From being face-to-face with a great white shark, trekking up an active volcano, or making the perfect swan-dive off a bungee platform, one thing is for certain - getting your adrenaline pumping makes for unforgettable experiences! Nothing beats the feeling of facing your fears and coming out the other end with a smile. Regardless of whether you’re a bit of a scaredy-cat or a hardcore adrenaline junkie – there is an adventure out there for everybody. Here are some of our favourites!  

Dive with the Great Whites in South Africa

Getting up close and personal with the ocean’s apex predator occupies the top spot on many people’s bucket list. There is no feeling quite like seeing one of these beautiful creatures for the first time - and getting close enough to count the rows of teeth. Cape Town in South Africa has long been the place to do it. While there are a lot of different operators to choose from, it’s worth shopping around for an operation that carries out the activity in an ethical and responsible way. After all, the great white shark is a vulnerable species. For those who aren’t keen on getting in the water, there are also operators who specialise in shark watching. Seeing them during feeding time when the sharks breach the surface of the water is a spectacular sight.

cape town

Explore South Africa's unspoiled, exotic beaches.

Bungee jump in New Zealand

If you’re going to dive headfirst off a platform with just a length of rope around your body, you may as well do it at the place that invented it. The first ever bungee was at Kawarau Bridge just outside of Queenstown and the bungee still runs today. With thousands of successful jumps, you’ll join a long list of people that have safely dipped their heads in the icy cold of the Kawarau river. If you’re looking for something a little more extreme, New Zealand is also home to one of the world’s highest bungee jumps: the Nevis Bungee. At 134m, the bungee is so tall that you freefall for around eight seconds; If that doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, we don’t know what will! Check out more information here for thrilling adrenaline activities and our blog for tips for first timers to New Zealand. 

bungee jumping in new zealand

Get your adrenaline pumping in New Zealand.

Trek up an active volcano in Indonesia

Trekking doesn’t always get your adrenaline pumping, though it sure gets your heart rate up. But when you throw in an active volcano and a chance to see erupting lava, the whole thing gets a lot more exciting. In fact, you can have your pick of volcanoes to climb. Choose from the steaming sulphur lake of Ijen crater, Mount Kerinci the tallest volcano in Indonesia (and a three-day trek!), or the infamous Mount Krakatoa. If you’re a real volcano aficionado, why not choose a few to climb for a real fiery adventure. Whatever trek you pick, there is no feeling quite like seeing the mighty power of an active volcano. You might leave with a completely new appreciation for the world and what lies beneath.


Visit the world's most thrilling volcano treks.

Dive the Cenotes in Mexico

One of the most thrilling activities in the Yucatan Peninsula is diving down into the clear water of the cenotes. An underground labyrinth of ancient sinkholes, there is estimated to be around 6000 cenotes in Mexico. Many of them are frequented by local dive operations. The combination of being underground, the fresh water, and the limestone walls, makes the Cenotes a spectacular turquoise blue. If you’re not keen to scuba dive or are without an Open Water Licence, there are plenty of cenotes open for swimming. Although as the water rarely sees much sunlight, it can be extremely cold so a wetsuit comes in handy.

diving into water

Go on a breathtaking dive in Mexico.

Glacier hiking in Iceland

If you’ve found yourself in the land of ice and fire, there’s a good chance you’re looking for epic adventure. One such activity is hiking a glacier. There are a couple of places across the country where you can do it as well. One of the most iconic glaciers is Snæfellsjökull, situated just outside of Reykjavik making it a very doable day trip from the city. A tour will have you adventuring blue ice, staring down the deep blue of a crevasse and possibly some slipping and sliding on the surface too. If you play your cards right, you can end the day defrosting in a hot spring to get some life back into your hands and feet again.

glaciers in iceland

Feel the chill of ice whilst glacier hiking.

Whatever your adventure, it is a great idea to check with your insurance provider to see if the activity is included. 

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