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Golfer hits golf ball on beautiful golf course

Tee off with extra peace of mind with our golf holiday insurance cover

Planning a golfing holiday? Golf courses are often located in some of the world’s most picturesque areas, so it makes sense for avid golfers plan a holiday around a round of golf (or 10!).

Whether it’s Pebble Beach in California calling your name, Pinehurst in North Carolina, or even Victoria’s Royal Melbourne Golf Club, we can help protect you and your golfing trip, plus your own equipment.

Keep reading to understand more about our golf travel insurance cover for Australia and abroad.

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Why do I need golf travel insurance cover?

It’s wise to protect any holiday with travel insurance – and a golf holiday is no different. Whether you’re going to play on a green in a neighbouring state or another country, illness, injury, accidents, or mishaps such as lost or delayed luggage can happen anywhere.

Travel insurance is also useful for golfing holidays because more expenses are often involved – from transporting your own golf clubs to outlaying green fees in advance, there is a risk you could end up with several out-of-pocket expenses should something go wrong.

The right level of travel insurance for you and your golfing trip can help protect you financially in the event something goes wrong, making it a worth-while consideration as soon as you start booking and paying for elements of your trip.

Does Cover-More travel insurance cover golf trips?

If you’re planning on playing golf while you’re away from home – whether it’s within Australia or overseas – Cover-More can help.

Our domestic and international Cover-More travel insurance plans automatically provide cover for over 80 adventure activities, including golf if you are playing in a non-professional capacity.

You can also increase your golf-related benefits by including our Adventure Activities option in your policy for an additional premium, which includes our Golf Cover pack.

Plus, as a Cover-More customer, you can also benefit from all our other great travel insurance benefits while you’re away from home, including overseas medical expenses~, additional expenses, luggage, travel delay, and personal liability.

For more information on how we can help protect your golf trip, read our benefits page or the PDS.

Does Cover-More travel insurance cover golf equipment?

If you’re a Cover-More customer, we can provide cover for your owned golf equipment under the “any other item” section of our luggage and travel documents benefit.

The luggage benefit limits for “any other items” vary per plan and are as follows:

  • International Basic Plan item limit: $1,000
  • International/Domestic Comprehensive Plans and Inbound Plan item limit: $1,200
  • International/Domestic Comprehensive+ Plans item limit: $1,500

These item limit apply to any one item, set or pair of items. An item is considered one item or a set or pair of items including attached and unattached accessories. In this case, a matched or unmatched set of golf clubs, golf bag and buggy would be considered ‘one item’.

Please note: there is no cover for sporting equipment – including golf clubs – while they’re in use.

Looking for more comprehensive golf club cover in your travel insurance policy?

If you wish to play golf with your own clubs and want higher benefit limits, consider including our Adventure Activities option in your policy for an additional premium.

Doing so will automatically include our bonus Golf Cover pack within your policy.

When you’re protected by this additional golf holiday insurance pack, you’ll:

  • have higher benefit limits for your golf equipment
  • be reimbursed if you need to hire equipment because your clubs are lost or stolen up to the benefit limit^
  • have cover for prepaid green fees if the course has completely closed because of the weather

…plus, there is even a hole in one benefit should you wish to celebrate your brilliant game!

The benefit limits of our bonus Golf Cover pack as part of our Adventure Activities option are:

Golf Cover (Own Equipment)

Benefit Benefit Limit
Golf equipment^ $10,000
Maximum limit per item $5,000
Golf equipment hire $750
Green fees $500
Hole in one cover* $300

^Item limits apply. Sporting equipment not covered whilst in use.
*Available to customers who are 18 years of age and over. Policy excess does not apply to this benefit.
For limits, sub-limits, exclusions, and conditions that may apply to our golf travel insurance benefits, please refer to the PDS or call our team on 1300 72 88 22.

What does Cover-More mean by “golf equipment”?

When we refer to “golf equipment”, we mean items used for playing golf. This includes, but is not limited to, a golf bag, golf clubs (drivers, irons, putters, wedges, and woods), golf gloves, and golf shoes.

Will Cover-More help me if I get injured or ill on my golf trip?

If you’re heading overseas on your golf holiday and are an international policyholder, we can help.

All three of our international plans – Basic, Comprehensive, and Comprehensive+ – provide cover for unlimited~ overseas medical expenses in case of an accident or injury and you need to seek medical attention.

As a Cover-More customer, you also have access to our 24/7 Emergency Assistance team, who are there to help – day or night – when you need it most.

Our plans can also provide cover for expenses if you’re unable to attend lessons or use your prepaid green fees because of an injury or illness covered by the policy.

For more information, visit our overseas medical expenses page and consult the PDS.

Will Cover-More provide cover for accidents on my golf trip?

Golf isn’t a high-risk sport; however, we understand accidents can still happen on the course – like your golf ball hitting someone while you’re playing.

Our policies include cover for personal liability for circumstances such as this, where you become unintentionally legally liable to pay compensation for damage to someone else’s property or the injury or death of someone else.

For full details on limitations and exclusions that apply to our personal liability benefit, please read the PDS.


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~Cover will not exceed 12 months from onset of the illness, condition, or injury.