Whether it’s a traditional ‘gap year’ after school or a career break to see the world, there’s lots of ways to spend your year abroad and make the most of your time overseas. Here are just five.


See the world on a budget without a strict schedule or responsibilities. Backpacking is a great way to experience different cultures in a more immersive way. All you have to worry about is where you want to explore next.

Pro tip: Even though backpacking requires little luggage, it is still important to be insured for loss or damages to your personal belongings. That way you can rest assured that you are protected against anything that goes astray.

Au Pair

Working as a nanny overseas can be both an opportunity to see other parts of the world and have a meaningful cultural experience. You will get the chance to live with locals and make an impact on the family you work for all the while gaining a unique perspective on the country.

Pro tip: No matter how tempting you find the prospect of being an international nanny, the situation best suits a flexible and independent person who has some childcare experience (or at least likes kids!).

Working Holiday

What better way to travel abroad then the working holiday? Fund your travels, befriend the locals and gain an insider’s view on what it's like to live in a country. The reason the working holiday is a great gap year option is because it allows people to take a much needed break before entering university or the workforce.

Pro tip: Before you start handing out resumes, it’s important to check whether your Visa restricts your ability to work while on holiday. Laws differ from country to country and must be strictly adhered to before commencing employment.


Do something rewarding while aboard by volunteering in a developing country. Volunteering is a great way to make a valuable contribution to a local community and the good of society. There are a variety of reputable organisations that are searching for volunteers throughout the year in a multitude of locations.

Pro tip: Plan the logistics ahead of time and make sure you do your homework before committing to anything. Consider costs, food, safety, accommodation and volunteering organisations.


With nearly one billion people enrolling in English classes worldwide each year, the demand for English teachers across the globe is so large that virtually any recent university graduate, and even those without a degree, can get hired to teach overseas. Unlike studying abroad for a semester, which will probably cost you a good deal of money, when you teach English abroad you actually get paid to live in a foreign country.

Pro tip: Make sure you choose to teach in a country that you actually want to travel too as you will be working and living there for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your gap year, make the most of it and remember to get cover before you board the plane.


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