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12 Factors That Can Impact How Much Travel Insurance Costs in Australia
Tuesday,August 8,2023

Wondering about the cost of travel insurance? Here’s a breakdown of what affects how much you might pay to protect your travels and why. 

How To Save For a Holiday and Manage Your Travel Costs
Thursday,June 8,2023

Discover our travel community’s best 20 tips on saving for a holiday and how to spend wisely on your next travel adventure. 

What To Do if Your Bank Cards Get Skimmed
Tuesday,April 11,2023

Want to protect yourself from card skimming scams? Discover our expert tips on how to avoid credit card skimming, plus what to do if it happens to you.  

20 Top Holiday Planning Tips from Australian Travellers
Wednesday,April 5,2023

If you’re thinking about booking a trip soon – or wondering how to start planning a holiday – give yourself the best chance of a less stressful trip by following our community of well-travelled Aussies’ holiday planning advice.

16 Common Travel Scams – and Tips on How To Avoid Them
Monday,March 27,2023

Think tourist scams are a myth? Sadly, scammers targeting travellers is more common than you may realise. To help you travel smarter – and safer – here are our helpful tips on how to avoid travel scams on your next holiday. 

10 Common Travel Insurance Claim Submission Mistakes
Friday,February 10,2023

Need to submit a Cover-More travel insurance claim? Avoid these 10 mistakes travellers frequently make to help ensure your claim is assessed and resolved faster.

7 Ways COVID-19 has Changed the Way We Travel
Thursday,August 19,2021

Worried about travel restrictions or travel risks during COVID-19? Discover 7 ways COVID has changed travel, plus how to help ensure you have a safe trip.

Is this the COVID-safe Way to Travel Between Australia and New Zealand?
Monday,June 22,2020

Want to know more about the Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble?

Here’s everything you need to know about travelling safely between Australia and New Zealand…

Top 5 Apps for Planning and Recording Your Trip
Tuesday,February 18,2020

Here is our list of the best travel apps for planning and recording your trip. Travel smarter, not harder.

10 Apps for Travelling Safely
Tuesday,January 28,2020

Some apps can make travelling easier; others can literally save your life. See our list of must-have travel apps for both iOS and Android.

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