St. Barth’s cuisine is famous for its intense flavours, high quality and wide variety. This French-owned island boasts mainland-French culinary influences that are impossible to ignore, though many restaurants take liberties with traditional meals and add their own flair. Every meal is an occasion to celebrate and to take the time to savour every flavour that’s in front of you. Don’t be surprised to see Creole-favourites on most menus as the island’s culinary masterminds experiment with locally-grown ingredients.

Even “quick” meals take at least an hour to enjoy and the concept of fast food is foreign to St. Barth’s. So, you might as well give in to the temptation and slowly, purposefully, experience every part of your meals when you dine out. Morning, noon and night there will be an endless supply of absolutely delicious meals at your fingertips.


Le Petite Lorient

Photo of a pastry cabinet in St Barth

This local bakery is located in Lorient, and competition for one of the six parking spots is fierce in the morning. But, this is the bakery where all the locals come, so you know the breakfast options are authentic and delicious. The women running this bakery are friendly and happy to practice French with you (though they speak English if you haven’t quite mastered the native language). Choose from fresh baguettes, still-warm pain au chocolats, an assortment of quiches, and a number of other delicious options created fresh daily.

Le Creperie

Le Creperie is located in Gustavia and has, as you may guess, a wide assortment of crepes. Delicious in the morning, the lines here can be long, but the hearty and delicious breakfast you’ll get is worth the wait. Sit inside or take advantage of the downtown location and enjoy your breakfast along the harbour in Gustavia.


Do Brazil

Do Brazil, Shell Beach Gustavia

There are places that you visit that hardly make an impression and are easy to forget. Do Brazil is not one of those places. From the second you walk in to your last bite of dessert and sip of complimentary homemade rum, Do Brazil will put a smile on your face. Located on Shell Beach in Gustavia, this restaurant is always alive and pulsing with a positive energy. The servers are attentive, friendly and helpful; the scenery is absolutely unbeatable; and the food is beyond description.

Do Brazil, Shell Beach Gustavia - Photo 2 Do Brazil, Shell Beach Gustavia - Photo 3

The chefs whip up culinary delights at your order — though choosing just one entre is tough. Try the Do Brazil seafood hot pot, or the grilled tuna steak for a tasty treat you’ll want to slow down and enjoy. The lunch hour will happily, lazily, drag into the afternoon and before you know it, the magic of Do Brazil will be bringing you back to their place in paradise.

Le Select

Le Select, Dive Bar in St Barth

Le Select is a classic dive bar. It is right on the water and the local haunt for island natives year-round. Spend a casual afternoon with friends drinking cold beer and chowing down on burgers straight off the grill. Le Select is near the St. Barth’s harbour, where people of all types come through. Keep an eye out for celebrities at this island watering hole. One such celebrity – singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffet – famously stopped here a while back to refuel and was so struck by the place, the vibe, and the people that he wrote a little song called “Cheeseburger in Paradise”. To this day, Mr. Buffet can be found enjoying a burger and a beer at his little slice of paradise, Le Select, and you can join him by visiting this landmark establishment.


La Gloriette

La Gloriette, St Barth La Gloriette, St Barth - Photo 2

La Glorette is all about location. Located on the beach in Grand Cul de Sac, you can consult the constantly-changing chalkboard menu as you dig your toes into the sand. Ditch your shoes and your worries and get comfortable at La Gloriette. Choose any item off the menu of this family-run restaurant for an authentic, delicious and filling lunch. There’s no combination better than a stunning beach, a scenic vista, delightful local food and homemade vanilla rum. You’ll get all three and more from a lunchtime visit to La Glorette.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe, St Barth

Santa Fe sits high above all other restaurants in St. Barth’s — literally. Located at the top of the mountain in Lurin, Santa Fe is without a doubt the island’s highest restaurant and with this dominating position, the views from their open deck dining rooms are dazzling. With a casual and relaxed atmosphere, friendly and helpful servers, and one of the most varied menus on the entire island, you could come here every night and have a totally difference experience. With a focus on French and Creole cuisine, try their ever-popular St. Barth’s lobster (choose your own from the tank!), or the tender lamb chops with Portobello mushroom sauce or, the crisp and clean ceviche, or…really whatever you choose from their perfectly crafted menu will be a delight to eat! Enjoy the scenic view of neighbouring islands as the sun sets and your night gets started at Santa Fe.

There are few places where you will be able to savour and enjoy every meal as much as you can during your visit to St. Barth’s. The cuisine is respected, the chefs are impeccable and the experiences are unbeatable. Protect your time abroad with a back-up plan, like travel insurance, from a provider you can trust. Cover-More Australia has a number of travel insurance policies that can be tailored to your specific needs when travelling around the world. But do beware, alcohol can impair your judgement and your ability to receive cover, so read travel documents carefully before jetting off to the glamorous island of St. Barth’s.

Images courtesy of Hannah Bryan