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Winter Sports Travel Insurance FAQs

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Find the answers to all your snow holiday travel insurance questions

Are the freshly powdered slopes calling your name? It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned skier or if you’ve never stepped foot on a snowboard, winter sports travel insurance is an essential on any ski trip.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen no matter how skilled you are, but Cover-More Winter Sports travel insurance can help you should the unexpected occur on or off the snow-covered mountains.

Got a question about snowboarding or ski cover? Want to know what’s covered or what to do if you require assistance on the slopes? We’ve got all your questions covered on our comprehensive, specialised Winter Sports Travel Insurance Plan, as well as our basic optional Winter Sports Cover

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Frequently asked winter sports travel insurance questions:

How can I buy ski or snowboard travel insurance?

Cover-More offers you two options when it comes to protecting your winter sports holiday:

  1. You can select our optional Winter Sports Cover when purchasing a Premium, Medical Only, Domestic, or Inbound policy, and pay the additional premium to validate your cover.
    This option is designed for those participating in on-piste skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling activities only.
  2. Purchase our specialised Winter Sports Travel Insurance policy by requesting a quote on our Winter Sports page.
    This option provides general travel coverage, as well as cover for a number of varying winter sporting activities beyond skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling on-piste, including glacier walking, husky sledging, ice skating, snow tubing, heli-skiing and heli-boarding, ice diving, and ice hockey*.

Need help understanding which coverage is best suited to your trip? Call our team on 1300 72 88 22, and they’ll happily guide you through both policy options, as well as help you make a purchase if you wish to do so.

Why do I have to pay more for winter sports cover?

A winter holiday isn’t your average holiday. When you’re shredding up the slopes on a snowboard or a pair of skis, the likelihood you’ll injure yourself increases tenfold. Plus, injuries that occur on the snowy mountains often require urgent medical attention, and it’s generally extremely costly to evacuate people or bring in medical help because of the isolation and high terrain of most snowfields. For these reasons, the premium for a travel insurance for snow trip will always cost a little more than a regular travel insurance policy.

What does winter sports travel insurance cover?

Like skiing in New Zealand varies to snowboarding in Japan, different travel insurance policies cover different winter sport activities. Because of this, it’s important to familiarise yourself with our PDSs so you know exactly what you’re covered for while on the slopes.

Cover-More has four options for winter sports cover – all you need to do is pick the one that’s best for you:

  1. Our optional Winter Sports Cover is available on our standard policies (Premium, Medical Only, Inbound, and Domestic Plans) and can provide cover for claims involving snow skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling, provided you’re not doing so off-piste, racing or participating in a professional capacity.
  2. Our comprehensive, standalone Winter Sports Travel Insurance policy’s base plan not only includes all the overseas medical and travel delay benefits you’d expect from a regular travel insurance policy, but can also protect you while snowboarding, skiing, husky sledging, glacier walking, curling, snow tubing, tobogganing, and more.
  3. Our standalone Winter Sports Travel Insurance policy’s optional Gold Cover provides cover for all the base plan activities, but can also provide cover for activities outside of the resort boundary such as heli-skiing or heli-boarding, ice caving, and snow trekking or cross country skiing.
  4. Our Winter Sports Travel Insurance policy’s optional Platinum Cover provides even greater coverage on top of the Winter Sport Travel Insurance base plan and Gold Cover, allowing you to also indulge in activities such as ice climbing, ice diving, ice hockey, kite boarding, snow mountaineering, and backcountry skiing.

For full details on the winter activities our two policies cover and any criteria for each activity, check out their individual PDS documents:

Is there cover for overseas medical expenses if I don’t purchase snow sports or winter sports cover?

If you’ve chosen to purchase Cover-More’s Premium, Medical Only or Inbound policy, the Overseas Medical and Dental Expenses benefit will apply for the duration of your trip, up to the limit described in your policy. However, if you are injured on the slopes, we will only be able to consider your claim if you have purchased our optional Winter Sports Cover.

If you’re after a winter sports policy that includes cover for overseas medical and dental expenses as standard, as well as travel delays and disruptions on top of an array of winter sporting activities, check out our standalone Winter Sports Travel Insurance policy. It offers three different tiers of coverage depending on the activities you plan to participate in on the mountain.

What does winter sports travel insurance not cover?

Before you step foot on the mountain, it’s important to know what you are – and aren’t – covered for on the snow.

Our basic optional Winter Sports Cover, which can be added to your Premium, Medical Only, Inbound, or Domestic Plans, does not cover skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling if you’re participating off-piste, while racing, or in a professional capacity.

Our specialised Winter Sports Travel Insurance Plan has multiple levels of coverage, helping to provide cover for a larger amount of activities than the basic optional Winter Sports Cover. However, not all levels provide cover for activities performed outside the resort boundaries, or solo activities performed without an instructor or organised tour.

Check out our Premium/Medical Only/Domestic/Inbound policy PDS for details on our basic optional Winter Sports Cover or our specialised Winter Sports Travel Insurance policy PDS for more details on our comprehensive snow sports plan.

What is the winter sports cover limit for personal items?

When you’re on a snow trip, you want to have fun – not worry about your personal items. Whether you’ve purchased our basic optional Winter Sports Cover with our Premium, Domestic or Inbound Plans that include luggage cover, or opted to increase your luggage limits with our comprehensive, specialised Winter Sports Travel Insurance Plan, you can have peace of mind on and off the slopes.

Both can provide coverage for personal items that are lost, damaged or stolen on your trip. However, this doesn’t mean you should be careless with your belongings. When you’re at home, you take care of them; it should be no different when you’re travelling!

Our Premium, Domestic or Inbound Plans’ luggage benefits automatically provide the following coverage per item, set or pair of items, not exceeding the original purchase price, including attached and unattached accessories:

  • Cameras and video cameras:
    Premium = $4000; Domestic = $300; Inbound = $200.
  • Laptop and tablet computers:
    Premium = $4000; Domestic = $300; Inbound = $200.
  • Mobile phones and smart phones:
    Premium = $1000; Domestic = $300; Inbound = $200.
  • Ski equipment and other items:
    Premium = $750; Domestic = $300; Inbound = $200.

Want to ensure your valuables are covered when you’re next hitting the slopes? Call us on 1300 72 88 22 or get a quote online.

Is my own ski and snowboarding equipment covered?

It’s unlikely you’ll be heading off on a snow trip without using any form of ski or snowboard during your trip, so we provide you with different options to help protect your owned or hired equipment while you’re away.

If you choose the specialised Winter Sports Travel Insurance policy, you’ll be happy to know in addition to standard luggage coverage, we can also provide cover for your own winter sports equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged whilst in transit or in use.

Unfortunately, the basic optional Winter Sports Cover available on our Premium, Medical Only, Domestic or Inbound Plans does not provide coverage for your own sporting and ski equipment whilst in use – only while it’s in transit or if it’s lost or stolen.

Is cover provided for my rented ski and snowboarding equipment?

If you’ve purchased our basic optional Winter Sports Cover as part of our Premium, Medical Only, Domestic or Inbound Plans, the Luggage benefit only provides cover for personal items that are lost, damaged or stolen on your trip. Unfortunately, it does not provide cover for any hired winter sporting equipment.

When hiring ski equipment on a snow trip, you engage in a contract with your chosen ski rental company. Always ensure you’re aware of your rights and responsibilities prior to hiring the ski gear on your winter holiday, so you know what to do should something happen to your hired ski and snowboarding equipment.

If you’ve purchased our specialised Winter Sports Travel Insurance policy, we will cover only skin equipment and other snow sports-related items up to the below limits depending on your policy purchased:

  • Premium: $750
  • Domestic: $300
  • Inbound: $200

For more details on travel insurance for hired snow sports equipment, read our Winter Sports Travel Insurance Plan PDS.

Does my winter sports equipment need to be ‘new’?

It doesn’t matter if you’re riding a snowboard that’s brand new or 10 years old – Cover-More does not have any specifications in regard to the age of your winter sporting items to provide cover for them as a luggage item. If your item wasn’t recently purchased, our team will apply reasonable depreciation to the item when assessing the claim. If you purchase the Luggage Cover – our optional “new-for-old” cover – as part of your Winter Sports Travel Insurance Plan, depreciation won’t be applied if the item is less than two years old.

Can I apply winter sports cover to a portion of my trip?

Unfortunately, no. Whether you purchase our standalone Winter Sports Travel Insurance policy or our basic optional Winter Sports Cover with your general travel insurance cover, once it’s been applied to your policy, you’ll have protection for the whole duration of your trip. This is good news, though – it gives you flexibility with booking the ski or snowboarding part of your holiday if you’re yet to do so.

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