Welcome to Europe

Europe is home to a range of different people, landscapes, and weather. From the sunny beaches of Barcelona, to the snow-capped mountains of the Swiss Alps – there’s something for everyone in Europe. The majority of the 50 countries use the Euro and are part of the European Union.

Jessica Ward

Europe is a large continent made up of 50 countries from east to the west. Across this span country culture and their attractions can change drastically. Find out which part of Europe sounds like your cup of tea.

Daniel James

From grand castles to lush scenery, there are so many highlights not to be missed during a trip through Scotland.

Daniel James

Portugal is the destination to head to if you're after stunning beaches, glorious coastlines and incredible culture. Adventurer Daniel James shows us the beauty there from Algarve to Lisbon!


With landscapes like something from a movie, a holiday to Iceland will be one of your most memorable yet. The incredible landscapes draw increasing numbers of visitors each year and are sites that must be seen.

Daniel James

The Jurassic Coast in the United Kingdom offers incredible views and plenty of places to explore. Daniel James from 'Dan Flying Solo' takes us around and shows us some of the best spots to check out! You'll be adding the Jurassic Coast to your bucket list after seeing this. 


Italy is a great place to visit for any wine lover so we’ve put together a bucket-list for wine connoisseurs looking to get every last drop out of their experience.

Lisa Owen

European summer days are best filled with gelato, beach swims, road trips, promenade walks, cobblestoned streets, and island sailing. Here’s 10 of the best destinations to spend a few days or a week soaking up the long summer days.

Amanda Earl

Take a trip north of Paris to explore Normandy and its surrounding areas. This beautiful French region has a lot to offer visitors and appeals to those wanting a holiday with historical significance and breathtaking views.


The Cliffs of Moher are one of Ireland’s most spectacular sights and renowned for their natural beauty.

Pia Marsh

Hitchhiking in Iceland has its perks. There is about a 50% chance you’ll be picked up by locals, in which case you’ll learn a lot about the land and perhaps even get some insider tips on where to travel.