With cosmetic surgery becoming safer and more affordable, more people are choosing to have a little work done. Maybe you’ve never been happy with your nose, or after a couple of babies your stomach isn’t what it used to be. Whatever your reason, it is becoming increasingly popular to head overseas to go under the knife. Thailand, Malaysia, and Eastern Europe are all becoming popular destinations for cosmetic surgery and for good reasons. They’re often cheaper and offer a great level of care comparable to home. Just remember that your travel insurance will not cover cosmetic surgery or claims arising from it. But here are why more and more Australians are heading overseas for their cosmetic procedures.


The price

It’s no secret that heading overseas can save thousands of dollars off a cosmetic surgery bill. Some procedures can be up to half the price of what you would pay in Australia. That said, you need to be very careful in selecting where to get the work done. Read reviews, do your research and consult your GP. Putting your health and wellbeing at risk is not worth saving some money.

No waiting list

Australia can have some pretty long wait times for elective cosmetic procedures. Overseas destinations, especially Thailand, can offer a quick in and out alternative. No wait times mean you can get back on your feet, and on with your life, in no time at all.


A holiday-like experience

When you’re going through a painful surgery or cosmetic procedure, the last thing you want is to be rushed out into the world before you can heal. With competition being tight in overseas destinations, private hospitals and companies offering surgery packages are having to up their game. This means giving you longer recovery times, more personalised service and even luxurious extras like private recovery villas, massages and tailored post-surgery diets. At the very least, popular packages will organise transfers, a private hospital room and 24-hour post-op care.

Time just for you

As much as being surrounded by friends and family in painful times can be a good thing, sometimes it’s nice to have a chance to work on yourself away from prying eyes and home-related stress. By heading overseas, you can give yourself a real break to rest and recover.

If you decide that heading to Thailand, Malaysia or anywhere else for your medical procedure is the right fit for you, make sure you choose a safe and skilled surgeon. Medical standards can be significantly less than those in Australia, and complications can unfortunately arise. That said, by being extremely selective, doing your research and being smart about the decision, heading overseas for your cosmetic surgery can be a positive decision you'll be happy to have made.