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What do I do if I need to go to the doctor overseas?

From ear infections to colds, unexpected illnesses can come up at any time – including while you’re travelling. If you’re a Cover-More policyholder, these are the steps you can take if you need to go to the doctor overseas. 

How To Overcome Travel Anxiety

Do you suffer from travel anxiety or feel anxious before a holiday? Discover our expert advice on how to reduce your anxiety before, during, and after a trip.

COVID-19: What You Need to Know About Coronavirus

Confused by coronavirus? We exactly what you need to know including how to avoid respiratory infections like coronavirus or COVID-19 while travelling...

How to Travel with a Peanut Allergy

Living with a life-threatening allergy can turn holiday planning into a daunting task. Check out our essential tips for travelling with an allergy so you can make the most of your trip! 

Rabies: The Symptoms, Treatment, Causes, & Prevention

Here's what you need to know about prevention, causes, symptoms and treatment for Rabies so it doesn't ruin your trip.

Malaria - What is it and how to avoid it

If you’re travelling to a country with malaria, it’s a threat you should take seriously. Find out more about what it is and how to reduce your risk of exposure. 

What You Need to Know About Methanol Poisoning

Here’s what you need to know about avoiding methanol poisoning and understanding what it is when travelling.

How To Avoid Measles When Travelling

Because of recent global outbreaks, it’s become more imperative to vaccinate yourself against measles if you’re travelling to affected areas. Here's what you need to know about how to avoid measles while travelling.

Health Tips when Travelling in Asia
Dr Jane Read

Asia is a cultural destination loved for culinary delights, but some travellers leave with bad memories caused by the dreaded gastro bug - aka Bali belly.

Can I drink the water in...?

Heading overseas and not sure whether you can drink the water or not? We have put together an article which details the water quality in a number of popular holiday destinations.