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Domestic Travel Insurance FAQs

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Travel restrictions and social distancing rules may still remain as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. Because of this, the below content may reference activities travellers cannot currently partake in and therefore is for informational purposes only. For the latest information on COVID-19 and travel restrictions, please visit trusted sites such as smartraveller.gov.au.

Got a question about domestic travel insurance? 

It is great to see you want to protect your domestic trip. Why? Things can go wrong as easily in Sydney as they can in Singapore. To help you out, we have put together questions that are frequently asked about domestic travel insurance.

Visit our Domestic travel insurance page for more useful information about coverage options. Still not convinced that you should consider domestic travel insurance? Check out these real-life domestic claims stories.

Do I need travel insurance in Australia?

Mishaps and events outside of your control can happen as easily in Australia as they can while you are on holidays overseas. You can get cover for luggage and travel documents, rental car insurance excess, additional expenses, and amendment or cancellation costs.

What is my excess for the Domestic Plan?

A $50 excess applies to the Domestic Plan. You are not able to change this amount. If you have selected a Domestic Cruise policy, you can choose an excess of $0, $100 or $250. The higher the excess you pick, the lower the premium. An excess is the first part of a claim that we will not pay. The excess amount is applied to each separate claimable event.

Is there any cover for medical expenses in Australia?

No. The costs for medical treatment, dental treatment or ambulance transportation provided in Australia are not covered under the Domestic Plan or Domestic Cancellation Plan. Travel insurance providers are unable to provide cover for medical expenses incurred within Australia by an Australian resident or eligible overseas representative. The exception is for domestic cruises, where unforeseen medical expenses on board a cruise ship may be covered if you have selected Domestic Cruising for the area of travel and included the Cruise Cover option in your plan.

If I need unexpected medical treatment while on a domestic cruise, am I covered? 

Yes. We can cover the unforeseen medical treatment that is provided to you whilst on a ship (including a cruise ship, passenger ship or passenger ferry), even if the ship is within Australian territorial waters. For this benefit to apply, you must have added Cruise coverage to your policy and selected Domestic Cruise as the area of travel. However, this coverage does not apply if you need medical treatment provided on Australian inland waterways or whilst the ship is tied up in an Australian port.

What is the difference between policies for domestic travel insurance?

Each of the policy types vary in price because the coverage options are different. To help you choose the plan that best suits your budget and travel needs, have a read of our Product Disclosure Statement.

Our Domestic Plan can protect against expenses arising from incidents like lost luggage, cancellation and rental car insurance excess. You are covered for the duration of your selected travel dates. The Domestic Plan is the most comprehensive coverage available for trips within Australia.

As for the Domestic Cancellation Plan, cover can be provided for costs incurred if you unexpectedly need to cancel your trip. These expenses may include pre-booked tours, flights or non-refundable deposits. Keep in mind that cover will only apply if your reason for cancellation falls within the terms and conditions of the PDS.

The Premium plan is available if you have selected Domestic Cruise as your destination. No medical cover is available within Australia; but cover for unforeseen medical expenses on board a cruise ship can be – even if it is within Australia territorial waters if you have included the Cruise Cover option in your policy. Other policy benefits can include protection against lost or stolen luggage, travel delays and personal liability.

Do I have to be a certain distance from home?

If your journey takes you 250 kilometres or more from your place of residence, cover for your trip will be provided up to the trip duration you have selected.

If your journey is less than 250 kilometres from your place of residence, cover for your trip will be provided up to the trip duration you have selected if you are staying in paid accommodation for at least one night and the accommodation is booked with a supplier (i.e. a hotel) or provider (i.e. an Airbnb).

What is a Domestic AMT and how does it work?

If you are a frequent traveller then you may want to consider a Domestic Annual Multi-Trip (AMT) policy. This option provides coverage for an unlimited number of domestic journeys within a 12-month period, as long as each journey is more than 250 kilometres from your place of residence – or includes one or more nights of paid accommodation with an accommodation provider or supplier if the journey is under 250 kilometres – and each individual trip does not exceed the maximum duration selected. You can choose the journey duration to be either 15 days or 30 days depending on what best suits your travel needs.

What is the age limit for domestic travel insurance?

You can purchase a domestic travel insurance plan online if you are 99 years old or younger. If you are older than that, congratulations on getting a letter from the Queen of England! Give us a call on 1300 72 88 22 and our team will see what coverage is available to you. Keep in mind that reduced limits may apply for customers 70 years of age or over at the relevant time. Limits are shown on the Certificate of Insurance.


If you would like to discuss your coverage options for your trip within Australia, give our customer service team a call on 1300 72 88 22. Make sure you also read the Product Disclosure Statement.