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If you want to make your family and friends jealous, then you need to book a trip to the Bahamas – one of the most luxurious places on earth. Think endless white sandy beaches, five-star service and beautiful people. Made up of 700 islands – some busy and bustling, and some isolated with nothing but seagulls and sand crabs, the Bahamas offer an alluring mix of restaurants, accommodation options and land and sea activities.



We recommend eating like a local to get the full Bahamian experience. On weekdays, food trucks will park in beach lots or near souvenir shops to provide lunch for locals and savvy tourists.  The vans are jam-packed with local dishes including curry chicken, oxtails and pork chops with sides like rice and peas, potato salad, coleslaw, and the island’s very own mac-and-cheese for an extra few dollars.  Be sure to hit up the bakeries while you’re there too. You’ll find a variety of savoury and sweet items including Jamaican-style patties, dense Johnny cakes (a cross between dense bread and a sweet cake), quiches, and custard tarts – among the many other Bohemian sweets. Make sure you pick up a traditional guava duff for dessert too – it’s basically a cake-like dessert made from guava fruit with sauce poured over it. If you’re on the road, you might like to pull into a local roadside shack for lunch or dinner. You’ll pick up a tasty meal for around $10 like steamed ribs or turkey. Give the fine dining a miss, and eat like a local with authentic food trucks, bakeries and roadside shacks serving up the most mouth-watering dishes.

Traveller tip: Hire a car to get around the island, as public transport can be a bit hit and miss. It also makes your journey less stressful, and you’ll get to check out the awesome roadside shacks along the way.



From boutique hotels, beachfront cottages and hostels, there are plenty of accommodation options to suit everyone – including families, honeymooners, fishing fanatics, backpackers and beach bums. It’s probably wise to work out your budget first and where abouts in the Bahamas you’d like to stay, as this will help you narrow it down. If you’re after a more luxurious experience, definitely opt for a guest-house or private villa for a more intimate experience. If you’re taking the kids along, then look for a family-friendly resort with meals included and activities to keep the children entertained.  And if you’re a solo traveller, then why not stay at a hostel to meet other like-minded travellers. Whatever you’re looking for, the Bahamas will be able to cater for you.

Traveller tip: Some accommodation options are super expensive, particularly the more luxurious options. Perhaps look at downgrading to something more basic and save some money to put towards sightseeing activities. And just think, you’ll be out of the room most of the time anyway.



There’s plenty to do in the Bahamas whether you’re planning on lying on the beach all day, partying all night or indulging in the cultural experiences.  Be sure to visit the most stunning white-sand beaches including Cabbage Beach and Cable Beach. If you head over to the beach at Big Major Cay Island, you’ll find their beach is home to dozens of adorable, friendly pigs. But if you’re after the full nature experience, then head to the Inagua National Park where you’ll get to experience the island’s wildlife including the world’s largest flock of flamingos. If nature isn’t your thing, then you might like to snorkel underwater and explore the lost city of Atlantis, also known as Bimini Road, where square blocks and straight alignments of stone form part of an old road system. If you’re itching to hit the nightclubs, then Nassau is the best place for nightlife with Ibiza Bahama Beach Club, Bambu and Aura among the top hot spots featuring a mix of salsa and reggae.

Traveller tip: Dress to impress. Yes, ladies if you’re considering flats or heels – go for the heels so you stand out amongst the crowd. And gents, please no shorts and thongs.

The Bahamas truly has it all – from rich cultural experiences, mouth-watering local cuisine and activities to keep you active all day long. And the best part about the experience is the generosity from the locals. Always smiling and always willing to give you a helping hand.