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Cover for Cancellation Costs or Amendment Expenses

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Amendment and Cancellation Cover that you choose

Sometimes the unexpected happens, forcing you to rearrange your journey or having to cancel your holiday altogether. If you need to cancel or amend your trip due to reasons outside of your control, our Cover-More Travel Insurance Plans can help! By selecting a level of Cancellation Cover to suit your needs, cover is provided for reasonable costs associated with having to cancel your holiday or amend your travel plans up to the limit you select – as long as they are within the terms of your chosen policy.

Help protect the money you have spent booking your well-deserved holiday. Consider our Cover-More Travel Insurance with Cancellation Cover so you can travel with peace of mind. Get a free quote online to see how affordable it can be.

Our Premium Plan and the Inbound Plan do not automatically include Cancellation Cover, however, you can add the amount of the Cancellation Cover that suits you. There is noCcancellation Cover available on the International Medical Only Plan.

If you wish to include Cancellation Cover in your policy, simply select an amount from the options available at the time of applying for cover. The level of Cancellation Cover you choose will influence your premium.

Typically, people look to choose an amount that will cover all prepaid travel tickets, hotels, tours or other travel-related expenses for all travellers on the policy. The level of cover you choose will be the total amount of cover available under the Amendments or Cancellation costs benefit on a per-policy basis and will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance. Please refer to our full PDS for details about our cancellation and amendment policy benefit.

Reduce the stress associated with having to cancel or amend your holiday if things don’t go to plan. Check out our relevant Cover-More Travel Insurance by getting a free quote online. Do you want to speak with someone in our team about Cancellation Cover? Then call us on 1300 72 88 22.

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Our benefit for amendment or cancellation costs

If due to circumstances outside your control and unforeseeable at the relevant time:

  • You have to rearrange your journey prior to leaving home, we will pay the reasonable cost of doing so (we will not pay more for rearranging your journey than the cancellation costs which would have been incurred had the journey been cancelled); or
  • You have to cancel the journey (where you cannot rearrange it prior to leaving home) we will pay you:
    1. the value of the unused portion of your prepaid travel or accommodation arrangements that are non-refundable and not recoverable in any other way;
    2. the travel agent’s commission (this is limited to the lesser of $4,000 or the amount of commission the agent had earned on the prepaid refundable amount of the cancelled travel arrangements); and 
    3. the value of frequent flyer or similar flight reward points, air miles, redeemable vouchers or similar schemes lost by you following cancellation of the services paid for with those points, if you cannot recover your loss in any other way. The amount we will pay is calculated as follows:
      1. For frequent flyer or similar flight reward points, loyalty card points, air miles: - The cost of an equivalent booking, based on the same advance booking period as your original booking. We will deduct any payment you made towards the booking and multiply it by the total number of points or air miles lost, divided by the total number of points or air miles used to make the booking
      2. For vouchers, the face value of the voucher or current market value of an equivalent booking, whichever is the lesser.

The proportion of any trip costs for a travelling companion not insured on this policy is not claimable. This applies even if the trip was paid for by someone insured on this policy.

The maximum benefit limit for this section is:

Premium Plan Cover chosen*
Medical Only Plan No cover
Domestic Plan $10,000^
Domestic Cancellation Plan Cover chosen*^
Inbound Cover chosen*

*Shown on Your Certificate of Insurance.

^Combined limit of Section 2 and 3.

For approved claims under this benefit and the Additional Expenses benefit for the same or similar Additional expenses or prepaid travel costs over the same period, We pay the higher of the two amounts claimed, not both.

We will not pay for claims caused by:

  • transport provider-caused cancellations, delays or rescheduling other than when caused by strikes.
  • your or any other person’s unwillingness or reluctance to proceed with the journey or deciding to change plans.
  • you cancelling or amending your journey prior to being certified by a qualified medical practitioner as unfit to travel.
  • the death or sudden disabling injury, sickness or disease of a relative or your business partner who is not travelling, unless at the relevant time that person:
    1. in the last 12 months, had not been hospitalised (including day surgery or emergency department attendance) for a condition that was in any way related to, or exacerbated by, the condition that gave rise to the claim;
    2. was not residing in a facility such as a nursing home, an aged care facility, a residential aged care home, a high and/or low care facility, a privately owned accommodation facility such as Supported Residential Services or Facilities (SRS/SRF) or, a residential care facility);
    3. was residing independently at home or in a retirement home or village, including independent living arrangements, and they did not require home care or flexible care services;
    4. was not on a waiting list for, or did not know they needed surgery, inpatient treatment or tests at a hospital or clinic;
    5. did not have a drug or alcohol addiction; and
    6. did not have a Terminal Illness.
      If any point a)-f) cannot be met e.g. if your non-travelling Relative was in a nursing home or did have a terminal illness, which means your claim would otherwise be excluded, we will pay no more than $1,000 under all sections of the policy combined.
  • the health or death of any other person (not listed in the point above).
  • any contractual or business obligation or your financial situation. This exclusion does not apply to claims where you are involuntarily made redundant from your permanent full-time or permanent part-time employment in Australia and where you would not have been aware before, or at the relevant time, that the redundancy was to occur.
  • failure by you or another person to obtain the relevant visa, passport or travel documents.
  • errors or omissions by you or another person in a booking arrangement.
  • the standards or expectations of your prepaid travel arrangements being below or not meeting the standard expected.
  • the failure of your travel agent, our agent who issued this policy, any tour operator, transport or accommodation supplier or provider (including but not limited to peer to peer service such as Airbnb and Uber), person or agency to pass on monies to operators or to deliver promised services.
  • a request by your employer, your leave application being denied, or your leave being revoked. This exclusion does not apply if you are a full-time member of the Australian Defence Force or of federal, state or territory emergency services (e.g. police, fire, ambulance, paramedic) and your leave is revoked.
  • a lack in the number of persons required to commence any tour, conference, accommodation or travel arrangements or due to the negligence of a wholesaler or operator. However, if a tour or river cruise, that is prepaid and overnight, is cancelled due to a lack of numbers we will pay in respect of your other prepaid arrangements the lesser of:
    1. necessary amendment costs; or 
    2. the non-refundable unused portion of costs if you cancel the trip.
      In any case the most we will pay is the lesser of $800 or your sum insured under this section of the policy.
  • customs and immigration officials acting in the course of their duties or you travelling on incorrect travel documents.
  • an Act of Terrorism.
  • an Epidemic, Pandemic or outbreak of an infectious disease or any derivative or mutation of such viruses.

Please also refer to our General Exclusions and Policy Conditions.

Our cooling-off period

You can cancel or change your policy at any time before you leave home. If you cancel your policy (for any reason) within our cooling-off period (21 days from the date of purchase), we will give you your money back. During this cooling-off period, you will receive a refund of your entire premium unless you have already:

  • made a claim under the policy; or
  • departed on Your Journey.

If you wish to cancel your policy and receive a full refund, please contact us within the cooling-off period.

No matter how perfectly you plan your trip, unexpected events can still happen. Protect yourself and the money you spent on booking your trip with travel insurance. Get a free quote online or call our customer service team on 1300 72 88 22 to discuss our cancellation cover.

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The information on this page relates to the Direct Cover-More travel insurance product effective 31 March 2021.