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It’s time to hack your life with travel hacks from Cover-More Travel Insurance. We’ve been around the globe and back again to bring you the smartest travel tips on driving to your travel destination.

Travel hacks for driving

Choose your vehicle wisely. Use our list of tips for taking a caravanning holiday to decide whether a trailer, motorhome or campervan is right for you. Each option has different benefits and drawbacks that might be important for your trip.

  • Motorhomes offer all the amenities you might want and are wonderful for families, but dealing with plumbing requires work and they are difficult to park due to their massive size.
  • Trailers hitch on to the back of your car, but you can’t ride in them while you travel. The ability to detach from your living space is nice if you plan to travel into town.
  • Campervans are the best of both worlds, if you like the people you are travelling with. These are popular among students, and many families use a tent to supplement the pace available in campervans.
  • If you are going on the road with friends, avoid fights by splitting everything evenly, from drive time to fuel costs to snacks.
  • Remember where you park in a new city by dropping a pin on Google Maps or taking a picture of the parking space with your phone.
  • Make your vehicle more functional by utilizing household items. Turn a cereal container into a trash can or buy a shower caddy and use it to store and use food on the road.
  • Consider supplementary travel insurance for your rental car or campervan. This means if you hire a car and happen to have an accident cover is included. Compare our plans to find out what travel insurance option is right for your next driving holiday.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Chovee; cropped from original