glacier Crossing/Hiking (organised tours, using ropes and guides)Summer Tobogganing
    Gorge WalkingSwimming with Dolphins
    GymnasticsTall-Ship/Yachting Crewing (commercial crewing ship with a maximum of 14 days)
    Helicopter Tours (as a passenger)Target Rifle Shooting (at a commercial shooting range)
    Hiking/Rambling/Trekking/Walking (under 3,000 metres)Tree Canopy Walking
    Horse Riding (not in competitions, no touring or playing polo, no hunting or jumping)Weightlifting
    Hot Air Ballooning – as a passenger (organised activity only)Windsurfing
    Husky Dog SleddingWorking-Holiday Visa: Manual Work (ground level, no powered machinery) and Non-Manual Work
    Ice Fishing (organised day tour or as a resort activity)Zip Trekking/Zip Lining
    Ice SkatingZorbing – on land or water only
    Indoor Climbing (commercial business) 

    All activities listed must be undertaken recreationally and in a non-professional capacity. Limits, sub-limits, conditions and exclusions apply. See our Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

    Don’t see your planned activity in this list? We may still be able to cover it. Call us on 1300 72 88 22 to find out, and don’t forget to check out what’s included in our optional activity packs below, Adventure Activities and Adventure+ Activities.

    Can I add extra adventure activity travel insurance cover to my policy if an activity I plan to do isn’t an automatically included activity?

    Yes. If your planned activity isn’t an automatically included activity mentioned above, check out our Adventure Activities packs.

    We have two options available: Adventure Activities, and Adventure+ Activities. See below for the list of activities each optional inclusion covers.

    If you purchase Adventure+ Activities Cover, you will also be covered for those activities listed under the Adventure Activities Cover.

    Important: for all activities marked with an *, please see the PDS for our full definition of what the activity covers and the conditions of our cover.

    Option to Upgrade Your Cover-More Policy
    Adventure Activities
    Black Water Canoeing/Kayaking/Rafting (Grades 1-3)*Quad Biking*
    Blow Karting*River Boarding*
    Bouldering*Outdoor Rock Climbing*
    Cycle (Cross Continental) Endurance Cycling*Rock Scrambling*
    Dirt BoardingRowing – outside coastal waters*
    Dune BuggyingSailing/Yachting/Motor Cruising*
    Golf Cover (own equipment)*Sand Dune Surfing/Skiing
    High Diving*Scuba Diving*
    HydrospeedingSpeed Sailing
    Ice FishingSpeed Skating
    Iron ManTrekking (between 3,000 and 4,000 metres)*
    Land SkiingUltimate Frisbee
    Land Yachting*Via Ferrata*
    Mud Buggying* 
    Wadi Bashing* 
    Paddle Boarding*Wake Boarding
    Paragliding/Parascending/Parasailing*Water Skiing
    Pony/Horse Trekking*Wrestling
    Adventure+ Activities
    Biathlon*Mountain Biking*
    BMX Stunt/Obstacle/Riding*Overland Expedition*
    Bob sleighing*Parachuting or Skydiving*
    Canoeing/Kayaking/Rafting (including black and white-water Grades 4-5)Polo Playing*
    Cascading*Rock Climbing*
    Coasteering*Roller Derby
    Gliding*Scuba Diving*
    Horse Jumping*Trekking (between 4,000 and 6,000 metres)*
    Hydro JettingTrekking Everest Base Camp*
    Ice Climbing*Trekking the Kokoda Track*
    Ice HockeyTriathlon (with Bonus Pack cover)*
    Micro Lighting* 

    Please refer to the PDS for a full list of activities included under our adventure activity travel insurance cover, and any limits, conditions, and exclusions that may apply.

    Tropical Fish, Coral Reef and Scuba Diver

    What adventure activities aren’t covered by Cover-More travel insurance?

    We cover a wide variety of adventure sports and activities, but there are some we can’t insure. Our travel insurance won’t protect you if you participate in:

    • Hunting
    • Rodeo riding
    • BASE jumping
    • Hang gliding
    • Motocross
    • Running with the bulls
    • Sports activities in a professional capacity
    • Free climbing
    • Mountaineering using guides, ropes, rock climbing equipment or oxygen
    • Trekking greater than 6,000 metres above sea level
    • Scuba diving to a depth of 30 metres below the surface unless you hold an Open Water Diving Certificate or are diving with a qualified diving instructor
    • Scuba diving if the maximum depth is greater than 50 metres below the surface
    • Racing (other than swimming races of 10 kilometres or less or running races that are marathon distance or less)

    If you are unsure if the sport or activity you’re planning on doing is or isn’t covered, give us a call on 1300 72 88 22. We’ll be happy to discuss this with you.

    Does Cover-More travel insurance cover scuba diving and snorkelling?

    If your next trip involves taking a plunge into the water, ensure you have the right coverage for scuba diving and snorkelling.

    Our Cover-More travel insurance automatically covers snorkelling, and scuba diving up to 30 metres if diving with a diving school or qualified instructor.

    Additional Adventure Activities coverage is required to cover scuba diving where the maximum depth is between 30 – 50 metres, and you must be diving with a qualified guide and have the appropriate dive qualifications.

    Travelling with your own scuba equipment? The Scuba Bonus pack can provide cover for your equipment if you purchase our Adventure+ Cover.

    Get a quote online now to understand how much it costs to cover your ocean adventure with our travel insurance.

    Please refer to the PDS for full policy conditions.

    Does Cover-More travel insurance cover high altitude trekking?

    About to lace up your boots and go hiking or trekking during your trip? Our travel insurance can provide cover for trekking up to 6,000 metres above sea level – just make sure you have the right coverage for your trek.

    Our available cover for adventure activities:

    • Automatically included in any of our plans: hiking or trekking under 3,000 metres
    • Adventure Activities option to vary cover: available for an extra premium provides cover for trekking (that doesn’t require specialist climbing equipment) that reaches an altitude between 3,000 and 4,000 metres above sea level, if the trek takes more than 2 days to complete
    • Adventure+ Activities option to vary cover: available for an extra premium provides cover for trekking (that doesn’t require specialist climbing equipment) that reaches an altitude between 4,000 metres and 6,000 metres above sea level, if the trek takes more than 2 days to complete.  
      Adventure+ Activities Cover will also provide cover for your fully guided Mount Everest Base Camp trek or for trekking the Kokoda Trail.

    Keep in mind that cover is not available if your trek requires specialist climbing equipment. You must not be racing or doing the hike or trek in a professional capacity.

    To understand what it costs to cover your trek with our travel insurance, get a quote online now.

    Popular treks we can provide cover for include:

    • Mount Everest Base Camp – requires our Adventure+ Activities cover if you are on a fully organised tour only. Read about Jess's journey to MEBC here!
    • Kokoda Trail – requires our Adventure+ Activities Cover.
    • Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail – check our Adventure Activities Cover provides the coverage required based on the trek you are doing.
    • Mount Kilimanjaro – requires our Adventure+ Activities Cover.

    Make sure any hikes or treks you set out to do are within your ability and reasonable care is taken, and be prepared for dealing with adverse conditions such as altitude.

    If you become unexpectedly sick or injured during your trek, our 24/7 Emergency Assistance team is only a phone call away.

    Watch as our customer Jean shares her experience of getting injured during her trek to Mount Everest Base Camp and how we got her the medical treatment she desperately needed.

    Does Cover-More adventure travel insurance cover include winter sports?

    Whether this is your first time in the snow or you’re a regular on the slopes, accidents can happen, so it’s important to have the right cover for winter sports.

    We can provide cover for your winter getaway – simply include our snow sports cover in your policy when generating a quote for an additional premium. This protects you when you go skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling.

    We have two types of options for winter sports cover:

    • Snow Sports: for on-piste snow skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing cover only
    • Snow Sports+: includes cover for the above activities, as well as off-piste snow skiing/boarding, and heli skiing/boarding with a guided, licensed tour operator

    Please refer to the PDS for full policy conditions, limits, and exclusions before deciding if one of our snow sports cover options are right for you.

    To see how much our travel insurance with winter sports cover cost, you can get a quote online.

    Skier standing in front of snowy mountains

    Does Cover-More adventure travel insurance cover include motorcycle riding?

    Hopping on a motorcycle or moped is a popular way to explore destinations such as Bali or Thailand. At Cover-More, we can provide protection under our Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover, which you can add to your plan for an additional premium.

    We offer two levels of cover for riding motorcycles:

    • Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover: for engine capacity 250cc or less
    • Motorcycle/Moped Riding+ Cover: engine capacity unlimited (conditions apply)

    Note: optional cover is required regardless of whether you’re planning to be the driver or passenger. You must always wear a helmet.

    Visit our Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover page for more details and FAQs on this cover.

    With our Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover (engine capacity 250cc or less), even if you pay the additional premium for Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover, you will only be covered if:

    • the engine capacity is 250cc or less
    • while in control of a motorcycle or moped, you hold a valid Australian motorcycle rider’s licence or Australian motor vehicle driver’s licence
    • while you are a passenger the driver holds a valid licence for riding that vehicle
    • you are wearing a helmet, and
    • you are not participating in a Professional capacity, not racing, and not participating in motocross.

    With our Motorcycle/Moped Riding+ Cover (engine capacity unlimited), even if you pay the additional premium for Motorcycle/Moped Riding+ Cover, you will only be covered if:

    • the motorcycle/moped is hired
    • you have held an Australian motorcycle rider’s licence for the last 5 years
    • while in control of a motorcycle or moped, you hold a valid Australian motorcycle rider’s licence
    • you are the registered owner of a motorcycle in Australia that has an engine capacity greater than or equal to the engine capacity of the motorcycle/moped you are hiring
    • while you are a passenger the driver holds a valid licence for riding that vehicle
    • you are wearing a helmet, and
    • you are not participating in a professional capacity, not racing, and not participating in motocross.

    When you have paid the additional premium for one of our Motorcycle/Moped Riding Covers, we will also include cover for the insurance excess should you become liable to pay for the damage to or theft of the motorcycle or moped rented from a licensed motor vehicle company. This is because our rental car cover and conditions include motorcycles and mopeds. For more details, see the Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess benefit in the PDS.

    Please keep in mind no cover will apply under the Personal Liability section of the PDS. This means you are responsible to pay costs associated with damage to the motorcycle, moped or property or injury to another person.

    Refer to the PDS to find out what is and isn’t covered under our Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover and for full policy conditions. To find out how much travel insurance with motorcycle and moped riding cover costs, get a quote online.

    Check out the video below from traveller Dan during his holiday in Bali. He provides some useful tips for riding a motorcycle or moped overseas.

    Does Cover-More travel insurance protect my sports equipment when I travel?

    Adventure activities often need a lot of equipment. We understand that you may want to take your own! If you’re skiing in Switzerland or surfing in Hawaii, you can take your gear with you.

    Our International Plans and Domestic Comprehensive Plans can protect your adventure equipment under the included luggage and travel documents cover, up to the limits detailed in each plan.*

    Cover for your own specialist sports equipment and more is also available with the below Adventure Activities Bonus Packs, which are included in the Adventure Activities or Adventure+ Activities cover*:

    Included when you buy Adventure Activities cover:

    • Golf equipment

    Included when you buy Adventure+ Activities cover:

    • Triathlon equipment
    • Mountain biking equipment
    • Scuba diving equipment

    Need to increase the item limits for your luggage cover? You may be able to do this by paying an additional premium. Get a quote online to see how affordable it can be.

    *See PDS for limits, sub-limits, exclusions, and conditions. There is no cover for sporting equipment whilst in use.

    Why should I choose to protect my adventures with Cover-More travel insurance?

    Every adventurer knows it’s important to have someone watching your back. That’s where we come in. We have over 30 years of experience helping adventurous travellers both at home and abroad. Yes, you focus on having the time of your life knowing we’ll be here in case something goes wrong.

    As our Cover-More customer, you have access to our global 24/7 Emergency Assistance team. We’re only a phone call away if you need help with anything from an accident to a lost passport.

    Our International Plans also provide unlimited* overseas medical expense cover, but our benefits don’t end there. We can provide cover for your luggage, sports equipment, travel documents, and more.

    When you choose our Cover-More travel insurance, you’re protected under our 21-day cooling off period. This means if you cancel or change your mind within this time, you’re eligible for a full refund**.

    Still got questions? See our dedicated FAQs for adventure travel insurance cover.


    Want us to protect your next adventure?

    Discover our best adventure travel insurance plans today.


    *Cover will not exceed 12 months from onset of the illness, condition, or injury.  
    **Cooling-off period is available if you cancel your policy within 21 days provided you have not made a claim or departed on your journey.