Jess Buchan

As it turns out, Mt Everest is one sneaky mountain to find and she likes you to work hard in order to see her. 

Jess Buchan

Life in North Thailand is relaxed, the people are more welcoming and the food is undeniably better!

Lachlan Nicolson

It’s the world’s most secretive state, powered by a totalitarian regime and shrouded in mystery to most - welcome to North Korea. Against all recommendations, I travelled there with my best friend Mitchell in 2015.


From flowers to fish, cheap knock-offs to luxury goods; Hong Kong is the place to arrive with an empty bag and a full wallet. With shopping as one of the favourite national pastimes, it’s no wonder incoming flights are full of shoppers wanting to find the city’s bargains - and maybe see some cultural sites along the way.

Casey Hawkins

Naked bathing in Japan is like vegemite on toast in Australia - you’re taught to love it from birth no matter how weird it really is.

Lisa Owen

The train ride to Ella is described as one of prettiest train journeys around the world and with good reason.

Casey Hawkins

Despite its rural locality, Asaka Village attracts hordes of natives during the warmer months due to its great historical significance.

Casey Hawkins

Tenkawa Village is hidden in the crevasses of mountainous terrain, densely covered in forest and teaming with glorious plants and animals. Japanese tourists have kept tight-lipped about this popular holiday destination for decades.

Casey Hawkins

Shinjuku Gyoen is the most exquisitely pretty park in the Tokyo region - and it happens to be situated right next to Shinjuku.

Stephen Parry & Jess Valentine

Stephen and Jess from 'Flying The Nest' take us on their volunteer journey through Vietnam. They visit an orphanage, and help out with food preparation for Vietnam’s homeless.