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Travel GP Service

Talk to an Australian doctor

We are the only travel insurance provider in Australia who you can call anytime of the day to provide access to expert medical consultation and advice for many of your favourite holiday destinations*.

Our new Travel GP service is an Australian first.

Travel GP is an important part of our commitment to help our customers stay safe and healthy.

When you are travelling and need to consult a doctor, Cover-More will assess your suitability to connect you with a ‘familiar voice from home’ — an Australian doctor who can provide you with expert, reliable medical advice 24/7.

No tackling foreign languages or health care systems – a Travel GP can perform a consultation over the phone to discuss your situation and provide expert medical advice in plain English to help get you back to your trip, sooner. If needed, Cover-More can also refer you to the most appropriate medical facility nearby.

How Travel GP works


It’s a level of comfort and reassurance that means the world when you’re feeling unwell, away from home.

It’s a new level of care that we’ve added to our 24/7 medical assistance services.

Holidays are rare and precious. So when something goes wrong, you don’t want it to take up your very precious holiday time.

You need more than just cover to keep travelling when the unexpected happens. You need Cover-More. To keep you connected to home and help you keep travelling — so that you can get the most out of every holiday, every overseas trip.

That’s because we want to help every traveller who travels with Cover-More travel insurance — not just customers who need to lodge a claim.

* Travel GP services do not form part of your travel insurance policy. It is a service offered to customers at Cover-More's cost and at our sole discretion. Your circumstances including age, location, medical condition or issue, proximity to appropriate medical care and medical history will also be considered.

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