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      Travel Insurance with Travel Delay Cover

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      Our travel delay benefit provides cover for more than flight delays

      It’s incredibly frustrating to experience transport delays when you’re travelling – but they’re often an unavoidable part of the holiday experience.

      If you have travel insurance with cover for flight delays, your cover may help ease the pain of extended delays of not only flights, but buses and trains, too.

      If you’re a Cover-More travel insurance policyholder, our travel delay benefit can help you worry less about unexpected and lengthy delays ruining your trip. Protect your travels by getting a free quote online now.

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      What is travel delay insurance cover?

      Travel delay cover is a benefit of travel insurance for flight delays or other transport delays.

      In the event your trip is interrupted by lengthy travel delays resulting from unforeseen circumstances, travel delay cover can help reimburse you for the cost of additional accommodation required because of the transport delay.

      Check out our travel insurance benefits section to learn about more cover benefits.

      What does Cover-More’s disability cover include?

      Yes, all our Cover-More comprehensive travel insurance plans and Inbound Plan include a travel delay benefit to protect your travels overseas and in Australia if your pre-booked, prepaid transport is delayed for longer than six hours.

      No travel delay cover is offered on our Basic Plans.

      The maximum benefit limit for this section is:

      PlanBenefit Limit
      International Comprehensive+$3,000
      International Comprehensive$2,000
      International Basic$Nil
      Domestic Comprehensive+$1,000
      Domestic Comprehensive$1,000
      Domestic Basic$Nil

      Limits, exclusions, and conditions apply. Please check the PDS for full policy conditions.

      When does Cover-More’s travel delay benefit apply?

      If your pre-booked, prepaid transport is temporarily delayed for at least six hours because of an unforeseeable circumstance outside your control, cover is provided for:

      • reasonable additional accommodation (room rate only) expenses you incur; and
      • the cost of the unused, prepaid accommodation (if you must pay for new accommodation) less any refund you are entitled to from the supplier of the original accommodation

      There is cover for up to $300.

      Cover will also be provided – up to this $300 limit again – for each full 24-hour period that the delay continues beyond the initial 6-hour delay.

      Please note: you must claim from the transport provider initially, and provide written confirmation from the transport provider of the cause and period of the delay and the amount of compensation offered by them. You must also provide receipts for the additional accommodation (room rate only) expenses incurred.

      What does Cover-More consider an “additional” cost?

      In relation to our travel delay travel insurance benefit cover:

      Additional” means the cost of the accommodation or transport you actually use less the cost of the accommodation or transport you expected to use had the journey proceeded as planned.

      What does Cover-More consider a “transport provider”?

      When we use the term “transport provider”, we mean a properly licensed coach operator, airline, cruise line, shipping line, or railway company.

      What isn’t covered under Cover-More's travel delay benefit?

      Travel insurance covers unexpected incidents, and it can’t cover all scenarios. If you’re wanting to protect your trip with our Cover-More travel insurance, it’s important to be aware of the conditions and exclusions of our travel delay cover.

      We will not pay claims for travel delays due to an epidemic, pandemic or outbreak of an infectious disease or any derivative or mutation of such viruses.

      Limits, exclusions, and conditions apply. Please refer to our PDS for full policy conditions.


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