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Delayed Luggage Cover

Get a delayed luggage allowance if all your luggage doesn’t arrive with you

What’s more disappointing than getting off a long flight and finding your luggage didn’t make the journey with you?! Not much! Because no one wants to start their holiday with no belongings…

Our Cover-More policies can assist you if all your luggage is lost or delayed for more than 12 hours. We can help cover the cost of essential emergency items of clothing and toiletries up to your policy benefit limit. This can help keep you from wandering around in the same set of clothes for days on end, waiting for your luggage to arrive.

Keep in mind that travel insurance can’t cover absolutely everything, so be sure to read our full Product Disclosure Statement to find out more.

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Report your delayed belongings

Luggage can be temporarily lost or held up from point A to B. We know this can put a real damper on your trip. If your luggage is delayed, you will need to report it to the responsible Transport Provider within 7 days. Make sure you get a written report from the Transport Provider when you bring it to their attention, as they will need to confirm in writing the details of the delay.

Our delayed luggage allowance benefit

See our definitions below to find out what certain words in the PDS refer to.

“Home” means your usual place of residence in Australia.

“Journey” means the period commencing at the time you leave home and ceasing at the time you return home. On an Annual Multi-Trip policy, your destination must be more than 250 kilometres from home or – if the distance is less than that – your trip must include at least one night of paid accommodation staying at a registered accommodation provider (such as a hotel or Airbnb).

“Transport provider” means a properly licensed coach operator, airline, cruise line, shipping line, or railway company.

If all your luggage is delayed by a transport provider during your journey for more than 12 hours, cover is provided to you for reimbursement of up to:

  • $300 per item for underwear, socks, toiletries, non-prescription medication and change of shoes and clothing (and a bag) you bought after a 12-hour delay and before the luggage was returned to you.
  • $100 for transport to retrieve your luggage

The original receipts for the items and confirmation of the length of delay from the transport provider must be produced in support of your claim.

This section does not apply on the leg of the journey that returns you home.

The maximum benefit limit for this section is:

Premium Plan $750
Medical Only Plan No cover
Domestic Plan No cover
Domestic Cancellation Plan No cover
Inbound Plan $750

We will not pay for:

  1. Delay that is not reported to the responsible transport provider. All reports must be confirmed in writing by the transport provider at the time of making the report. If you are unable to provide us with a copy of the transport provider’s report, you must provide us with a reasonable explanation and details of the time and place you made the report, including their contact details.

Please also refer to our General Exclusions and Policy Conditions.

If your delayed luggage becomes permanently lost and isn’t returned to you, check out our luggage and travel documents benefit, which is designed to help in circumstances such as this.

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The information on this page relates to the Direct Cover-More travel insurance product effective 31 March 2021.