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Travel Delays Benefit

Cover to go towards your accommodation expenses when your pre-booked transport is temporarily delayed

There is nothing worse than waiting for your bus, train or flight to arrive, only to find out it has been delayed for hours on end. Sometimes travel delays can be an unavoidable part of your holiday experience. That’s where your Cover-More policy can step in to help!

Depending on which policy you have chosen, cover can be provided for additional accommodation expenses you have to fork out. Your scheduled transport needs to have been temporarily delayed for at least 6 hours due to an unforeseeable reason beyond your control. If this has been the case, we’re sorry to hear you have had this hassle! Keep in mind you can submit a claim for the cost of additional accommodation (room rate only) expenses. Check our full PDS to find out what limitations and exclusions apply.

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Our travel delay benefit

See our definitions below to find out what “additional” and “transport provider” mean in relation to our travel insurance cover.

“Additional” means the cost of the accommodation or transport You actually use less the cost of the accommodation or transport You expected to use had the Journey proceeded as planned.

“Transport Provider” means a properly licensed coach operator, airline, shipping line or railway company.

If Your pre-booked transport is temporarily delayed for at least 6 hours due to an unforeseeable circumstance outside Your control, cover is provided for up to $200 on The Premium Plan or Inbound Plan or $150 on the Domestic Plan for Additional accommodation (room rate only) expenses.

Cover will also be provided up to these limits again for each full 24 hour period that the delay continues beyond the initial 6 hour delay.

You must claim from the Transport Provider first, and provide Us with written confirmation from the Transport Provider of the cause and period of the delay and the amount of compensation offered by them. You must also provide Us with receipts for the Additional accommodation (room rate only) expenses incurred.

The maximum benefit limit for this section is:

Premium Plan $2,000
Medical Only Plan No cover
Domestic Plan $750
Domestic Cancellation Plan No cover
Inbound Plan No cover

We will not pay for:

  1. claims arising directly or indirectly from an Act Of Terrorism or the threat or perceived threat of an Act Of Terrorism.
  2. claims arising from an Epidemic, Pandemic or outbreak of an infectious disease or any derivative or mutation of such viruses, or the threat or perceived threat of any of these.

Please refer to our General Exclusions and Policy Conditions.

With Cover-More’s travel delay benefit, you don’t have to worry about unexpected and lengthy delays ruining your trip. Protect your travels and get a free quote online for travel insurance.

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The information on this page relates to the Direct Cover-More travel insurance product effective 24 June 2019.