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    Cover for Amendment or Cancellation Costs

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    Choose the best Cover-More travel insurance cancellation cover amount for your trip

    Sometimes the unexpected happens and you’re forced to rearrange your journey or cancel your holiday altogether. If you’re a Cover-More customer and you need to cancel or amend your trip because of reasons unforeseeable and outside of your control, our amendment and trip cancellation insurance cover can help.

    Every trip is unique, so we allow our customers to select their own level of travel insurance cancellation cover that best reflects the cost of their holiday. This cover then provides protection against the loss of non-refundable costs associated with having to cancel the holiday or amend travel plans up to the cover limit selected for the policy (as long as they are within the terms of the chosen policy).

    Discover more about our trip cancellation insurance below, or read the PDS or call our friendly Cover-More team on 1300 72 88 22 for more information.

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    What is amendment and cancellation costs cover?

    Amendment and cancellation costs cover helps to safeguard your trip from the expenses you may face if you need to cancel or change your journey because of reasons unforeseeable and outside your control. This can include flight costs, accommodation, transport, prepaid tours, and more.

    Why do I need trip cancellation insurance cover?

    It doesn’t matter how prepared you are for a trip, the unexpected can always happen, leaving you scrambling to rearrange parts of your holiday or even cancel it altogether.

    If you find yourself in this situation, our Cover-More travel insurance with cancellation cover options can help protect the money you’ve invested in your trip.

    This means it’s worth considering trip cancellation cover to reduce the financial stress associated with having to cancel or amend a holiday if things don’t go to plan.

    What Cover-More travel insurance plans include amendment or cancellation cover options?

    Cancellation cover can be added to any of our Cover-More travel insurance plans; it is not automatically included.

    To include cancellation insurance in your policy, you need to select the amount of trip cancellation insurance that best suits your trip when purchasing your cover.

    When you select a level of cancellation cover to suit your needs, cover is provided for non-refundable costs associated with having to cancel your holiday or amend your travel plans up to the limit you select on the policy – as long as they are within the terms of your chosen plan.

    For travellers looking for additional cancellation cover benefits, our cancellation extension benefit provides cover for cancellation reasons that would not be covered under usual circumstances, such as terrorism cover, pregnancy cover, relationship breakdowns, and more. The cancellation extension benefit is available on our Comprehensive and Comprehensive+ Plans. Terms and conditions apply. See the PDS for the details.

    How do I add Cover-More’s cancellation cover to my policy?

    If you want to include cancellation cover in your travel insurance policy, simply select an amount from the options available at the time of applying for travel insurance via our online purchase path. The level of cancellation cover you choose for your trip/s will influence your premium.

    Typically, people look to choose an amount that will cover all prepaid travel tickets, hotels, tours, or other travel-related expenses for all travellers on the policy. The level of cover you choose will be the total amount of cover available under the amendments or cancellation costs benefit on a per-policy basis and will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

    If you’ve got questions about purchasing our cancellation costs benefit, call us on 1300 72 88 22.

    What does Cover-More's cancellation cover include?

    Our cancellation benefit provides cover for many situations where you must rearrange your trip prior to leaving home or cancel it (when rearrangement is not possible) because of circumstances outside your control and unforeseeable at the relevant time.

    These cancellation costs can include:

    • the value of unused prepaid travel or accommodation arrangements that are non-refundable and not recoverable in any other way;
    • the travel agent’s commission (this is limited to the lesser of $4,000 or the amount of commission the agent had earned on the prepaid refundable amount of the cancelled travel arrangements); and
    • the value of frequent flyer or similar flight reward points, air miles, redeemable vouchers, or similar schemes you’ve lost following the cancellation of the services you paid for with those points if you cannot recover this loss in any other way.

    Please note the proportion of any trip costs for a travelling companion who is not insured on your Cover-More policy is not claimable. This applies even if the trip was paid for by someone insured on this policy.

    For full details on our Cover-More cancellation policy, please refer to the PDS or call our team on 1300 72 88 22 during busines hours.

    What isn’t covered under Cover-More’s cancellation benefit?

    Travel insurance for cancellation is designed to cover changes of plans caused by an incident that is unforeseeable and outside your control, but it can’t cover absolutely everything. If you’re considering our Cover-More travel insurance with cancellation cover, there are several conditions and exclusions you need to be aware of. This includes cancelling your trip because of a reluctance to travel, errors you made when booking, or business obligations that may cause you to reschedule your trip.

    For all scenarios not covered by our cancellation cover – and any other limits, exclusions, and conditions – please refer to the PDS.

    What does Cover-More's cancellation extension cover include?

    Our cancellation extension benefit is available on our Comprehensive+ and Comprehensive Plans and provides cover for cancellation reasons that would not be covered under usual circumstances.

    This extra layer of cancellation insurance protection can include scenarios related to:

    • An act of terrorism
    • Pregnancy complications
    • The death or sudden disabling injury or sickness of a non-travelling relative
    • Wedding cancellation
    • Relationship breakdown
    • Pet illness, injury or death

    Please note: the cancellation extension benefits are not available if the policy issue date is seven (7) days or less before the travel start date.

    Conditions that apply to the Cancellation Extension covers:

    We will only cover those travel costs that you paid:

    • within 48 hours before buying this policy
    • at the same time as buying this policy
    • after buying this policy.

    Please be aware limits, exclusions, and conditions apply. Check the PDS for full policy conditions.

    Our cooling-off period

    Considering our Cover-More cancellation policy? If you purchase a Cover-More travel insurance policy, you can cancel your policy for any reason within the cooling-off period, which is within 21 days of the date of purchase, and we will give you your money back.

    During this cooling-off period, you will receive a refund of your entire premium unless you have already made a claim under the policy or departed on your journey.

    If you wish to cancel your policy and receive a full refund, please call us within the 21-day cooling-off period on 1300 72 88 22 or email [email protected].


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