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Bali Travel Insurance

What you need to know about protecting your trip to Indonesia

Bali is one of Southeast Asia’s most enticing travel destinations for Australians – and for good reason! Whether you’re touring Uluwatu Temple, relaxing at Seminyak, or being entertained by the primates in the Ubud Monkey Forest, your trip to Bali in Indonesia is bound to be amazing.

However, before you start finalising your itinerary, it’s important to consider protecting your trip with travel insurance. Things can go wrong when you’re travelling overseas, and when they do, unforeseen expenses can quickly add up.

Even a simple bout of Bali belly could leave you with medical bills totalling thousands of dollars.

Don’t believe us?

Cover-More customer Matthew was struck down with gastroenteritis in Bali and ended up with a claim of over $2,000.

“…if I was by myself without any insurance it would have cost me thousands, plus I wouldn’t have had the guidance of the medical assistance team.” – Matthew Stephens

Keep reading our guide below to find out what you need to know about Bali travel insurance.

Do I need travel insurance for Bali?

Nothing will ruin your blissful Balinese escape faster than something going wrong! If the unexpected happens, your Cover-More policy can provide the protection you need (as long as it’s a coverable event under the relevant PDS).

From our Premium policy, which can provide cover for unforeseen overseas medical expenses, cancellation costs, lost or stolen luggage (and more!), to our International Medical Only plan - you can choose from a variety of travel insurance options to best suit you.

If your Bali adventure is one of many trips you plan to take this year, then consider an Annual Multi-Trip policy. It could save you time and money for year-round travel insurance.

Get a free online quote and see how easy it is to protect your upcoming trip to Bali, Indonesia!

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What travel insurance cover can I get for Bali?

Premium travel insurance

Our International Premium Plan provides comprehensive travel insurance for Bali. Benefits include overseas medical expenses, luggage and travel documents, rental car insurance excess, and so much more!

Medical Only travel insurance

Cover-More’s International Medical Only Plan provides overseas medical cover while travelling internationally, as well as benefits for additional expenses and personal liability.

Compare our travel insurance benefits today!

Am I covered if I ride a moped or motorcycle in Bali?

One of the most popular ways to get around Bali is by hopping on a moped or motorcycle. Travelling this way can be fun, efficient, and budget-friendly.

If you plan to scoot around Bali and other parts of Indonesia, you should make sure you are protected. Don’t forget to consider adding motorcycle/moped cover to your policy before you travel.

You will only be covered if:

  • whilst in control of a motorcycle or moped you hold a valid Australian motorcycle licence or Australian motor vehicle driver licence; and you hold a licence valid in the relevant country;
  • whilst you are a pillion passenger, the driver holds a licence valid in the relevant country;
  • the engine capacity is 200cc or less;
  • you are wearing a helmet;
  • you are not participating in a Professional capacity; and
  • you are not racing.

Please note: no cover will apply for personal liability. This means you are responsible to pay costs associated with damage to the motorcycle, moped or property or injury to another person.

Get a free quote for travel insurance with motorcycle/moped cover!

What sports and activities am I covered for in Bali?

Add some fun to your holiday by participating in Bali’s most popular adventure activities! You can partake with peace of mind, knowing Cover-More’s policies offer protection for a wide variety of sports.

Your travel insurance automatically includes cover for more than 40 adventure sports and activities, including:

  • snorkelling
  • bungy jumping
  • jet skiing
  • kayaking
  • parasailing
  • white water rafting
  • hiking
  • surfing

…and more!

Check out our full list of automatically included activities and find out more about our adventure travel insurance. Keep in mind that no cover is available if you are racing or competing in a professional capacity.

Get an online quote today to see how affordable it is to protect your favourite adventures!


Does travel insurance cover terrorism?

The world is a big place with so much to explore, but unfortunately, terrorist attacks can - and do - occur. The Australian Government recommends you exercise a high degree of caution in Indonesia as a result of the threat of terrorist attacks.

We offer cover for emergency overseas medical expenses and additional expenses if you are a victim of a terrorist attack. Make sure you read and understand our Product Disclosure Statement before deciding on our travel insurance.

Are there travel alerts for Indonesia?

There are currently active travel alerts that apply to travel to Indonesia. It’s important to stay up-to-date with our latest travel alerts and claims advice for Indonesia. If you plan to travel to Indonesia, or you are already there, read the relevant advice to find out how our latest alerts could affect your travel plans and policy coverage.

As with all travel, take precautions for your own personal safety and possessions. Monitor the media and stay up-to-date with relevant government websites and other sources for information on changes to local travelling conditions.

How can I stay healthy in Bali?

Are you excited to dine on delicious Balinese food? Trying the local cuisine can be a trip highlight, but not if it makes you sick!

Unfortunately, Bali belly (like travellers’ diarrhoea), is a relatively common travel sickness.

Here’s everything you need to know about what it is and how to avoid Bali belly, so your holiday to Indonesia is memorable for the right reasons.

See our medical blogs for more helpful tips for your upcoming trip to Bali, Indonesia:

We recommend you talk to your GP or travel doctor before your trip to Bali or other Indonesian islands to see what vaccinations are needed for this area. Taking the appropriate precautions prior to your arrival can help ensure your trip runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Do you need more tips for Bali? Our Registered Nurses share their expert advice in the video below!

Money-back guarantee

If you purchase a Cover-More travel insurance policy and decide it’s no longer for you, that’s okay! You can cancel it within our cooling-off period, which is within 15 working days from the date you purchased it.

You are entitled to a full refund of the premium you paid, provided you have not made a claim and have not departed on your journey.

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