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      Inbound Travel Insurance FAQs

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      Helpful travel insurance information for overseas visitors to Australia

      Want to know if our inbound travel insurance plan is for you? Our Inbound Travel Insurance page contains useful information about what an inbound travel insurance plan is, and details all the benefits and benefit limits included in our Inbound Plan.

      We’ve also created a list of commonly asked questions about our Cover-More Inbound Plan, which you can read below.

      Remember: our inbound travel insurance is designed for non-Australian residents who are visiting Australia who are under the age of 70.

      If you’re an Australia resident looking to travel within Australia, you should consider a domestic plan; if you’re an Australia resident looking to travel overseas, an international plan is suitable for you. You can also view our general travel insurance FAQs here for more information.

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      What is Cover-More inbound travel insurance?

      Our Cover-More Inbound Plan is designed for non-Australian residents who plan to visit Australia. Our inbound travel insurance can cover you for:

      • Medical and emergency dental expenses
      • Lost or stolen luggage and travel documents
      • Delayed luggage
      • Travel delays
      • Additional expenses
      • Accidental death
      • Personal liability
      • …and more

      If you’re a tourist visiting Australia as well as other countries, our Inbound Plan could protect your entire journey if you’re spending most of your time in Australia. See the PDS for the full list of benefit limits, exclusions, and conditions, including medical cover, which does not apply in your home country.

      Should Australians purchase an inbound travel insurance plan?

      No. Our Inbound Plan is not suitable for Australian residents. It is only available to people who live overseas and who are travelling to Australia.

      If you are an Australian resident wanting to travel domestically, consider our domestic plans for this type of travel.

      Does Cover-More offer an inbound Annual Multi-Trip policy?

      No, we are unable to offer a multi-trip plan for our inbound travel insurance in Australia.

      If you plan on travelling to Australia multiple times a year, you will need to take out a new Cover-More inbound travel insurance policy each time.

      How can I buy Cover-More’s inbound travel insurance?

      To purchase a Cover-More Inbound Plan through our website, you need to first generate a quote online by following these steps:

      1. Enter ‘Australia Inbound’ into the destination field under “Where are you going?”.
      2. Select the dates of your trip.
      3. Enter in the ages of the travellers to be covered by the policy.
      4. Select ‘No’ when asked if all travellers live in Australia.
      5. Click ‘Get Quote’ to go to the next page.
      6. Include any options to vary your policy such as Snow Sports and Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover for an additional premium.
      7. Fill in your personal details.
      8. Complete the online health assessment to declare any existing medical conditions.
      9. Finalise your purchase.

      Before buying an Inbound Plan, be sure to check out our Inbound Travel Insurance page and read the PDS to ensure its suitable for you.

      What is the excess on Cover-More’s Inbound Plan?

      When purchasing a Cover-More inbound travel insurance policy, you can choose the amount of excess on your policy: $0, $100 or $250.

      The higher the excess, the lower the premium you have to pay when purchasing travel insurance.

      Remember: the excess is the first part of a claim that we will not pay and will be applied to each claimable event.

      Can I add extra coverage options to my Cover-More inbound policy?

      Yes. Our Inbound Plan allows you to vary your cover to suit your travel needs.

      You can add cancellation cover to your policy, as well as increase your luggage item limit cover to help protect valuable property you’re travelling with.

      Planning to hop on a motorbike, go skiing, or participate in other adventure activities? You can also add the below cover options to your inbound travel insurance policy for an additional premium:

      Does Cover-More’s inbound travel insurance cover cruises?

      Our Inbound Plan doesn’t automatically include cruise cover. However, if you are spending two or more nights on a cruise during your trip – and you tell us this when generating a quote – our Cruise Cover will be included in your policy for an additional premium. This cover can protect your trip from cruise cancellation, onboard medical and dental expenses, sea sickness, and more.

      Please note: Cruise Cover is not required if you’re only on board for one night or you are only cruising in Australia, such as on the Murray River or in Australian coastal waters such as on a Kimberly cruise.

      For full conditions on our cruise travel insurance cover in Australia for inbound travellers, please refer to the PDS.

      Is there an age restriction for Cover-More inbound policies?

      Yes. Our Inbound Plan is available for travellers who are under 70 years of age at the time of issue of the policy.

      Can I get cover for my Existing Medical Conditions (EMCs)?

      We can automatically cover some Existing Medical Conditions (EMCs) under an Inbound Plan.

      Check out our Existing Medical Conditions page to find out which medical conditions we can automatically cover and the coverage criteria.

      If your condition is not featured on this list or if your condition does not meet the criteria, there is no cover for any existing medical conditions.

      For further information on Existing Medical Conditions, read the PDS.

      Will Cover-More protect my working holiday in Australia?

      Yes. Our Inbound Plan is great for working holidays within Australia and can protect you from medical expenses, lost luggage, and more.

      You can purchase our inbound travel insurance as part of your travel planning for a one-off payment, and cover is available for up to 365 days.

      The limits, exclusions and conditions for our Inbound Plan are outlined in the PDS.

      Can Cover-More’s Inbound Plan protect me while travelling outside of Australia?

      Yes, but only if the majority of your time outside your home country is spent in Australia.

      This benefit of our inbound travel insurance means if you decide to travel to other countries on your way to or from Australia, our Cover-More team can still protect you.

      Remember: no medical cover is available in your home country.

      Always read the PDS before you consider purchasing our travel insurance products.


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