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Inbound Travel Insurance

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Travel insurance for your trip to Australia

Are you wanting to visit Australia? Our Inbound Plan provides travel insurance for non-Australian residents travelling to Australia. Discover the wild beauty of Australia’s natural landscapes or soak up the culture in the capital cities. From the Sydney Opera House to Uluru, there is so much calling you to the Land Down Under.

Check out our Inbound Travel Insurance FAQs page for more information.

Popular policy benefits

Travel can be an incredible experience but make sure your trip to Australia is protected. You don’t want to be left out of pocket in case something goes wrong. Our Inbound Policy benefits include:

Benefit Description Benefit Level
(Per Adult Covered)
Overseas Medical and Dental* & Additional expenses* $10,000,000~
Amendments or cancellation costs* Cover chosen^
Luggage and travel documents* $3,000
Delayed luggage allowance* $200
Rental car insurance excess $Nil∞
Hospital incidentals* $1,000
Hijacking* $2,000
Accidental death $10,000
Personal liability $1,000,000
Medical and dental expenses in Australia (Inbound Plan) $1,000,000

*Sub-limits apply. Please refer to the policy wording.
~Medical and dental cover will not exceed 12 months from onset of the illness, condition or injury.
^Cover chosen applies per policy.
∞Additional cover available. See PDS.

The medical care in Australia is some of the best in the world - but costs can quickly add up! If you need help whilst on your trip, you have access to our 24-Hour Emergency Assistance team. We can help you find the nearest medical facility and support you through the process.

Does an Inbound Plan suit me?

We offer Inbound travel insurance for non-Australian residents travelling to Australia. Our Inbound policy can protect your trip if you are under the age of 69. Are you visiting a few countries along the way? That’s okay! As long as you spend the majority of your time in Australia, we can cover your other destinations too. This means that if you’re travelling to New Zealand, Indonesia or anywhere else in between as well as Australia, we can cover your entire trip. From the moment you leave your door until you return home, Cover-More can protect your travel adventures. Find out how affordable coverage can be and get a travel insurance quote online.

Choosing my plan

We understand that each trip is different! That’s what makes travelling so exciting. You are able to tailor our Inbound Plan to suit your budget and travel needs. Want to increase your coverage? No problem! You can include options to vary your cover for motorcycle/moped riding and winter sports. Cover-More also gives you the option to choose unlimited cancellation cover or rental car excess cover up to $3,500. If you are travelling with valuable items, then consider increasing your luggage limits to protect them. You can increase the luggage limit up to $4,500 per item. Keep in mind an additional premium may apply. Get a quote online to help you protect your Australian holiday.

How do I buy an Inbound policy?

It’s great to hear you are interested in protecting your trip to Australia! Travel insurance is an important part of the planning process. Purchasing an Inbound policy only takes a few minutes. When you visit our website, you will find our quote box where you enter your travel details which generates a quote.

Simply type ‘Australia Inbound’ in the destination section that asks where you are going. Enter in the dates of your entire trip, the current ages of all travellers and then select ‘No’ where it asks if all travellers live in Australia. Click ‘Get Quote’ and you’ll then be taken to the cover summary page.

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You can now adjust the levels of cover to suit you. Pick your excess amount from $0, $100 or $250. Include any option/s to vary your cover if you want to include motorcycle/moped or winter sports cover within your policy. In this section, choose the level of cancellation cover that suits you and pick the rental car excess you want. If you are travelling with valuable items, you can also increase the luggage limit benefit.

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Continue filling out your details and finalise your travel insurance policy. Our payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. All payments are taken in Australian dollars.

Cover for Existing Medical Conditions

Cover-More’s Inbound policy automatically covers a range of Existing Medical Conditions (EMCs). We can provide cover for common conditions including Gout, Hiatus Hernias, Raynaud’s Disease and many more. Visit our Existing Medical Conditions page to find out which medical conditions we can automatically cover and the coverage criteria. Alternatively, you can refer to our Product Disclosure Statement for further information. It is important to understand that Cover-More cannot provide cover under an Inbound policy for any existing medical conditions outside of our defined list.

Rental car excess cover

Australia has plenty of wide-open spaces for you to explore! A great way to get around is by hiring a rental car and seeing where the road takes you. Our optional protection for rental car excess also applies to campervans. Make sure you have a valid drivers licence that is recognised in Australia. If you are thinking of hiring a vehicle during your trip, consider adding rental car insurance excess cover to your policy. For an additional premium, you can add cover up to $3,500.

This added benefit applies if you:

  • hire a rental car;
  • are the nominated driver on the rental car agreement; and
  • have comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for the rental car during the hire period.

It is important to note that we will not pay for:

  • Any damage or theft, arising from the operation of a rental car in violation of the terms of the rental agreement.
  • Any damage sustained to a rental car while it is being driver on an unsealed surface.
  • Administration costs or loss of use penalties.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Australia now. Find out how affordable protecting your trip can be and get a quote online.

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Cover for riding a motorcycle or moped

You will need to purchase this optional cover if you intend on riding a motorbike or moped as part of your trip in Australia. This additional cover can protect you in case of an accident. Even if you pay the extra premium for motorcycle/moped cover, you will only be covered if:

  • the engine capacity is 200cc or less;
  • while in control of a motorcycle or moped, you hold a valid Australian motorcycle rider’s licence or Australian motor vehicle driver’s licence, and you hold a licence valid in the relevant country;
  • while you are a passenger, the driver holds a licence valid in the relevant country;
  • you are wearing a helmet;
  • you are not participating in a professional capacity; and
  • you are not racing.

Keep in mind that no cover applies for Personal Liability if you cause injury to another person, vehicle or property, you are responsible for paying for any associated costs.

If you paid for the Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover option, we will also include cover for the insurance excess you become liable to pay for damage to or theft of a motorcycle or moped rented from a licensed motor vehicle rental company. The word “rental car” should be interpreted to include motorcycle or moped. See the Rental Car Insurance section in the PDS for details.

Protection for Winter sports

There is more to Australia than just sandy beaches! If you are interested in skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling – you can find these activities in Australia to help you cool down. When planning a trip to the slopes, make sure you add Winter sports cover to your Inbound policy. An extra premium will apply. You are protected provided you are on-piste, not racing and not participating in a professional capacity. Need some tips for your snow adventure in Australia? Check out our essential guide for first-timers.

Working holiday in Australia

Are you coming to Australia for a working holiday? It isn’t hard to imagine why you want to stay here for a while – Australia is an amazing country! Cover-More’s travel insurance can protect your working holiday in the Land Down Under.

Working holidays are a great way to get a taste of local life. The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs offers a working holiday visa. The visa allows young travellers to work and travel in Australia for up to a year. You just need to be between 18 and 31 years old and hold a passport from an eligible country. It is a great opportunity to see the country and fund your trip through work. Popular types of jobs include farm work, seasonal fruit and vegetable picking, and working in bars or restaurants.

If you are coming to Australia for a working holiday, travel insurance is an important part of the process. Protect your finances and travel plans so you don’t have to hurry home early if something goes wrong. At Cover-More, our Inbound Travel Insurance Plan can provide you with peace of mind. Get a quote for your travel insurance online to see how affordable cover can be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cover-More’s Inbound Travel Insurance Plan is designed for non-Australian residents who plan to visit Australia. Your Inbound Policy can cover you for:

  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Luggage and travel documents
  • Accidental death
  • Personal liability and more!

If you will be spending the majority of your time in Australia, we can protect the rest of your journey to other destinations. Medical cover in your home country does not apply. See our Product Disclosure Statement for the full list of benefit limits.

We can automatically cover some Existing Medical Conditions (EMCs) when you take out an Inbound Policy. Check out our Existing Medical Conditions page to find out which medical conditions we can automatically cover and the coverage criteria. For further information, have a read through the PDS. Cover-More cannot provide cover for any existing medical conditions on an Inbound policy outside of our defined list.

Yes. Our Inbound Policy is great for working holidays within Australia. You can arrange cover for up to 365 days. You just need to be within the terms outlined in the PDS. Emergency and medical expenses can be costly in Australia. An Inbound Policy can protect you from unforeseen amendment or cancellation costs, medical expenses, and lost luggage or travel documents. It is a simple one-off payment to give you peace of mind for your working holiday to Australia.


Find more FAQs for Inbound Travel Insurance here!

Why you should visit Australia

There are so many things to love about Australia. From the beaches to the bush, you will find friendly people, beautiful scenery and unforgettable experiences. Check out some of the highlights you can discover in the Land Down Under.

Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge

No trip to Sydney would be complete without seeing the famous Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. See a concert, have a sunset drink at the Opera bar, or take it all in from the ferry. This is one of the most iconic sights to be found in Australia.

Uluru and the Red Centre

With most the population living on the coast, the desert centre of Australia is beautifully vast and remote. Foreigners like yourself become enthralled with the red Australian outback. The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National park is the main draw. Seeing Uluru at sunrise or sunset is unmissable, as is taking a walk around the Kata Tjuta. Steep-sided gorges, deep red dirt, and cultural significance all make this area a must-see on your trip.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism on Earth. Stretching down North Queensland, the reef offers some of the best diving and snorkelling spots in the world. Pop on your flippers and a mask and swim alongside tropical fish, turtles, and the occasional reef shark. Most travellers choose to see the reef from Cairns or the Whitsundays. If you choose to snorkel, your Inbound travel insurance automatically covers you. You are also protected if you decide to go scuba diving, provided you hold an Open Water Diving Certificate or are diving with a qualified diving instructor.

The City of Melbourne

If you can tear yourself away from the incredible coffee and brunch spots, Melbourne is famous for art and culture. Not to mention the food scene there is something to rave about! The winding laneways of the inner city are perfect to get lost in. You will discover graffiti-covered lanes that make for great photo opportunities! Visit one of the city’s art galleries, stroll through quirky Fitzroy, or see the penguins at St Kilda. You can also use Melbourne as your starting point for venturing out on the Great Ocean Road.

Swim with the whale sharks in Western Australia

Add an experience to your trip that you simply can’t do at home! Swim with whale sharks in Western Australia. These gentle giants won’t look at you as their next meal so swimming alongside them should be on your bucket list. There are plenty of opportunities to get in the water with whale sharks in Australia. Jen and Clint from Places We Go provide a glimpse into what it is like to swim with these docile creatures.

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