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From ear infections to colds, unexpected illnesses can come up at any time – including while you’re travelling. If you’re a Cover-More policyholder, these are the steps you can take if you need to go to the doctor overseas. 

 Traveller calling Cover-More's emergency assistance team because he needs to see a doctor while overseas

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When planning a trip – whether it’s a wonderous cruise through the Pacific Islands or a getaway to see cherry blossoms in Japan – we don’t often think about what we’d do if we get sick while travelling. But illnesses can and do happen even while we’re travelling – and sometimes we can’t wait until we get home to go to the doctor.

Here’s the good news: if you’re travelling with a Cover-More policy and need access to health care overseas, we’re here for you 24/7.  

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of seeing a doctor overseas while you’re on holiday – from speaking with us to filing a claim – so you can feel more confident about getting medical care overseas should you need it.

“Navigating health care while overseas can be daunting, especially when you're already feeling under the weather and in a location with a foreign language. This is where our expertise shines – our caring team of specialists is available 24/7 to help you get the medical care you need. Plus, you can reach our emergency assistance team easily with the tap of a button in our Cover-More App. Having our award-winning customer service and technology on hand means you always have us by your side, so you can focus on what truly matters – your health and enjoying your travels.”

Neil Slabbert, Cover-More’s Regional Chief Medical Officer for APAC.

So, let’s walk you through some useful information to help you navigate the process of getting medical care while overseas. This way, we can help you get well sooner, and you can get back to enjoying your trip. 

Do you need travel assistance right now?

Our 24/7 emergency assistance team is here to help. Here are two ways you can reach us: 

Tap the assistance button in our Cover-More App

Call +61 2 8907 5619 from anywhere in the world.  


5 steps to take if you need to go to the doctor overseas:

  1. Contact our 24/7 emergency assistance team.
  2. Use our telehealth network to get access to health care overseas.
  3. Schedule your medical appointment.
  4. Keep all medical records, reports, and receipts.
  5. Submit a travel insurance claim for the health care you received overseas.


Here’s what to do if you need unexpected health care while overseas

Step 1: Contact our 24/7 emergency assistance team.

Feeling under the weather while on your trip and need treatment right away? The first thing to do is call our Cover-More 24/7 assistance team – even if it’s not an emergency. This way, you can discuss your symptoms with trained nurses and paramedics to ensure you get the right health care overseas, based on how you’re feeling. 


Step 2: Use our telehealth network to get access to health care overseas.

When you call our 24/7 emergency assistance team, we can provide you with access to telehealth care or help you find the closest doctor who can see you in person.  

At Cover-More, we have our own up-to-date network of go-to care facilities around the world. This means no matter where you are in the world, our emergency assistance team can help you find reliable nearby medical facilities that are equipped to provide you with the medical care you need when you need it.


Step 3: Schedule your medical appointment.

It’s always best to make an appointment when you need to go to the doctor at home, and the medical facility we find for you may require this too, whether it’s a video appointment or an in-person one.

Not sure how to make an appointment? Worried you don’t speak the native language in your destination and want a doctor who speaks your language? Don’t stress – our emergency assistance team can help schedule your appointment with a doctor who speaks your chosen language so you can get access to health care overseas easier and faster. 

Did you know?  

We can also help while you’re getting medical care while overseas. Our emergency assistance team can arrange hospital transfers, prescription assistance, transfer of medical records, and more. 

Step 4: Keep all medical records, reports, and receipts.

One of our most important tips for if you’re sick while travelling is to save all the documents you receive from the doctor overseas.

Why? If you file a claim, you’ll need to submit as much documentation as you can to support your claim. We’ll need evidence of your medical treatment, its cost, and more.

If you have questions about this, you can ask our friendly emergency assistance team when booking the doctor’s appointment. If our emergency assistance team arranges a telehealth appointment for you, you should receive your booking confirmation and any receipts via your chosen email.


Step 5: Submit a travel insurance claim for your health care overseas.

If you need to – and whenever you’re feeling better – you can submit a Cover-More insurance claim for your doctor’s visit. Just don’t forget to submit it within 60 days of arriving home!

As a Cover-More customer, you’ll usually be eligible for cover for the cost of your doctor’s visit, if it is medically necessary. If the doctor writes you a prescription or says you must purchase medication to treat your unforeseen illness, it would be beneficial for you to submit a claim – so we can potentially cover your expenses.

When you have all your documentation together, you can file a claim online or by mail.

Important: Medicare and your Australian health insurance likely won’t cover you for costs you incur in another country (unless the country has a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia). This means our travel insurance plans, which all include overseas medical and emergency dental cover, can help you worry less about unforeseen expenses. Yes, at Cover-More, our claims team can reimburse you for unexpected doctor and hospital visits, x-rays, and more. 

Traveller who needs to go to the doctor overseas

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