Travel Insurance for Thailand Trips

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    Take off to Thailand with appropriate travel insurance

    Thailand is popular with Australian travellers not only because of its proximity to home, but also because of its breathtaking beaches, tropical islands, cities bustling with shoppers and street food, incredible jungles, and fascinating culture.

    However, with pickpocketing, food poisoning and scams a common experience for travellers, the right travel insurance cover for Thailand can help protect you from more than travel inconveniences like delayed bags and flight cancellations.

    At Cover-More, our international travel insurance cover for Thailand trips could help provide financial support when the unexpected occurs, as well as access to 24/7 Emergency Assistance support when you need it most.

    But the benefits of our travel insurance for Thailand don’t stop there… Keep reading to find out why finding the best travel insurance for your Thailand trip is important.

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    Do I need travel insurance for Thailand?

    According to the Australian Government, yes. On, it recommends all Australians get comprehensive travel insurance when travelling overseas – and that includes to Thailand. So, it doesn’t matter how old – or how healthy – you are, it’s important to consider protecting yourself and your Thailand journey with travel insurance.

    Travel insurance can give you protection and support when you need it most. For example: if you have a sudden bout of illness after some eating street food; if your trip is impacted by a strike; or if you’re involved in a tuk-tuk accident.

    Our Cover-More travel insurance for Thailand holidays could help support you with unlimited~ emergency overseas medical expenses, financial help for covered reasons, and access to our Emergency Assistance team, 24/7.

    What is Cover-More's best travel insurance for Thailand?

    We know every traveller – and every holiday – is different. Some Australian travellers want cheaper (or more economical or basic) travel insurance for Thailand, while others want comprehensive cover with all the bells and whistles.

    That’s why we offer three varied levels of travel insurance cover for trips to Thailand.

    So, whether you’re escaping to Koh Samui on your honeymoon, partying in Phuket, or shopping your way through Bangkok, we have various holiday insurance options for Thailand that may be suitable for you. For full details on each plan and to decide if one is right for you and your needs, please read the PDS before purchasing.

    Our three tiers of travel insurance for Thailand are:

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    International Basic

    This is our base-level cover, which may be suitable for travellers seeking cheap travel insurance for Thailand that still offers emergency overseas medical expenses.

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    International Comprehensive

    This is our mid-tier – and most popular – plan, which includes the basic cover travellers need, plus many of the additional comprehensive benefits they want.

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    International Comprehensive+

    This is our most comprehensive cover, which contains all the same benefits as our Comprehensive Plan and more, plus higher benefit limits.

    Many Australians indulge in holiday activities while in Thailand, such as surfing, boating, and snorkelling. All three tiers of our international travel insurance automatically include cover for 80+ adventure activities.

    If you want additional cover to help tailor your travel insurance policy to suit your Thailand or multi-country holiday, we also offer the following: two levels of Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover, two levels of Snow Sports Cover, and two levels of Adventure Activities Cover for more extreme activities not automatically included.

    Frequent traveller? People who travel frequently – whether to Thailand and/or other countries – may save time and money with an Annual Multi-Trip plan. You can get a quote online now to find out.

    What benefits are included in Cover-More's travel insurance for Thailand?

    Our international travel insurance for Thailand trip offers cover for a wide range of benefits that could help protect you if the unexpected occurs. Plus, all our Cover-More customers have 24/7 access to our Emergency Assistance team, who can help you find an English-speaking doctor, liaise with your hospital staff, support you if you lose your passport, and more.

    Compare our travel insurance plans and benefit levels for Thailand trips:

    International Basic 
    (Single Trip)
    International Comprehensive 
    (Single Trip or AMT)
    International Comprehensive+ 
    (Single Trip or AMT)
    Overseas Medical and Dental Expenses
    Overseas medical expenses
    Overseas emergency dental expenses
    Additional Expenses*
    Return of mortal remains
    Pet cat or dog boarding*
    Travel Services Provider Insolvency
    Amendment or Cancellation Costs*
    $Cover chosen^$Cover chosen^$Cover chosen^
    Cancellation Extensions
    Upgrade: If your non-travelling relative or business partner becomes ill, injured, or dies
    Upgrade: If there are complications of pregnancy from the start of the 24th week up until the start of the 32nd week (or up to the start of the 28th week for a multiple pregnancy)^^
    An act of terrorism
    If your pet cat or dog becomes ill or injured or dies
    Wedding-related cancellation
    Dissolution of your relationship with your spouse or de facto
    Luggage and Travel Documents*
    Phone or smart watch - limit per item•
    Camera or video camera - limit per item•
    Laptop computer - limit per item•
    Tablet computer - limit per item•
    Drone (with or without camera) - limit per item•
    Artificial limb, removable dental appliance, dentures or medical device e.g., hearing aids, CPAP machine - limit per item•
    Jewellery or watch or any other item - limit per item•
    Delayed Luggage Allowance*
    Driving Holidays
    Rental vehicle insurance excess
    Rental vehicle comprehensive cover
    Travel Delay*
    Resumption of Journey
    Missed Connections
    Special Events
    Hospital Incidentals*
    Loss of Income*
    Accidental Death
    Personal Liability
    Business Pack
    Business equipment
    Business equipment hire
    Alternative staff
    Business money
    Kidnap and ransom

    *Sub-limits apply. Please refer to the PDS for full policy conditions. 
    ~Cover will not exceed 12 months from onset of the illness, condition, or injury. 
    ^ Cover chosen applies per policy. 
    ^^Conditions apply if you are aware of the pregnancy at the relevant time. For a single trip policy, relevant time means the time of issue of the policy and for an annual multi-trip policy it means the first time at which any part of the relevant trip is paid for or the time at which the policy is issued, whichever occurs last. 
    †Liability collectively for Loss of Income, Disability and Accidental Death is $45,000 on the Comprehensive+ Plan and $30,000 on the Comprehensive Plan. 
    •Item limit applies for any one item, set or pair of items including attached and unattached accessories. You may increase these items limits if You wish. See PDS for full details.

    For full details of terms and conditions, limits, sub-limits, and exclusions that apply, please read the PDS before purchasing our travel insurance for your trip to the UK or Europe.

    Does Cover-More's travel insurance for Thailand cover motorcycle/moped riding?

    One of the most popular ways to get around Thailand is by hopping on a moped or motorcycle. Travelling this way can be fun, efficient, and budget-friendly – but extra care should be taken.

    If you plan to scoot around Thailand’s cities, beach towns or countryside, you should consider adequate moped and/or motorcycle protection when purchasing travel insurance for your trip.

    Our Cover-More travel insurance plans don’t automatically cover moped and motorcycle riding – you need to include our Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover in your policy for cover to apply. This is easy to do; just add it during the quote process.

    We offer two levels of cover for riding motorcycles or moped during your Thailand trip:

    1. Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover: for engine capacity 250cc or less
    2. Motorcycle/Moped Riding+ Cover: engine capacity unlimited (conditions apply)

    Planning on only being a passenger on a motorcycle or moped while holidaying in Thailand? Whether you’re riding as a passenger on a hired motorcycle or a motorbike taxi, you will still need to include this additional cover option in your Cover-More policy for our cover to apply.

    For more information on our motorcycle and moped cover – and whether it’s suitable for your trip to Thailand, we recommend you read the PDS and visit our Motorcycle/Moped Riding Cover page.

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    What sports and activities does Cover-More's travel insurance for Thailand include?

    There’s so much more to Thailand than laying on the beach or feasting your way through Bangkok. If you have a sense of adventure, you might like to zip-line through the jungles of Chiang Mai, snorkel or scuba dive to meet the incredible marine life around the islands, go bungy jumping, parasailing, or even white-water rafting.

    If you’re comparing holiday insurance for Thailand based on the activities you plan to engage in, you may be delighted to know all our Cover-More travel insurance plans automatically include cover for more than 80 adventure sports and activities.

    Some of these automatically included activities are:

    • snorkelling
    • scuba diving (under 30 metres; with a diving school or qualified instructor)
    • bungy jumping
    • jet skiing
    • kayaking
    • parasailing (over water)
    • hiking
    • surfing

    …and more. Check out ourfull list of automatically included activities here.

    Want to engage in a more extreme activity that’s not automatically included? We offer two levels of additional Adventure Activities Cover, which you can add to your policy for an additional premium. For more information on the activities both our Adventure Activities Cover and Adventure Activities+ Cover includes, please read the PDS.

    Does Cover-More travel insurance cover Thailand cruises?

    Taking a cruise in Thailand is a great way to take in the country’s beauty from the comfort of a ship. Plus, you can explore various destinations with greater ease – or simply soak up the sun and balmy weather on the deck.

    At Cover-More, cover for cruises isn’t automatically included in our policies. However, we can provide cover whether you’ve opted to choose our Basic, Comprehensive, or Comprehensive+ travel insurance plan for your Thailand cruise holiday.

    To obtain cover, you’ll need to let us know during the quote process if you are travelling for two or more nights on a cruise. If you are, our Cruise Cover will be included in your policy for an extra premium.

    This means whether you’re cruising in Thailand for half a week, a fortnight or longer, you’ll need to declare you’re travelling on a cruise for cover to be applied to your policy.

    Want more information? Visit our Cruise Cover and Cruise Cover FAQs pages to learn more about cover for unexpected onboard medical costs and cabin confinement, plus read the PDS.

    Does Cover-More travel insurance cover natural disasters in Thailand?

    Natural disasters do occur from time to time in Thailand. There have been tsunamis, cyclones, floods, and earthquakes within recent years.

    Our travel insurance for Thailand can provide some protection for you if you are directly affected by an unforeseen natural disaster. Check out our latest claims advice to understand what is, and is not, covered when a world event (such as a natural disaster) occurs.

    We also recommend you stay informed about any forecasts for natural disasters in Thailand ahead of your trip.

    If you’re a Cover-More customer and need assistance while you’re in Thailand, our Emergency Assistance team can provide round-the-clock help.

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    Does Cover-More travel insurance cover terrorism?

    The world is a wonderful place, but unfortunately, terrorist attacks do occur. There have been several terrorist attacks in Thailand within recent years.

    Our travel insurance for Thailand holidays can cover emergency overseas medical expenses and additional expenses if you are a victim of an act of terrorism. If travelling on a Comprehensive+ or Comprehensive Plan and have cancellation cover included in your policy, we can also provide cover if your holiday is cancelled because of an act of terror (conditions apply).

    We recommend you understand if any terrorism-related or general travel alerts may affect your Thailand trip or your Cover-More travel insurance policy by checking our Travel Alerts section prior to and during travel to Thailand.

    It is also important read and understand our PDS before deciding on our travel insurance for Thailand. For example, we do not cover claims relating to government travel bans or “Do not travel” warnings.

    When should I buy travel insurance for Thailand?

    It's a good idea to organise travel insurance for Thailand once you start booking and paying for elements of your trip – such as flights, tours, and accommodation – so you’re protected if something unexpected happens before you take-off.

    At Cover-More, if you include cancellation cover in your policy, we can provide financial support for covered reasons should you need to cancel or amend your trip before you’ve even left home.

    Plus, if you purchase a Cover-More travel insurance policy, you’re protected by a 21-day cooling-off period#. This means if you choose to cancel your policy within the cooling-off period, you will be given a full refund of the premium you paid, provided you have not started your journey, or you do not want to make a claim.

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    How can I stay healthy in Thailand?

    Trying the local cuisine is an essential part of travelling through Thailand. Plus, it’s hard to resist when there are so many tantalising street food vendors and bustling markets serving local dishes at all hours of the day.

    However, Bali belly (like travellers’ diarrhoea), is a relatively common travel sickness for Australian’s travelling in South-East Asia. Here, you can learn how to avoid Bali belly and make your Thailand memorable for the right reasons.

    More helpful tips for your upcoming trip to Thailand:

    We recommend you talk to your GP or travel doctor before your trip to Thailand or other parts of South-East Asia to see what vaccinations are needed for this area. Taking the appropriate precautions prior to your arrival can help ensure your trip runs smoothly from beginning to end.

    Looking for more Thailand travel tips and inspiration?

    We sent our Cover-More video blogger Dan Moore to Thailand to check out the floating markets, the beautiful beaches, and the Songkran water festival.

    Watch and you may just feel inspired to start planning your own Thailand holiday…

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    #Cooling-off period available if you cancel your policy within 21 days of it being issued to you, provided you have not travelled or made a claim or departed on your journey. 
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