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Cover-More saves four Aussies after a speed boat accident

Total claim: $150,000

Two hours after four Australians protected with travel insurance were severely injured during a speed boat collision in Thailand, Cover-More had two air ambulance jets, three doctors and four nurses on the way.

Thailand travel insurance saved Natalie

Natalie, one of the four injured Cover-More customers, recounted her experience following the crash for TV personality Shelley Craft:

"I would like to say a huge thank you for your professional and speedy assistance after my three friends and I were involved in a boat crash in Thailand. Being young and naïve, we purchased Cover-More travel insurance the day before we flew out, at our parents' insistence. Without question it is the best thing I've ever bought."

"I believe Cover-More's rapid response to the situation saved my life. Given my injuries (10 broken bones including collarbones, ribs, wrist, pelvis and foot; brain haemorrhage and punctured lung) I was not in a position to make any decisions. Cover-More liaised with our parents and hospitals in Koh Samui and Bangkok to ensure we received the best medical treatment."

"Cover-More were phenomenal in arranging an air ambulance to fly us to an international hospital in Bangkok where we underwent surgery and rehabilitation. Additionally, Cover-More paid for our parents to fly over, reimbursed our unused accommodation and flights, and covered the items we lost in the accident. Cover-More were efficient, empathetic and stress-free to deal with. From this experience I have learnt the value and peace-of-mind of using a reputable insurance company. I am blown away by Cover-More's comprehensive service and very highly recommend the company to any future travellers."


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