Welcome to the Americas

Comprising of North, Central and South America – The America’s covers 8% of Earth’s total surface and is known as the New World. It’s made up of 35 countries with the largest populations coming from the United States, Brazil and Mexico.


Get out those feathers and sequins because it’s time for one of the biggest parties on Earth - Rio Carnival!

Amanda Earl

Many tourists tend to just hit the hotspots like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York when travelling through the US, but they often forget that there is a whole region down South that is just as exciting. 

Penny Antuar

Have you ever had one of those “pinch-me moments”? A moment where you know it isn’t a dream but is so surreal that you can barely believe it? Well for me as a makeup artist, New York fashion week was always a dream of mine.

Lisa Owens

To set your eyes on some seriously unique and breathtaking landscapes, then you need to make your way over to America’s Arches and Canyonlands national parks. Located in the south east of Utah near the town of Moab.

Laura Csortan

Santa Barbara was initially going to be an active outdoorsy weekend experience, sure, all that happened but it merely counteracted the amount of eating and drinking I did in this picturesque seaside town which as I discovered offers a very cool array of culinary delights and boutique tipples.  

Olivia Mackinnon

Obviously you can’t do it all, but if someone recommends something to you, especially in a place as busy and diverse as The Big Apple, you know it must have impressed the pants off them.

Jess Buchan

The small island of Providencia, Colombia, along the Caribbean coast, near by the borders of Nicaragua is is the definition of untouched paradise.

Lisa Owen

One thing is for sure in Costa Rica, you’re guaranteed to get an adrenaline kick in this beautiful Central American country. Follow Lisa on her adventure journey in Costa Rica. 

Mike Campbell

Sometimes where we travel and the cities we visit choose us. Minneapolis, Minnesota, was one of those cities for me.

Sally Watson

If you are planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, you might also want to include the seaside village of Paraty on your Brazilian itinerary.