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Dr Jane Read

For those who are considering walking ‘the trail’, using a reputable tour operator will give you the benefit of accessing guides with valuable experience, as well as knowledge of the historical and local village contexts.

The Kokoda trail is 96km in length and usually takes between 9 – 10 days to walk (averaging 4 -7 hours per day). The recommended time to do the trek is between April and November, avoiding the very hot wet season over summer.

It is vital to prepare nutritionally, particularly given the demands on your body, the remoteness of the location and the high degree of team work required to complete the trek. While you are training for the trek, try to improve your diet and become familiar with these dietary strategies. 

Emma Chow

On my first trip overseas I quickly realised that the comfort of home was a privilege, and not something that all are afforded. All of a sudden everything was put into perspective - the things that I thought were important were not, and the ‘problems’ I had were quite literally First World Problems.

The Snow Chasers

So, you’re planning a holiday to a snowy destination. If it’s your first time seeing snow then you’re in for a treat. There is something so pure and magical about snow. It has the ability to make anything look beautiful. It transforms landscapes from nice to stunning. 

Dr Jane Read

Travelling with conditions such as coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity should not stop you from seeing the world and experiencing the fun that comes with travel. Organisation and planning is the key to a successful ‘gluten-free’ trip.

Samuel Turner

You’ve taken the plunge. You’ve saved your money, booked your tickets, organised your travels... and somewhat packed your bags. This is your first time backpacking and you’re not quite sure what you’re going to need. 

Samuel Turner

There’s no way around it, it is not cheap to travel. Flights, accommodation and insurance - before you even set foot on foreign soil! And then once you arrive you have to pay for tours, more travel expenses and souvenirs. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My personal favourite expense – food.


The best ways to avoid Bali Belly. Cover-More Travel Insurance provides tips to staying healthy on your holiday.


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It’s always recommended that you exercise a certain degree of caution when travelling to a new country for the first time. But then there are some laws that you’re probably not going to be prepared for at all! We’ve compiled just 10 of those laws and bans from across the world.

Lovers of travel are forever looking for a new excuse to pack their bags and head off to a new destination. Now travellers can pack their bags in search of exotic or rare Pokemon across the globe with Pokemon Go – the new augmented reality gaming app where you can catch Pokemon. Here are some of the great finds so far: