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If you are looking to stay in shape while travelling, then the best way to get your fitness in and still relax is with a lavish yoga retreat. Yoga is a both a physical and mental practice and this ancient exercise has brought people together from all over the world for centuries. Here are some of the eight most luxurious yoga retreats in the world where you can receive a full holiday experience while getting your daily practice is.

Silver Island, Greece

The Silver Island yoga retreat can easily be classified as one of the best yoga retreats in the entire country of Greece. It does not get much better than this resort. First, this yoga destination is held in one of the most serene places in Greece; on a 60 acre Island that is also home to an olive farm. Silver Island has been family-owned for more than five decades, and the yoga resort is owned by two sisters of the same family. The community atmosphere at this retreat make you feel right at home. Aside from the glorious landscapes surrounding you, only 12 people can be accommodated at a time, making this getaway super exclusive and for the most private yoga experience.

Nightly rates for Maya Tulum yoga retreat start at A$2000.

Anahata, New Zealand

New Zealand is a culturally diverse country and is full of things to see and do, and enjoying a yoga retreat is definitely one of them. The Anahata yoga retreat is located on top of a mountain in Golden Bay, and offers beautiful views of the ocean and valleys. During this meditative retreat that specializes on Satyananda yoga, you are offered daily activities and personal yoga sessions. On top of the spectacular scenery and yoga classes, the locally sourced menu undoubtedly makes this retreat one of the best in the world. All the meals are organic and vegetarian and sourced from their very own gardens or local growers. Feel free to stay in a lodge or embrace the outdoors with camping at one of their tent sites. Nothing says luxury like a home grown meal and a breathtaking panoramic view while in downward facing dog.

Prices for the Anahata Yoga retreat start at A$500 per session, and lodging cost begin at A$200 per night.

Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

Thailand is well-known for its amazing spa amenities, and their yoga retreats are definitely something to put on the top of your Thailand bucket list. Unlike many other resorts, Absolute Sanctuary offers unlimited yoga classes, so feel free to take as many classes as you would like during your stay. The retreat is also not limited in the types of yoga they offer. Ranging from Vinyasa to Ashtanga and Pranayama, the variety of yoga offered at Absolute Sanctuary is sure to please every visitor. It will be hard to return from Absolute Sanctuary after you spend time practicing in full view of the ocean.

Prices start at A$500 for the Absolute Sanctuary yoga retreat.

Shreyas, India

It is no surprise a yoga retreat held in India would make this list. Yoga's long rich history is accredited to starting in India over 5000 years ago. The authentic, spiritual and traditional yoga sessions held here are incomparable as this resort fully embraces being the homeland of this ancient practice. Shreyas yoga retreat not only stands out for its remarkable yoga classes, but being on 25 acres of landscaped gardens, organic farms, and medicinal herb plantations is hard to come by. Hatha and Ashtanga yoga sessions are offered here, alongside chanting and meditation classes. After a long day of yoga, relax your muscles with the full range of spa amenities offered at this retreat.

Prices for Shreyas yoga retreat start at A$450.

Adler Thermae, Italy

The Adler Thermae yoga retreat is easily one of the most luxurious retreats around the world. Not only can you find yoga at this retreat, but this resort also offers numerous other wellness activities such as golfing, tennis, cycling and many more fitness classes. Relax your tight muscles and sore bodies in the natural springs and thermal waters located here. This luxurious resort does not come cheap, but it is easy to understand why among the outstanding scenery, all natural meals, incredible spa amenities and variety of fitness instruction.

Nightly rates for Adler Thermae yoga retreat start at A$1530.

Maya Tulum, Mexico

Maya Tulum is easily one of the best yoga retreats in the world. This luxurious retreat is located on the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The Maya Tulum seaside yoga getaway hosts over 50 yoga events each year, so no yogi is ever left out. This retreat is complete with healthy, vegetarian meals, day trips throughout Mexico, massages and a world class spa. Very few wellness retreats can offer such serenity, breath-taking scenery and a historical background. Enjoy your yoga getaway in this ideal climate where the sun shines nearly year round.

Nightly rates for Maya Tulum yoga retreat start at A$350.

Paradis Plage, Morocco

Considered one of the best yoga retreats in North Africa, Paradis Plage is the perfect place to improve your yoga, learn more about this ancient practice, and detoxify your body. The location itself is top-notch considering this retreat is held on its own private island and the building is entirely made of panoramic glass windows. You are therefore assured the best, and most breath-taking views of the ocean during your yoga practice. The resort has three daily yoga classes alongside a variety of water and beach activities you can take part in.

Accommodation prices for the Paradis Plage yoga retreat start at A$425.

Parrot Cay, United Kingdom

This retreat stands out as one of the most luxurious retreats in the United Kingdom, and the world at large. Being held on the Turk & Caicos Islands, the location itself is deluxe. This yoga getaway hosts some of the best yoga classes, and a similar yoga experience is hard to find elsewhere considering the daily classes take place on a private beach. After your yoga session facing the Atlantic Ocean, enjoy a lavish spa experience by taking advantage of their Japanese baths, outdoor Jacuzzi garden and many other extravagant amenities.

Nightly rates for Parrot Cay yoga retreat start at A$700.

Your yoga getaway should be one of the most relaxing and luxurious experiences, but just in case your back is not as bendy as you thought it was, make sure you have travel insurance with medical coverage to save you the extra hospital expenses.

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