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Travel insurance for your smartphone and electronics

Why cover your electronics?

An essential item for most travellers is a smartphone or camera. We all want to be able to capture the moments that take your breath away so when you lose or have your electronics stolen it can be devastating and can potentially ruin your holiday. To save you stress and keep your mind at ease you can protect yourself and your belongings with one of Cover-More’s insurance policies.


Smartphones can be used for multiple purposes while travelling; a GPS, camera and of course a way to communicate with others. Imagine if you accidentally dropped your smartphone in the Trevi Fountain while taking the perfect Instagram shot – your heart can break. Luckily, with one of our insurance policies we can help lessen the pain. If your phone gets damaged while travelling and your claim is approved, we repair, replace or pay the value of the smartphone*.


If you travel for work, you would most likely take a laptop. If this gets stolen right from under your nose you while you are paying for your train ticket we could have you covered! Depending on the insurance policy you buy this can vary how much cover you have. To compare policies and find out which insurance policy is best for you get a quote online in under 30 seconds.


A camera is an essential travel companion and the pictures you take are a way to reminisce about your travels. It can be upsetting if you accidentally lose your camera while travelling but we can help you out. TIP: take care of your belongings and make sure you back up your photos regularly so you don’t lose those valuable memories. If your camera is stolen, make sure you report it to the local authorities within 24 hours**. If your claim is approved, we either replace or pay the value of the camera*.


In 2016, we settled over $850,000 in smartphone claims alone. If you need to make a claim for an electronic device that was lost, stolen or damaged while travelling, we consider many aspects when assessing a claim and deciding on the outcome. For example, we look at the age of the item, its original purchase price, the replacement cost or repair cost (if applicable), your policy excess, the maximum benefit limit and sub-limits, reasonable depreciation (as determined by us) and the terms and conditions of the policy.


Get a quote online to find best policy for you.


Read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before purchasing a policy so you are aware of the conditions, exclusions limits and sub-limits that apply.

It is our choice which of these we do. Reasonable depreciation will be deducted from the amount we pay you.
**Report any loss or theft to the police within 24 hours and obtain an original written report. Additionally, we require the relevant report from the related party. For example, an Airline Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.) is also required if your items are lost or stolen when travelling with an airline.