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Caught in a pickle mid-trip? If you’re wondering when — and how — to use Cover-More’s assistance team while you’re on holiday, we’re here to help in more ways than one.  

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Whether you’re a first-time customer or someone who has been purchasing our Cover-More travel insurance for years, you may be surprised to learn there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to our 24/7 emergency assistance travel insurance benefit.  

You probably know it’s an important travel insurance benefit, but do you know Cover-More’s 24/7 emergency assistance team — is here to help when smaller hiccups happen, not just critical emergencies?

“Lots of travellers think our 24/7 emergency assistance team is only here to help when a catastrophe strikes. Thankfully, most holidays are free of big disasters, but that doesn’t mean our travellers can’t ask for help when minor mishaps derail their travel plans,” said Todd Nelson, Managing Director of Cover-More Travel Insurance in Australia.

“From assisting you with replacing a lost passport to helping you access an English-speaking doctor if an infection strikes, our travellers can lean on our Cover-More assistance team in so many ways.”

Want to know more? Discover the unexpected times you can reach out to our Cover-More assistance team for help while you’re on holiday.  

Skip ahead to learn more about how we can help with:

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3 times to call our 24/7 emergency assistance team

#1. If you need medical assistance

Most trips are illness-free, but, on the off chance you get sick or become injured, our Cover-More emergency assistance team can help you access medical assistance – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – in most locations around the world.

Wondering what medical-related scenarios warrant a call to our 24/7 emergency assistance line or a tap on the “Assistance” button in our Cover-More App? Some examples include:

  • If you think you need to see a doctor for an unexpected health issue, such as food poisoning, an infection, or a rash;
  • If you think you need to go to a hospital because you’ve injured yourself, such as broken a bone, hit your head, or taken a fall
  • If you think you need medical support because of an incident such as drink spiking or sexual assault.

When you contact Cover-More’s emergency assistance team for help, we can support you by:  

  • Advising if you require a medical review while at your holiday destination  
  • Providing information on the nearest suitable medical facility
  • Organise a telehealth appointment if needed

We may also be able to help manage and monitor your emergency medical expenses, by:

  • Containing your medical costs  
  • Assisting with medical equipment rental/replacement
  • Organising medical payments.

Tip: Don’t forget to download our Cover-More App and register your trip at soon as you buy you policy. If you do, you’ll have tap-to-call access to our assistance team, which can make it easier to get help if a medical issue rears its head. 

#2. If you experience travel-related issues

Dealing with an unexpected bump in the road far away from home can be stressful. That’s why we offer our travellers worldwide travel assistance via our 24/7 emergency assistance team.  

You should contact our Cover-More emergency assistance team for help if:

  • You lose your passport mid trip
  • If your luggage goes missing or is stolen
  • If you need to cut your trip short because of a family emergency.

We can help you get back on track by assisting you with:  

  • Replacing your lost passport by helping you locate the nearest Australian embassy
  • Replacing your missing or stolen luggage by guiding you through the claims process
  • Helping you rearrange your travel plans dbecause of an emergency.

Tip: Download our Cover-More App and register your trip before you leave home so you can easily access our assistance team if a travel issue pops up on your trip.

#3. If you get caught up in an emergency situation

Travelling can involve a lot of moving parts. While’s there’s a lot that can go right while you explore the world, things unfortunately go wrong sometimes, because of reasons completely out of your control.

If you do find yourself in an emergency situation during your holiday, it’s smart to contact our 24/7 emergency assistance team for help.  

A few examples of times we can help include:

  • If you need to be evacuated  
  • If there is a natural disaster like a bushfire, volcano or earthquake at your location
  • If you are in a car or motorbike accident.

We can then help you with things like:

  • Finding an evacuation point or locate a safe exit route
  • Dealing with travel and weather alerts that may affect your trip, and navigating disruptions and cancellations
  • Finding local  assistance, should you need it.

Tip: Download our Cover-More App and register your trip before you set off, so you can monitor travel incidents nearby in real-time. (Note: You’ll need an internet connection for this app feature to work. ) This means you’ll be able to know which areas to avoid for a smoother, safer trip, should an incident unfold at your destination. 

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Lean on the benefits of travel insurance: 24/7 emergency assistance  

Your next holiday will likely go off without a hitch, but if you encounter a bump in the road –big or small – our Cover-More emergency assistance team is here to help.

We know travel should be about experiencing the wonders of the world, so we’re here to help get you back on track whenever you need.  


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