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COVID-19 Travel Risk Tool for Australians Planning International Travel

Helping you assess travel risk levels before travelling overseas

Are you an Australian planning international travel? Wondering which countries we can actually travel to? Or maybe you want to understand the travel risk levels of your destination before booking your overseas trip?

Don’t let COVID-19 confusion get in the way of your international travel plans from Australia – Riskline’s TravelCheck^ tool can help you find the answers to these questions and more.

Simply enter your country of origin (Australia) and intended international destination to understand:


its rates of COVID-19 infection and travel risk levels

any entry and quarantine requirements

current COVID-19 rules for public spaces


...and more


Already booked your international travel from Australia?


The TravelCheck^ tool displays up to date COVID-19 risk and infection scores, so it may also be of use to you to stay across current information prior to your departure, upon arrival, and upon your return to Australia from overseas.


Important travel tip: Don’t forget to check the Australian Government's COVID-19 travel advice on before and during travel (in addition to using the TravelCheck^ tool) to obtain definitive guidance and confirm the current rules for Australian travellers.



Looking for coronavirus cover?

Discover our COVID-19 travel insurance benefits


For full details on what our COVID-19 cover does – and doesn't cover – read our COVID-19 Benefits page.

If you’ve got a question relating to our COVID-19 benefits or how we can help protect Australians travelling overseas during the coronavirus pandemic when travel restrictions allow, visit our COVID-19 FAQs page. Alternatively, you can call our team on 1300 72 88 22 during Australian business hours.

Please note: If you can’t travel or experience additional expenses because of border closures or lockdowns, this type of claim is not covered. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full details.


Want us to protect your next trip?

All our travel insurance plans include some cover for COVID-19. 




*Limits, sub-limits, conditions, and exclusions apply. For full details on exactly what’s covered by our COVID-19 travel insurance benefits, please read our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) document. For example, there’s no cover for medical expenses if entering a country that has “Do not travel” advice on
~Medical cover will not exceed 12 months from onset.
#Cover for medical costs related to COVID-19 is not available on our Domestic Plans.

±A special excess will apply if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 on your trip and certified by a qualified medical practitioner as being not fit to travel. The special excess applies in addition to any other excess. You cannot remove this special excess.