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Travel Insurance that includes Personal Liability


Protect yourself against unexpected personal liability costs while travelling

Travelling is generally a fun and rewarding experience, but sometimes unpredictable accidents happen, which leave you in an unfortunate position. Depending on the situation surrounding the incident, you may be deemed responsible for damage to someone else’s property, the cause of bodily injuries, or the death of someone.

To help reduce the financial stress during an already emotionally stressful situation, Cover-More’s Personal Liability benefit can assist you in providing cover for costs associated with injuries to another person or damage to a person’s property.

To learn more about the details of what we cover – and what we’re unfortunately unable to cover – read our full PDS and the personal liability coverage material below, which is effective from 24 June 2019.

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Understanding our personal liability benefit

When purchasing travel insurance, it’s helpful to know what you’re covered for and how Cover-More can help. This is especially important when it comes to the seriousness of personal liability. Cover-More travel insurance can provide cover should you become unintentionally legally liable to pay compensation for damage caused to someone else’s property or the injury or death of someone else resulting from your negligent act that occurred during your policy period.

Please note the maximum benefit limit for our personal liability benefit is:

Premium Plan $2,500,000
Medical Only Plan $2,500,000
Domestic Plan $200,000
Domestic Cancellation Plan No cover
Inbound Plan $1,000,000

We will not pay for:

  1. liability You become liable to pay to somebody who is a member of Your family or travelling party or employed by You or deemed to be employed by You.
  2. liability arising from loss or damage to property which is in Your legal custody or control.
  3. liability arising from the conduct by You of any profession, trade or business.
  4. liability arising out of the use or ownership by You of any aircraft, drone, firearm, waterborne craft or mechanically propelled vehicle.
  5. liability arising out of occupation or ownership of any land, buildings or immobile property.
  6. liability arising out of any wilful or malicious act
  7. liability arising out of the transmission of an illness, sickness or disease.
  8. liability involving punitive, exemplary or aggravated damages or any fine or penalty.
  9. liability arising out of Your liability under a contract or agreement unless You would be liable if that contract or agreement did not exist.

Please also refer to our General Exclusions and Policy Conditions.

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The information on this page relates to the Direct Cover-More travel insurance product effective 24 June 2019.