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Whenever I book a trip overseas, I immediately start packing in my head - I’ll need this cute co-ord set, those swimmers, that pair of sandals - because let’s be real, my Instagram feed needs to look #onpoint.

Boat Vietnam


I recently returned from an awesome two-week trip to Vietnam, but I packed all wrong. Vietnam in July is hot, can be wet, and is very humid. I have never perspired so much in my entire life - I’m talking S.U.L.A (Sweaty Upper Lip Alert) 24/7!

Here’s what to pack (and what to leave behind) to be comfy and cute in super sweaty but endlessly charming Vietnam.


Do pack:

  • Loose playsuits/dresses. With humidity close to 100% on some days, you need something that will breathe.
  • Bralettes. Conventional bras are really uncomfortable in the heat. Better still, aim to pack clothes that don’t require a bra at all!
  • Two outfits per day. It sounds excessive, but you will sweat through every single outfit you wear, day or night. It’s worth investing in a few cheap items you’re willing to part with.
  • Raincoat. The wet season downpours are relentless, and the $1 ponchos sold on the street just don’t cut it.
  • A small handbag. It only has to fit the essentials for dinner, drinks and dancing. Then you can squish it in your backpack during the day.


Don’t pack:

  • Nice shoes. Sandals are a good idea in theory but roaming busy city streets and dancing in dive bars will ruin them. Thongs or Birkenstocks are your best options.
  • Makeup. If you want to add a bit of glam, keep it simple - tinted moisturiser, blush and highlighter. Everything else will melt off your face.
  • Anything white. The mixture of sweat and sunscreen is the perfect recipe for irreversible yellow stains.
  • Tight Shorts. Once you sweat through them, you have to peel them off, which is at least a 5-minute ordeal every time you head to the bathroom.
  • Hairdryers, straighteners or curling tongs. Any hairstyle you try will drop and frizz. Embrace your natural beauty - towel dry, spray some sea salt in your hair, and off you go!

Emma Chow in Vietnam

Emma Chow is the co-host of the Mike E & Emma breakfast show on The Edge 96.ONE. She loves sharing her latest food, travel and fitness finds with anyone who will listen. Instagram: @emmaechow Twitter: @emmaechow

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