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Boo! Halloween in the United States is a once in a (after) lifetime experience.

A plethora of events are planned for October 31, so make sure to get your share of scare this year by visiting these spooky hot spots.

See which city is the #1 place to celebrate Halloween below - you're bound to have a frighteningly good time!


If you're headed to Hollywood for Halloween, make sure you stop by Santa Barbara along the way! Laura shares what you can get up to there.

#5. Hollywood, California 

Did you know theme parks have a dark side? A very, very dark side that is on full display for Halloween!

Universal Studios in Hollywood turns into a creepy wonderland that horror-movie fans will relish. Find yourself among interactive mazes, rides, shows, and "scare zones" that will leave you screaming in fear.

If the idea of a theme park doesn't take your fancy, head to one of the biggest Halloween parties in the world in West Hollywood. More than 500,000 people pack the streets of Santa Monica Boulevard to enjoy live entertainment, food vendors, bars, patio parties and more!

Best of all, the Halloween Carnaval in West Hollywood is FREE, so it won't frighten your wallet. 

#4. Salem, Massachusetts

Those with a thirst for the supernatural will enjoy the Halloween celebrations in Salem. Home to the notorious witch trials, 26 people were put to death for witchcraft in this town - but Halloween is the time when Salem comes to life with its dark history.

As a visitor, you can go on guided tours of haunted spots, view trial and hanging re-enactments, as well as enjoy the parades, fireworks and a witch’s circle that all happen in the month of October.

Make sure you go to the Witch House Museum, once home to infamous trial judge, Jonathan Corwin.

If you happen to find yourself in Salem on the night of Halloween, you'll be able to experience magic shows, witches balls, séances and more! Don't worry about where to stay though, as accommodation options are plenty and there won't be a shortage of things to do in Salem.

#3. New York City, New York

Celebrating Halloween in the city that never sleeps is bound to keep you up at night.

New York City is overflowing with activities including the infamous NYC Village Halloween Parade, which shuts down lower Manhattan. Make sure you have a costume if you wanted to participate, though!

You'll get wrapped up in the parade that features giant mile-long puppets, dancers and costume-clad spectators. If you'd rather just watch the parade, be sure to grab a spot early along 6th avenue.

For a more haunting experience, head to an after-dark Crypt Crawl or ghost walk under the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. You never know who you will encounter - the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe is known to hang around the village!

If you happen to find yourself in New York City for Halloween, the place is bursting with haunted hotels and bars, while the museums and zoos go all out for Halloween, too.

Top 5 Places to Celebrate Halloween in the USA

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#2. Long Beach, California

For a unique Halloween experience, look no further than the Queen Mary cruise-liner in Long Beach. It's known as one of the most haunted places on earth!

The Dark Harbor attraction begins on October 1st every year and is a month-long event, spooking everyone who dares to visit. 

If you have the guts to celebrate the scary-season along with more than 200 ghosts (many of which are inspired by the real spirits who haunt the vessel!), you can partake in haunted mazes, rides, immersive attractions and live entertainment.

Dark Harbor celebrates both the horror and theatrical side to Halloween and is great for adults wanting a frightening night out. Be warned: this experience is NOT suitable for young children and no costumes are permitted unless on 31 October (Halloween).

#1. New Orleans, Louisiana

Dubbed as the most haunted city in the United States, New Orleans has a reputation for throwing hair-raising Halloween festivities.

Trumped only by Mardi Gras, Halloween is the time when New Orleans erupts into party-mode to hold the second most celebrated event in the city.

With the city’s reputation for voodoo and some of the best haunted and paranormal tours in the world, you'll have yourself the ultimate scare fest in the Big Easy.

While in New Orleans, visit the annual Voodoofest in the French Quarter and head to Frenchmen Street for the biggest street party. Take a tour through one of the famous cemeteries for a spine-chilling experience, and get a glimpse of the annual Halloween parade.

If you want to see it all and do it all, New Orleans has got you covered for the ultimate Halloween celebration in the USA.

Happy Halloween! 


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