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There’s no way around it, it is not cheap to travel. Flights, accommodation and insurance - before you even set foot on foreign soil! My personal favourite expense – food.


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It’s always recommended that you exercise a certain degree of caution when travelling to a new country for the first time. But then there are some laws that you’re probably not going to be prepared for at all! We’ve compiled just 10 of those laws and bans from across the world.

Lovers of travel are forever looking for a new excuse to pack their bags and head off to a new destination. Now travellers can pack their bags in search of exotic or rare Pokemon across the globe with Pokemon Go – the new augmented reality gaming app where you can catch Pokemon. Here are some of the great finds so far:

Michael Simms, Registered Nurse

Like the feel of the wind at your back? Or looking for a cheap and easy way to get around? Renting a moped, scooter or motorbike to take in the sights of overseas countries sounds like a lot of fun and for many travellers it is. But for some this is where their holiday can become a nightmare.

Decide when it is the right time to leave and how to do it in professional manner – Last thing you want to do is leave abruptly and burn your bridges. Decide what your budget is and your must-do's – Research and prioritise where you want to go and how much it will all cost.

Heading overseas and after information on internet connections, visas and other security info. Check out our article here.


Heading overseas and not sure why power plug you need? Cover-More has put together a list of popular country destinations and details on internet connections, power plugs and more.

Last week we looked at some awesome lenses and accessories for travel and smartphone photography. In the third blog of this four-part series, Andrew looks into some of the coolest mobile apps around.

Last week we looked at some awesome accessories for travel vlogging. In the second blog of a four-part series, Andrew looks into some of the coolest smartphone lenses out there to improve smartphone photography.