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With its vast natural beauty, rich history and tradition Africa will amaze and inspire you. Consisting of 54 countries, Africa is a diverse mix of cultures where ancient customs meet contemporary life. From the tropical rainforests in Central Africa and the majestic Table Mountain, to the wonder of the Sahara Desert, beautiful beaches and of course, the stunning wildlife, Africa is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes and unique cultures in the world.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Diana Robinson.

By Pia Marsh

Discover the magic of Morocco's cities, surf and desert.

I've recently returned from Debre Birhan, Ethiopia – a small town about three hours outside of Addis Ababa – where I was leading a team of 12 volunteers as we built houses with the local community. It was my second trip to Ethiopia and my fifth trip as a volunteer to Africa with Habitat for Humanity.

Along the beautiful Indian Ocean in Eastern Africa, lies Tanzania. With some of the most incredible beaches in the world, a wealth of natural wonders and a diverse array of wildlife, many flock to holiday here year-round.

It was a few years ago when my travelling companion, Trevor, and I went to Africa. We wanted to experience it all over there - the people, Victoria Falls, the food, but most of all, we wanted to do a genuine African animal safari!

In Moroccan whiskey - part 1 and Moroccan whiskey - part 2, Ryan found himself stranded with no money, no friends, no passport and along way from the bus that departed with his luggage. Ryan had hoped a game of pool would win him a taxi ride. He lost.

In Moroccan whiskey - part 1 Ryan's bus had taken off with his luggage. He had no wallet, no money, no passport and no friends. Part 2 of Ryan's Moroccan adventure sees Ryan get himself deeper and deeper into trouble..

Ryan went to Morocco for an adventure. Well, he found one. It wasn't too far into his trip when he ran into a spot of bother. How about we let Ryan, one of our employee's and one of our most popular travel bloggers, tell the story

If you are looking for a bit of adventure on your next getaway, consider a safari holiday in Africa. These aren't just for holidaying Hollywood elite any more. Safaris are now accessible than ever, and some are relatively cheap. Here are the best locations to consider for your next safari holiday