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      Hijacking Benefit: Travel Insurance for Incidents Related to Hijacking

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      Cover if your public transport is hijacked and you’re detained

      The risk of hijacking can be a concern for many people travelling abroad, particularly if they’re visiting areas affected by civil unrest or conflict.

      Hijacking is an uncommon event, however, should the unthinkable happen while you’re in transit during a trip, it helps to know there’s cover provided under your travel insurance.

      For full details on our Cover-More travel insurance hijacking cover, please refer to our PDS or continue reading below to understand our current coverage.


      What is hijacking?

      Hijacking is an act of unlawfully seizing or taking control of an aircraft, vehicle, or ship while in transit.

      What does “being detained” mean?

      When used in reference to hijacking, the term “being detained” means to be held captive or against your will on a means of public transport by a person or persons using violence or threat of violence.

      Does Cover-More travel insurance cover hijacking?

      Yes, our Cover-More International Comprehensive and Comprehensive+ Plans include the hijacking benefit for Australian residents when they are travelling overseas, as does our Inbound Plan for non-Australian residents travelling to Australia.

      As a Cover-More travel insurance customer, you’ll receive cover for $1,000 for each 24-hour period you are forcibly detained by hijackers.

      The maximum benefit limit for our Cover-More travel insurance hijacking cover is:

      Plan Benefit Limit
      International Comprehensive+ $10,000
      International Comprehensive $5,000
      International Basic $Nil
      Inbound $5,000
      Domestic Comprehensive+ $Nil
      Domestic Comprehensive $Nil
      Domestic Basic $Nil

      Limits, exclusions, and conditions apply to our hijacking cover. Please check the PDS for full policy conditions.

      If you have a question about our hijacking cover, you can call our friendly Cover-More team on 1300 72 88 22 during business hours. Or, for more ways we can help protect your trip beyond hijacking cover, discover our range of travel insurance benefits here.


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