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Travelling soon? Cover-More provides you with the best Travel Tips and Advice for when you head overseas. Our number one travel tip? Make sure you have travel insurance! Find out more.


April 20 is a day dedicated to getting high and not just on life. Every year, marijuana advocates and fans of cannabis gather to celebrate. From Amsterdam to Colorado, the day signifies more than just ‘getting high’ as people use April 20 to push for more governments to legalise the drug.

Jo Fraser

As a travel blogger and digital nomad, I’ve learnt a thing or two about packing a cabin bag for a long-haul flight, and I do harbour a deep appreciation of a well-packed bag. Here are my must-haves for my cabin bag. 


More and more Australians are heading to exotic places overseas when it comes to tying the knot. It’s the cool thing to do with your wedding and honeymoon wrapped into one.


Here are a few fun facts before you devour your next hot cross bun this Easter. If you’ve already hit up your local supermarket, all this talk about hot cross buns will leave you wanting more.


St Patrick’s Day is cheeky leprechauns, rowdy pub sing-a-longs and foamy pints of Guinness.


Planning an international trip, or even a domestic one, can often be time consuming and stressful when having to plan all the details from accommodation and tours to jam-packed itineraries.


Whether it’s a traditional ‘gap year’ after school or a career break to see the world, there’s lots of ways to spend your year abroad and make the most of your time overseas. Here are just five.

Dr Jane Read

For those who are considering walking ‘the trail’, using a reputable tour operator will give you the benefit of accessing guides with valuable experience, as well as knowledge of the historical and local village contexts. 

Emma Chow

On my first trip overseas I quickly realised that the comfort of home was a privilege, and not something that all are afforded. All of a sudden everything was put into perspective.

The Snow Chasers

So, you’re planning a holiday to a snowy destination. If it’s your first time seeing snow then you’re in for a treat. There is something so pure and magical about snow.