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Which cruise is right for you

Unsure which type of cruise or destination you want to visit? Cover-More has put together a comprehensive guide to help you find the best fit for your holiday. While you're at it, check out our cruise travel insurance FAQs.

Do you still need convincing about why your next holiday should be a cruise? Have a read of the reasons cruising is a great holiday option here.

Domestic Cruises

Unsure if a cruise holiday is for you? Sample a short cruise in Australian waters. With the familiarity of your home country, relax and experience the luxury of a short cruise holiday. Take a cruise from Sydney to Brisbane, sail through the Great Barrier Reef, or do a return trip from Melbourne. Lasting two days to a week, domestic cruise holidays are a perfect escape for those short on time. With many different types of cruises, choose the right holiday for you.

Senior Cruises

Enjoy your golden years and reward yourself with a relaxing holiday. Becoming more popular, cruise lines tailor holidays to seniors who are young at heart. Snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef or lie on the white sand beaches of the Whitsunday Islands. Be as adventurous as you desire. You can even choose to relax on a child-free cruise or to enjoy a holiday with the whole family. We recommend Seniors use Cruise about, Pacific Dawn Cruises and Princess Cruises to book their Australian Cruise. To make sure you're insured for your upcoming trip, visit our Seniors Travel Insurance page.

Family Cruises

Want the ultimate family adventure? Keep everyone happy and embark on a family cruise. From cinemas to onboard water parks, exchange 'are we there yet' complaints for beaming smiles. Knowing your kids are happy, relax by the pool and take in the Australian sun. At each destination, try out a range of on-shore activities for the whole family. Discover cities in your backyard or try exotic water sports along Queensland's pristine coastline. For those cruising with littlies, take advantage of your cruise's child-minding service. With your kids happy and taken care of, enjoy a romantic dining experience at a Broadway-style show.

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Singles Cruises

Travelling solo? Be adventurous and try out a singles cruise. Not exclusive to honeymooners and party groups, many cruise lines offer single cabins for solo travellers. That way, you can make your trip your own, joining in on as many activities as you desire. Although, for those looking to meet like-minded travellers, enjoy many organised social events. From blind dinner dates to on-shore group tours - make friends with your new neighbours. Travelling solo will push you out of your comfort zone. So you're bound to make plenty of friends from across the world. For first-timers, we recommend taking a short domestic cruise. That way, you can sample the single cruise life, with the comfort of sailing local waters.

International Cruises

Cruises are a great way to visit multiple countries or locations in one go! Imagine stopping off at different destinations without having to pack and unpack your bag multiple times. It's like the hotel room that comes with you.

New Zealand Cruises

Want to visit New Zealand? Embark on a cruise adventure for the perfect getaway. Ranging from a few days to three weeks, a cruise to New Zealand is the perfect break for Australians. 

Once in New Zealand, experience a variety of destinations that please all travellers. For a cultural lesson, visit the stunning Bay of Islands. Proud of their Maori heritage, this northern wonder is home to the Waitangi Treaty grounds. Located at the very top of New Zealand, it's a fitting first stop for your kiwi getaway. Another highlight is a Milford Sound Cruise. Hidden in Fiordland National Park, try a spot of kayaking as your cruise docks in this famous fjord. With a backdrop of towering mountains, it's easy to see why it is a favourite among visitors.

Although New Zealand cruises depart year-round, we advise taking advantage of their mild summer temperatures. With long days and warm temperatures, cruise between November and February for the best experience.

South Pacific Cruises

For a taste of culture close to home, choose a South Pacific Cruise. With thousands of islands, your options are as vast as the ocean. For thrill-seekers, take a Vanuatu Cruise and hike up an active volcano. If you're more of a water-lover, float above the coral reefs on a Fiji Cruise. Or, for a French Immersion, check out New Caledonia. However, if you want the ultimate Pacific adventure, sail the seas for up to a month. Departing from Brisbane and Sydney, sail the high seas all the way to Hawaii. That way, you'll get to check out the many island countries on the way.

Operating year round, choose the south pacific cruise tailored to your desires. For a tropical escape, bask in the humid temperatures of the Pacific Summer from November to April. Although, Cover-More recommends travelling during the drier months. Lasting from May to October, bathe in the warm, eternal sun and enjoy the gentle Pacific breeze. Perfect for water lovers, the dry season offers crystal clear waters, ideal for snorkelling enthusiasts.

Tropical cruise

Mediterranean Cruises

From stunning landscapes, a rich history and delicious cuisine - Mediterranean Cruises are a hit with Australians. Stretching from Portugal to Turkey, explore the pristine beaches nestled along the coast. For history buffs, visit the Acropolis and embark on a Greek Island Cruise. If you want to explore the South of France, cruise from Rome to Barcelona. The options are endless in the Mediterranean. The best time to take a cruise in the Mediterranean is in Europe's Spring and Autumn. Still offering warm temperatures, escape the flock of tourist for an authentic travel experience. To choose the right cover for your cruise, visit our Cruise Travel Insurance page.

River Cruises

Are you an avid explorer, yearning for luxury? Then a river cruise may be for you. Removed from busy highways, discover the world the way nature intended. Flow down the Danube on a European River Cruise or explore the Asian rainforests of the Mekong River. Better suited to wine lovers than the regular party-goer, scenic river cruises are a unique way to see the sites. Making many stops along the way, explore the rich history of your chosen destination. To help you decide, Cover-More has listed our top 5 river cruises.

Seine River – France

If you enjoy art, history or the pervading romance of France, choose the Seine for your river cruise. As you might expect, a river cruise on the Seine will focus heavily on its famous capital—Paris! Take in the sights and sounds of Paris for the first two days of the cruise. Afterwards, travel up to Honfluer and the English Channel. Stops can include Giverny, where Claude Monet painted his famous water lily landscape; and Rouen, which is known as the City of 100 Spires for its numerous churches and cathedrals. From Rouen you can head to Normandy for firsthand experiences of D-Day memorial sites and more. 

Rhine River – Germany

If this is your very first river cruise, then choose the Rhine River. It flows through four countries - Germany, Netherlands, France, and Switzerland. This way, you’ll get an overview of river cruise life before you try out smaller, more obscure cruises. Sailing between Holland and Switzerland, the one to two-week voyage covers a lot of cultural ground. You’ll stop in Cologne, Germany to see the famous cathedral. You'll visit Rudesheim to try local Riesling wines. And then you'll hit Heidelberg, Germany, with its picturesque, small-town feel. Another highlight is the stunning Gothic Cathedral in Strasbourg, France. Choose the Rhine and embark on a European river cruise!

Mekong River - Vietnam & Cambodia

Choose the Mekong River cruise and see the best parts of Vietnam and Cambodia. Start at Siem Reap where you can visit the towering temples of Angkor Wat. Your cruise will continue all the way through to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. While this route is mostly rural in between, you will still stop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city. You’ll experience floating fish markets, gaze on royal residences, pass through rural villages, and see a French Gothic church on your way. This is a perfect cruise for an adventure seeker and traveller who is fairly fit. If you can climb in and out of basic local panga boats, you’ll be able to participate in the daily excursions more easily, reaching Mekong’s tributaries and rural shore points.

Nile River – Egypt

Perhaps the Nile is the first place you thought of for a river cruise. These cruises are generally shorter than the three mentioned above, ranging from 4 to 10 nights. If you are a lover of antiquities and history, then the Nile River is the place for you. You start out of Cairo, Egypt, which acts as the gateway to thousands of years' history. See pyramids from the water, and temples as well. Pass through Luxor and Aswan and experience the best Egypt has to offer.

Yangtze River – China

Travelling along the Yangtze River is a fantastic choice for anyone. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, laidback traveller, history buff, senior, or all of the above, the Yangtze River has so much to offer. This 6,400km waterway flows through many of China’s great cities, including Shanghai, Yangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, and Yichang. You can sail for 3-6 nights. If you choose the Three Gorges tour (Chongqing to Yichang), you’ll experience the spectacularly beautiful 120km stretch of the Yangtze. Keep your eyes peeled for century-old pagodas that crop up along the river bank as well!

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