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      Adventure Sports Cover: Travel Insurance FAQs

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      Common questions about our adventure sports and extreme sports cover

      Do you have adventure activities or extreme sports planned for your next trip? If you’re considering protecting your trip – and your sporting adventures – with travel insurance, you may have some questions about our Cover-More sports cover.

      Below, you’ll find the answers to all our customers’ common adventure sports cover questions, but we also recommend you read our adventure sports travel insurance page. It contains useful information on what activities we do cover – including the 80+ activities automatically included in all Cover-More policies.

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      Do I have to buy a specific Cover-More plan for adventure sports cover?

      No. All our plans automatically cover over 80 different adventure activities. You do not need to buy a specific plan for this cover to apply.

      Coverage for many adventure sports outside of those automatically included can also be added to your plan for an additional premium: Adventure Activities Cover, Adventure Activities+ Cover, Snow Sports Cover, Snow Sports+ Cover, Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover, and Motorcycle/Moped Riding+ Cover.

      If your planned activity is not listed on our website or in the Product Disclosure Statement, we may be able to cover it. Give us a call on 1300 72 88 22 to check.

      Does Cover-More travel insurance cover adventure sports or extreme sports in Australia?

      Yes. If you’re a domestic policyholder (or an international policyholder travelling within Australia for part of your trip, more than 250 kilometres from home, or if less than that your trip includes at least one night paid accommodation booked with an accommodation supplier or provider), our travel insurance automatically includes cover for a variety of adventure sports in Australia. Coverage for other activities can be included for an additional premium.

      If the activity you plan on doing is not listed on our website or in the PDS, we may be able to cover it. Contact us on 1300 72 88 22 to check.

      If you're planning to travel within Australia, cover is provided for your sports equipment within our luggage and travel documents benefit. You may be able to increase the item limit by paying an additional premium. Coverage does not apply to the item whilst in use.

      No medical cover is provided in Australia under our Domestic Plans. This is standard across all travel insurers. Discuss the medical coverage options available to you with Medicare or your private health fund if you’re concerned.

      What adventure sports am I covered for under a Cover-More travel insurance plan?

      We automatically cover over 80 adventure sports on all our Cover-More plans, so there’s a good chance we provide cover for the activities you love. (Other activities may be covered for an additional premium under our Adventure Activities options to vary cover.)

      This range of automatically included activities includes abseiling, bungy jumping, scuba diving (up to 30 metres), jet skiing, and much more. For the full list of activities automatically covered, visit our adventure sports travel insurance cover page and read the PDS.

      For cover to apply, you need to ensure reasonable care is taken and all protective equipment is worn while participating in these activities.

      We do not automatically cover winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, or motorcycle/moped riding. You need to purchase these optional cover options for coverage to apply. Even when you pay the additional premium, you still need to meet the conditions outlined in the PDS.

      Is my sports equipment covered under Cover-More travel insurance?

      We can provide cover for your sports equipment but only when it is not in use. Travel insurance can protect items if they get lost, stolen, or damaged while you’re travelling.

      Most of our travel insurance plans include a luggage and travel documents benefit, which provides cover up to a limit for any one item, set or pair of items, which includes sport equipment. This limit varies between plans:

      • International Comprehensive+/Domestic Comprehensive+: $1,500
      • International Comprehensive/Domestic Comprehensive/Inbound Plan: $1,200
      • International Basic Plan: $1,000

      There is no luggage and travel documents benefit on our Domestic Basic Plan.

      If making a claim for lost, stolen, or damaged luggage, keep in mind you must be able to provide receipts or valuations less than 24 months old if requested.

      Taking expensive gear on your trip? You may want to consider increasing your policy’s luggage item limit by paying an additional premium. Additional Adventure Activity Packs are available with cover for golf equipment, scuba equipment, mountain biking gear, and triathlon equipment depending on whether you have purchased either the Adventure Activities Cover or Adventure+ Activities Cover. Find out more in the Adventure Activities Packs section of the PDS.

      What is my excess on a Cover-More travel insurance plan?

      Every traveller has a different budget so select the excess amount you feel comfortable with. Remember that the higher the excess, the lower the premium.

      You can choose an excess amount from either $0, $100 or $250 for our International Plans.

      A set excess of $50 applies to our Domestic Plans.

      An excess is the first amount of a claim we will not pay and is applied to each claimable event.

      Can I get Cover-More travel insurance if I am competing overseas?

      If you are participating in a professional capacity overseas, we cannot provide cover for you while you are participating in a professional capacity.

      Does Cover-More travel insurance offer winter sports cover?

      Yes. We can provide cover for winter sports if you’ve included this coverage option in your policy for an additional premium.

      We have two levels of winter sports cover available on our Cover-More policies:

      1. Snow Sports Cover*: includes on-piste snow skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing only.
      2. Snow Sports+ Cover*: includes the above activities as well as off-piste snow skiing/boarding and heli skiing/boarding with a guided, licensed tour operator.

      You do not need to take out winter sports cover for sledding, sleigh riding or ice-skating, which are activities automatically included in all our plan. For more information, read our winter sports cover page.

      Remember you must not be racing and not competing in a professional capacity for this snow sport cover to apply.

      Please read the PDS for full details on our optional winter sports cover.

      Does Cover-More travel insurance cover motorcycle/moped riding?

      You are not automatically covered for this activity with our travel insurance.

      To get cover for riding a motorcycle or moped, you must select our optional coverage and include it in your policy. This activity requires an additional premium when purchasing your travel insurance. You can add this extra cover when buying your policy online or by calling us on 1300 72 88 22.

      We offer two levels of cover for riding mopeds and/or motorcycles:

      1. Motorcycle/Moped Riding*: for engine capacity 250cc or less
      2. Motorcycle/Moped Riding+*: engine capacity unlimited (conditions apply)

      Even if you pay the additional premium, you will only be covered if you meet the conditions and exclusions outlined in our PDS, which includes limits on the engine capacity, you must hold a valid motorcycle licence (for the Motorcycle/Moped Riding+ option to vary cover), while in control of a motorcycle or moped you hold a valid Australian motorcycle rider’s licence or Australian motor vehicle driver’s licence, you must always wear a helmet, and others.

      No cover applies for personal liability under our motorcycle and moped cover. This means you are responsible for any costs associated with damage to the motorcycle, moped or property or injury to another person.

      Check out the PDS for all the details on this cover.

      Do I need Cover-More's Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover if I want to use a quad bike?

      If you want to ride a quad bike as part of an organised day tour only, no, you do not need to purchase our Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover or our either level of our Adventure Activities Cover.

      This is because our Cover-More plans automatically include coverage for riding a quad bike on an organised day tour. You must ensure that all safety equipment is worn, and reasonable care is taken.

      If you want to ride a quad bike recreationally – but no racing – while travelling, you’ll need to select our Adventure Activities option and pay the additional premium for cover to apply.

      No cover applies for personal liability. This means you are responsible for any costs associated with damage to the vehicle or property or injury to another person.

      We recommend you read the PDS for details.

      Does Cover-More travel insurance cover scuba diving?

      Yes. We can provide cover for scuba diving to a maximum depth of 50 metres.

      Our Cover-More travel insurance automatically includes scuba diving up to 30 metres if you’re diving with a diving school or qualified instructor.

      Our additional Adventure Cover is required to cover scuba diving where the maximum depth is between 30 – 50 metres. You must be diving with a qualified guide and have the appropriate dive qualifications for this extra cover to apply.

      Please read the PDS for full details.

      Does Cover-More's adventure sports coverage have an altitude limit for hiking?

      Planning a high-altitude trek? It’s important to understand our policy to ensure you have the right coverage for your trip.

      We automatically cover hiking or trekking under 3,000 metres above sea level, in all our plans, however, if this cover isn’t adequate for your plans, we provide the below optional cover for an additional premium:

      1. Adventure Cover*: includes trekking (that doesn’t require specialist climbing equipment) that reaches an altitude between 3,000 and 4,000 metres above sea level, if the trek takes more than two days to complete.
      2. Adventure+ Cover*: includes trekking (that doesn’t require specialist climbing equipment) that reaches an altitude between 4,000 metres and 6,000 metres above sea level, if the trek takes more than two days to complete. Our Adventure+ Cover will also insure your fully guided Mount Everest Base Camp trek or the Kokoda Trail.

      Take reasonable care and know your limits and capabilities before going on a high-altitude trek. It’s important to remember rescue helicopters can only operate up to a certain altitude. This can increase the difficulty of a rescue operation. Rest assured our Emergency Assistance team will do our best to assist you if something goes wrong.

      Does Cover-More travel insurance cover for trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp?

      Yes. Our optional Adventure+ Activities Cover includes coverage for trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp on a fully organised tour only.

      Adventure+ Activities Cover can be added to any of our International Plans for an additional premium.

      What do I do if I’ve injured myself while partaking in adventure sports overseas?

      We’re sorry to hear you’ve been injured but we’re here to help.

      For emergencies, contact the local emergency number if you need an ambulance.

      When you can do so, call our Emergency Assistance team from anywhere on +61 2 8907 5619.

      If you’re in the USA, Canada, UK, or New Zealand, you can also call our Emergency Assistance team on the following toll-free numbers:

      • USA: 1800 937 9763
      • Canada: 1800 645 8714
      • UK: 0800 892 014
      • NZ: 0800 445 524

      Please note charges may apply if you’re calling from a pay phone or mobile phone.

      We can provide assistance if you are admitted to hospital or need help finding an English-speaking doctor. Our team of medical professionals can also talk you through the care you are receiving.

      Please have your Cover-More policy number and a call-back number ready when you phone our Emergency Assistance team.

      If you need to fax us, use: +61 2 9954 6250.


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      *Limits, sub-limits, exclusions, and conditions apply to our adventure activities and extreme sports cover. Please read the PDS before deciding if our travel insurance is right for you.