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Rental Car Insurance Excess


Cover for the cost of the rental car insurance excess you’re liable for if your rental car is damaged

Are you planning to hire a rental car while on your trip? Or maybe taking your own car on holiday within Australia? Consider our travel insurance with Rental Car Insurance Excess Cover (international and domestic plans) and personal vehicle insurance excess cover (domestic plans only) before you travel. This can help protect you from expenses related to the damage or theft of your rental or own personal vehicle. Yes, Cover-More’s travel insurance policies can put your mind at ease.

Our Premium Plan and Domestic Plan automatically include cover for rental car insurance excess, and our Domestic Plan also automatically includes bonus personal vehicle insurance excess cover, which is perfect for self-driving holidays within Australia where you’re able to take your own car. Please read our PDS for full details about this benefit and any limitations or exclusions that apply.

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Increase your rental car insurance excess cover

The Premium Plan automatically provides up to $6,000 cover and the Domestic Plan automatically provides up to $4,000 cover for your liability in respect to a Rental Car Insurance Excess. The Inbound Plan does not automatically provide Rental Car Insurance Excess Cover.

Do you want to add rental car excess insurance to your policy? No problem! Cover can be purchased on the Inbound Plan; or increased on the Premium Plan or Domestic Plan, by up to $3,500 by paying an additional premium. Get a quote online today to see how affordable adding cover for your rental car can be.

The bonus cover of $2,500 for personal vehicle insurance excess is automatically included in our Domestic Plan, but it cannot be increased.

Please note: there is no Rental Car Insurance Excess Cover on the International Medical Only Plan.

Our rental car insurance excess benefit

Are you wondering what we consider a rental car? Check out our definition below.

“Rental car” means a campervan/motorhome that does not exceed 6 tonnes, SUV, sedan, station wagon, hatchback, people mover, coupe, convertible, four-wheel drive or minibus rented from a licensed motor vehicle rental company or agency.

This cover applies if you:

  1. hire a rental car;
  2. are the nominated driver on the rental car agreement; and
  3. have comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for the rental car for the hire period.

If the rental car is damaged or stolen whilst in your control during the journey cover is provided for the lower of the rental car insurance excess or the repair costs to the rental car that you become liable to pay. It is your responsibility to provide the final loss/repair report to substantiate your claim.

The maximum benefit limit for this section is: 

Premium Plan $6,000
Medical Only Plan No cover
Domestic Plan $4,000
Domestic Cancellation Plan No cover
Inbound Plan No cover*

*Unless cover is purchased as an extra cover option

We will not pay for:

  1. any damage or theft, arising from the operation of a rental car in violation of the terms of the rental agreement.
  2. any damage sustained to a rental car while it is being driven on an unsealed surface.
  3. administration costs or loss of use penalties.

Please refer to our General Exclusions and Policy Conditions.

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The information on this page relates to the Direct Cover-More travel insurance product effective 31 March 2021.