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The continent home to the majority of the human population, Asia is the earth’s largest continent with a wide range of languages and religions. From 1 to 1800 A.D. China and India were considered the largest economies in the world and attracted many to the east. Asia consists of 48 UN member countries and 6 other states.

Stephen Parry & Jess Valentine

Stephen and Jess from 'Flying The Nest' take us on their volunteer journey through Vietnam. They visit an orphanage, and help out with food preparation for Vietnam’s homeless.

Stephen Parry & Jess Valentine

Stephen and Jess from 'Flying The Nest' take us on their food journey through Saigon, Vietnam. Stephen cooks up some delicious Vietnamese street food.

Stephen Parry & Jess Valentine

Stephen and Jess from 'Flying The Nest' take us on their food journey through Cambodia. Who would have thought you could eat Tarantula?!

Casey Hawkins

If you’ve ever wondered where the zealous bunch of ski toting travellers are headed at the airport, one sound bet is Hakuba Village in Japan’s northern alps.

Emma Chow

Instagram - the new way to capture memories. Emma shows us four locations in Vietnam that will add instant colour, fun and culture to your feed.

Emma Chow

Packing for a trip to a humid climate like Vietnam? Cover-More travel blogger Emma Chow gives us the Girl's Guide to Packing. Read more.


Follow the first-hand experiences of three Australian travellers who were trekking near Everest Base Camp when a massive earthquake struck Nepal in April 2015. In one of the proudest moments in our 30 year history, Cover-More was the only travel insurance company in the world to send an assistance team and an aircraft into Kathmandu to bring travellers home. This is a story of adventure, rescue and the kindness of strangers.

Scott Bidmead

After a few days of Bali’s famously crowded markets and one blurry night at the Sky Garden, I was ready to leave behind our epic villa and party vibe of Kuta and immerse myself in the mountain tranquillity of Ubud. A charming place with the perfect amount of enticing restaurants, quiet retreats and hippy hangouts. Ubud is everything you have heard about and more. And of course, a great place to get a massage or partake in a yoga class.

Dan Moore has just returned from the Philippines where he was shooting some video and taking some pics for Cover-More... Here's just some of his amazing photos of this beautiful country. Simply stunning!

Samuel Turner

I’m lying in a hammock suspended between two trees, with a mosquito net above me to keep myself being consumed by insects. My entire lower body aches from climbing, hiking and, admittedly, falling through ten kilometres of dense jungle and caves throughout the day. The soft, sombre sound of rain pattering over my head melodically blends with the crashing sound of the waterfall right next to our camp.