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      Cover for Additional Expenses

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      Protect yourself from unforeseen additional expenses

      When you’re planning a trip, it’s easy to forget about all the things that could go wrong – including expenses that you never saw coming.

      We often think about travel insurance for illness: the financial support we need if we end up in hospital because of an accident or sickness. However, there are so many more costs that can occur when the unexpected happens.

      Travel insurance options like our Cover-More plans can help protect you and your finances when you encounter unforeseen incidents. Cover for additional expenses is provided for a range of financial costs, such as those incurred if you get sick or die while on your trip, or if you need to return home unexpectedly.

      For full details on our additional expenses cover, please refer to the PDS or call us on 1300 72 88 22 to discuss your trip coverage options.

      What is additional expenses cover?

      Unexpected costs aren’t just a hassle while travelling – they can significantly impact your trip, your finances, and your stress level even after you’ve returned home.

      Travel insurance that includes additional expenses cover helps to protect you from the unexpected costs that can arise because of a mishap, illness, or difficulties back home. In most cases, it may also cover additional accommodation expenses or transport expenses incurred if your journey hasn’t proceeded as planned.

      What's included in Cover-More’s additional expenses cover?

      Our additional expenses cover can help protect you from the many unexpected costs that can occur while travelling, such as:

      • Additional accommodation and transport expenses for yourself and your travelling companion (if applicable) if you become sick or injured
      • If you are hospitalised and are alone, additional accommodation and transport expenses for one person to travel to be with you
      • Reasonable costs to return your rental vehicle if you are sick or injured and not fit to drive it back
      • Reasonable overseas funeral or cremation expenses or the cost of returning your remains to Australia if you die while on your trip
      • Additional transport expenses if you must return home early because of sickness, injury, or death of a relative or business partner
      • Additional transport expenses if you must return home early because your home is destroyed by fire, earthquake, or flood
      • Additional kennel or cattery boarding fees for domestic pet and cats you own if your return trip is delayed
      • Other accommodation or transport expenses under circumstances where your trip is impacted by riot, strike or civil commotion, a cyber incident, natural disaster, loss of travel documents, a collision that happens to the vehicle you are travelling in or travel delays because of severe weather

      Please read the PDS for full details.

      Which Cover-More plans include additional expenses cover?

      All our Cover-More travel insurance options include additional expenses cover.

      The maximum benefit limit for additional expenses varies between plans, as outlined below:

      PlanBenefit Limit
      International Comprehensive+$Unlimited
      International Comprehensive$Unlimited
      International Basic$Unlimited
      Domestic Comprehensive+$25,000
      Domestic Comprehensive$10,000
      Domestic Basic$10,000

      Sub-limits, limits, exclusions, and conditions apply. Check the PDS for full policy conditions.

      What isn’t covered by Cover-More’s additional expenses benefit?

      Travel insurance is designed to cover unforeseen incidents, and it can’t cover absolutely everything. If you’re considering travel insurance options, there are several conditions and exclusions you need to be aware of.

      For the full details on what we won’t cover under our additional expenses cover, please refer to the PDS.


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