Canada is the second largest country in the world, so there is a vast amount of territory to explore on a road trip through this North American territory. However, all the land to cover, and the wide variety of things to do such as adventure sports, national parks and historical tours can come at a cost.

Americans and Australians may share English as a mother tongue, but many things can get lost in translation. Before your next trip to the US, brush up on your American slang so you don't accidentally find yourself ordering the wrong thing.

Canadian cuisine is as diverse as the locals, with a wide range of foods being considered the country's national dish. Everything from poutine to Montreal style bagels to salmon jerky have been thought of as essential Canadian dishes. Here is a list of some of the most beloved foods that every traveller to Canada must try.

Niagara Falls is a monumental part of Canadian culture. This massive waterfall attracts thousands of tourists every day because there is absolutely nothing else like this natural wonder. While not the tallest waterfall in the world, it definitely takes the cake for the volume of water that surges over the falls, considering over 3160 tons of water flows over Niagara Falls every second. In fact, there is so much gushing water, that the falls is capable of producing over four million kilowatts of electricity. If there is anything to see while you are visiting Canada, this is it, and Cover-More has the complete guide to the ins and outs of Niagara Falls.

Ice hockey is the official, national winter sport of Canada, and is immensely popular and celebrated year-round. Canada is home to seven National Hockey League teams, and this wintery sport is a countrywide favourite. No matter what time of year you visit Canada, you will experience everything from ice hockey memorabilia to game-win celebrations. Be able to join in the fun with help from Cover-More’s guide on everything you need to know about ice hockey.

Once you’ve decided to go to Argentina, you’ll have to sit down and figure out where you’ll get to visit in the country and places you’ll have to pass up. With Argentina covering an impressive 2.78 million km2, it’s understandable that the geography, climate and general environment will vary greatly. If you are travelling to more than one place in Argentina, chances are you’ll need to pack for at least two or three different seasons. The diverse weather can make it hard to squeeze all your travelling essentials into one bag but with careful planning, packing for your Argentine holiday will be a breeze.

The Argentina social calendar is filled to the brim with holidays and traditions that have been passed down through generations. A large portion of the Argentine population is Roman Catholic, and as such many of the country’s major holidays centre on holy days. Many others are based on historical events that have impacted Argentina in a big way and lent a guiding hand to shape the country into the amazing place it is today. We’ve put together a list of the major festivals and holidays in Argentina, though wherever and whenever you travel you’re sure to come across festivals celebrating minor saints and other traditional days.

When visiting the South American country of Argentina, Gastronomy is such an important part of their culture; you get the opportunity to experience a place whose culture has been infused from the Spanish, the Italian and the French descendants. Regardless of these influences don’t expect to be served classic dishes from any of those countries. When you sit down to a meal in Argentina you will be treated to classic meals with a distinctly Argentine twist. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what it is, but you are guaranteed to fall in love with the food in Argentina.

When you are travelling through a country as large and diverse as Argentina, it can be hard to get a shot-list that encompasses everything there is to see. You may not have enough time to hit all of these incredible spots in Argentina, but if you can cross a few off your bucket list you will come away with stunning photographs and unbeatable memories of the natural and cultural wonders in Argentina.

Buenos Aires, often referred to as “the Paris of the South,” is a city that beholds the charm of European flair but the sultriness of Latin America. With soaring architecture, rich heritage, and flaming passion, you are sure to fall in love with the vivacious, bustling capital city.