Daydreaming about the amazing trips you want to take is easy, but planning your trip can be a bit more difficult. Thankfully, in the age of smartphones, there are thousands of apps that have been created to fulfill that exact need—organization, recording, and sharing of information. Here’s our list of the must-have apps for planning and recording your trip to make sure your next holiday goes off without a hitch.

Woman using smartphone

Capturing and sharing moments

This is what social media was created for. Use your go-to platform like Twitter or Facebook to share your photos, videos and travelling stories with all your mates back home. Instagram is great for on-the-go photography and short videos while those who’d like more photo editing capabilities should opt for VSCO Cam or Hipstamatic Oggl.


Budgets are probably the least exciting part of planning a holiday, but it’s almost one of the most important parts. So how can you get through the task without ripping your hair out and ending up with a realistic budget? Try Bon Voyage. This app will help you track your expenses while you’re on holiday, set budgets to follow, change currencies and keep track of whether or not you are on a budget.

Creating an itinerary

So you’re in a new country and your list of what you want to do goes over the edge of the table and on to the floor. How are you supposed to pick which places to actually visit, and then budget enough time to actually see them and enjoy them? Fear not, Mygola is an app that creates personalized itineraries for you. As you type a destination into the search bar there will be suggested itineraries that you can pick or you can create your own. As the itinerary is developed the events will be added to your calendar and recommendations for sights and restaurants around your location will be provided. And you can even book tickets to events…all from the app. This is one handy app to have no matter where you go on holiday.

Crowd-sourcing recommendations

Gogobot has reviews and recommendations about sights and restaurants, but it stands out because of its ability to plan trips, connect with friends who have been to the same destinations and get their advice about what restaurants and spots were worth the visit and which ones to pass over. It does a great job of planning, connecting and getting recommendations for your location and the options that are available.

Finding Wi-Fi access on the road

No one wants to plan their entire holiday around the Wi-Fi access, but sometimes it is necessary to get on the web and connect. Whether you need to check email, get in touch with family and friends or to upload your most recent batch of holiday photos, having Wi-Fi access can be important and with WiFi Finder, you’ll be able to get connected. With this app, you can avoid exorbitant hotel internet fees and search through your other options.

Daydreaming is half the fun of planning the holiday and the sooner you plan the other parts of the holiday, the sooner you can get back to daydreaming. To help speed the process along, use the apps we mentioned above and double-down on your coverage by comparing travel insurance plans from Cover-More Australia and choosing the plan that works best for your trip. With travel insurance and helpful travel apps in your metaphorical tool belt, you’ll be ready to face anything.