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Cruise Travel Insurance FAQs

Cruises are popular for Australians, and even if you don't leave Australian waters, you'll still need Cruise cover for travel insurance. To help we have put together frequently asked questions about cruise travel insurance to help you plan your journey. Visit our Cruise travel insurance page for helpful tips and information on purchasing your policy.

Will Medicare cover me for a cruise in Australia?

No. Cruise ships are not obligated to have doctors registered to practice in Australia onboard. This means if you visit a doctor onboard it won’t be covered by Medicare and you’ll end up with out of pocket expenses. Cover-More can provide cover for these expenses via our Cruise add-on. This is mandatory if you are taking a multi-night cruise (except for river cruises within Australia).

Do I need to buy cruise travel insurance separately?

If you’re travelling on an Australian cruise, select “Domestic Cruise” as the destination in the quote box, and add the Cruise Cover add-on. If you’re travelling internationally, select the country or countries you’ll be travelling to and add the Cruise Cover add-on when purchasing.

When’s the best time to purchase travel insurance for a cruise?

You should purchase travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your cruise. If you have selected Cancellation Cover and Cruise Cover add-on and are unable to go on your cruise due to injury or illness, you can submit a claim for non-refundable expenses you have paid towards your cruise.

What if I my ship misses a stop?

Unfortunately, we do not cover claims resulting from lack of enjoyment. If your ship is unable to visit a port, Cover-More will not be able to compensate you for loss of enjoyment. Depending on the cover purchased and the circumstances of a claim we may be able to cover cancellation of non-refundable, prepaid onshore tours.  

Can I buy cruise travel insurance once I’m on my cruise?

Your policy and Cruise Cover add-on must be purchased before you leave home for your cruise. This includes any flights or transportation required to get to your departing port.

What policy do I need if my cruise stops in multiple destinations?

You can select multiple destinations when purchasing your Cover-More policy with Cruise Cover online. If you need further assistance, call us on 1300 72 88 22.

What happens if I get sick on the cruise?

Cruise ships offer medical assistance but are only there to stabilise your condition. If you require urgent medical attention, you may need to be evacuated from your cruise and taken to the hospital. Contact our 24-hour emergency assistance team if you are hospitalised.

In what instances would I need to be medically evacuated?

Cruise ships are only equipped to offer basic medical assistance. If you require medical attention to prevent long-term medical illnesses or death, you will need to be evacuated from the ship. One Cover-More customer fractured their leg onboard a cruise ship and had to be evacuated via Air Ambulance back to Australia for surgery. The total claim cost was $90,000.

Can I still get cover for pre-existing medical conditions on a cruise?

Yes, you will go through the same medical assessment process that exists for general travel. If your online medical assessment is approved, and you pay the extra premium to us, we will be able to offer you cover. If you choose to declare some medical conditions and not others, you run the risk of a claim being denied. Visit our existing medical page to view a comprehensive list of conditions we cover.

Please note, if you are not approved for your existing medical conditions, we can still provide cover for lost luggage and travel documents, and any illness or injury not relating to your EMC.

Are there age restrictions on the cruise travel insurance cover?

If you are over 70 and unable to get a quote online please call our service and sales team on 1300 72 88 22 to discuss your Cruise Insurance options.

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