Olivia Mackinnon

I had heard a lot about New Orleans but wasn’t sure whether it was the place for me. The two people I knew who had visited New Orleans before told me that it wasn’t really for them, and to be honest, that was almost enough to make me move it to the ‘miss-able’ list when it came to planning our recent US trip.

Olivia Mackinnon

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after my recent trip to the United States, it’s that taking the path less travelled is always the best option. It’s incredibly easy to always go off the tourist maps and play it safe, but then you see what everyone else has always seen and where’s the fun in that?

Princess on a Plane

The City of Angels is a polarising destination: you either love it or hate it. It’s so sprawling, it can be impossibly hard to get around and unless you know people on the ground, it’s easy to feel isolated and a bit lost.

Olivia Mackinnon

New York is one of those incredible places that just has an exciting, unparalleled energy.

It’s one of my favourite places in the world – and up until a month ago, I’d only ever spent five days of my life there.

Sally Watson

When I started planning my trip to Machu Picchu, I was a little confused about how to actually get there. Did I have to walk the Inca Trail to see the ruins? Did I have to join a group or packaged tour, or preferably, could I visit Machu Picchu by planning and booking my own trip?

Jason’s time in Bariloche was marked by a uniquely Argentinean experience – a visit to a Tangoria, an afterhours bar dedicated purely to the music and dancing of the tango.

Another part of the country that is hard to describe in a short list is the plethora of delicious meals that have been created and shared in Brazil. While there isn’t one specific regional dish, there are numerous distinct regional dishes.

It’s hard to pinpoint just a few things that encompass and embody a country as large as Brazil, but as much diversity as there is, a few experiences and locations still stand out above the rest as true “must-see” spots.

In a country as large as Brazil, it shouldn’t be hard to wander off the beaten path and find something unique and truly Brazilian along the way. However, it can be hard to abandon a large city full of life and excitement to traverse a relatively quiet and isolated path through the smaller and less-touted spots in Brazil.

Whether you just got married, or are celebrating a long-time anniversary, Canada has plenty of romantic destinations for a perfect getaway. This beautiful country is ideal for a honeymoon or for just an intimate weekend without the kids. Enjoy a beach front paradise or a private camping trip in the mountains, no matter what Canada has something to offer all couples. Here are eight romantic destinations for an unforgettable Canadian honeymoon.