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10 Words to Know in Sri Lanka
Friday,August 18,2023

It may come in handy to learn a few local phrases or words when travelling to a new destination, and these will help when headed off to Sri Lanka.

Explore the Best of Hanoi on a Budget
Written by Lisa Owens in 2019
Thursday,June 1,2023

Vietnam’s capital is sure to take you on a sensory journey filled with tasty pho, creamy egg coffee, bright pagodas, and bustling street life - on a shoestring. 

Budget Travel Guide for the Maldives
Stace Kerr
Thursday,March 5,2020

Known for its crystal-clear water and palm-fringed beaches, the Maldives is on everyone's dream destination list! Did you know you can travel there on a budget? Discover how...

Best Experiences to Have in Tokyo
Tuesday,February 11,2020

Whether you choose a more traditional Tokyo or relish in the neon-lights and karaoke bars, you’ll leave with the knowledge there is nowhere else like it. Here are our top experiences to have in the city.

Know Before You Go: Trekking in Nepal
Lisa Owen
Thursday,November 21,2019

Whether you’re trekking near Pokhara, journeying up to Everest Base Camp, or heading out on the Annapurna Circuit, here’s what you need to know before you hit the trails in Nepal.

Ultimate Travel Guide to Diwali Festival
Tuesday,October 15,2019

Want to learn more about the Diwali Festival? Check out our ultimate travel guide to Diwali in India.

What are the Top Scams in Japan?
Friday,September 6,2019

Japan is an incredibly safe country in which to travel—theft levels are low and crime is rare. But, that doesn't mean you won't fall victim to a tourist scam in Japan. Become familiar with the most common scams to avoid here.

12 Day Itinerary for Japan
Lisa Owen
Wednesday,August 7,2019

Is Japan on your bucket list? Famous for Mt Fuji, springtime cherry blossoms, sprawling cities that never sleep, and mouth-watering sushi – Japan is sure to be high on every Aussie's to do list.

Rescue from Mt Everest in Nepal
Linda McMullen, Flight Centre Travel Agent
Tuesday,December 4,2018

Linda was fulfilling a long-held dream of trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal. This is her story about how she suffered severe altitude sickness and required a medevac in an air ambulance to a hospital in Kathmandu.

Find out what you can do in Tokyo
Daniel James
Monday,December 18,2017

'Dan Flying Solo' shows us the spots you can't miss when visiting Tokyo in Japan!

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