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What our customers have to say about us

All comments are from customers' thank you letters and emails to Cover-More and are published on this website with their explicit permission.

John Waller

Claim Cost: $105,000

“We always travel with Cover-More. The assistance we got from Cover-More – you couldn’t want for anything more. My wife spent five weeks in a hotel room near the hospital where I was receiving treatment and she was on the phone to Cover-More all the time. The support your team provided to her was also excellent.”

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Claim Cost: $21,996

“I want to thank you all for your magnificent organisation in getting me home after my rather traumatic accident in Hong Kong. From the moment you were notified, all the arrangements worked so smoothly. The Queen Mary doctors and nurses were magnificent and caring and the hip wound is healing beautifully.”

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Claim Cost: $4,238

“I couldn’t have asked for a kinder, more sensible, more considerate person than my Cover-More case manager, Rhys. I was so impressed by his kindness, sensitivity and simple common sense. Cover-More oversaw my treatment in Venice and covered my new train ticket and the cost of the nights in Paris I had been unable to use due to being in hospital. I cannot speak highly enough about my medical treatment and my care from Cover-More.”

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"I would like to say a huge thank you for your professional and speedy assistance after my three friends and I were involved in a boat crash in Thailand. Being young and naïve we purchased Cover-More travel insurance the day before we flew out, at our parent's insistence. Without question it is the best thing I've ever bought.

I believe Cover-More's rapid response to the situation saved my life. Given my injuries (10 broken bones including collarbones, ribs, wrist, pelvis and foot; brain haemorrhage and punctured lung) I was not in a position to make any decisions. Cover-More liaised with our parents and hospitals in Koh Samui and Bangkok to ensure we received the best medical treatment.

Cover-More were phenomenal in arranging an air ambulance to fly us to an international hospital in Bangkok where we underwent surgery and rehabilitation. Additionally, Cover-More paid for our parents to fly over, reimbursed our unused accommodation and flights, and covered the items we lost in the accident. Cover-More were efficient, empathetic and stress-free to deal with. From this experience I have learnt the value and peace-of-mind of using a reputable insurance company. I am blown away by Cover-More's comprehensive service and very highly recommend the company to any future travellers."

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"Thanks for the speed and clarity of this travel insurance claim, it is something I've never done before and I entered into it with a touch of scepticism and expected it to be a drawn out process.

I will definitely use your services again, hopefully more successful than our last trip and will encourage all our travelling friends to do likewise."


"I was so surprised to receive your reply almost by return mail when I claimed in May. I expected a long and convoluted dialogue whilst I tried to convince you of the circumstances.

You have restored my faith in travel insurance and I will certainly be recommending you to friends when they travel."


"Let me say that I am very impressed with your continued prompt and courteous service. We will both use and recommend Cover-More travel insurance for future travel."


"I have recently submitted a travel insurance claim for overseas car rental damage and it gives me great pleasure to write a small note of thanks.

Usually when one submits a claim for anything to an insurance company you expect to be made jump through a hoop or two before you get rejected or reduced. Not the case, many thanks for your support, trust and speed in which you supported my claim."


"I would like to say thank you for the quick processing of my travel claim. I have had difficulty in getting the appropriate information from overseas travel vendors but felt no such frustration with your company. My daughter is travelling to New Zealand in early December, and I will ensure she has travel insurance through your company. My congratulations on being extremely prompt and the quick finalisation of my claim."

Linda and Gordon

"Our many thanks for your prompt consideration and processing of our claim. It was such a shame that our well planned holiday was disrupted as it was, however, it was very pleasing that your company was able to provide such an efficient service in reimbursement of our additional expenses. We look forward to purchasing Cover-More again on our next holiday."


"I'm just sending you a great big thank you for processing my travel claim so quickly and without any hassles. I also appreciate all your help with the accident happened and will certainly recommend you to others."


"I have used Cover-More Travel Insurance on more than one occasion and the two times we had to claim (sick in Vanuatu and the Tsunami in Thailand) we had no trouble at all."


"We experienced the service of Cover-More travel insurance when I had an accident on one of our holidays abroad (bitten by a dog I was trying to rescue) and ended up in hospital for surgery.

We weren't only satisfied with the service - we were blown away by it! Immediately the hospital informed our travel insurer of the situation, they gave us a case manager who rang my partner to see how I was, if he needed any money, if they could contact anyone for us in Australia and gave him a number to ring at any time.

The insurance case manager also rang the plastic surgeon before and after the operation to see how it went, they again contacted Steve to ensure I was recovering well.

We had no problems with anything at all, it was such a relief. The hospital bill was very high, because they insisted on doing x-ray of my chest, etc but Cover-More dealt directly with the hospital, so it was very easy for us."

Rhonda and David

"We had taken out travel insurance with Cover-More last year, and had a claim, we did it all online and within 7 days we had a check from them no hassle.

We think it is better to go for a well known insurance company, and we would never touch one from a credit card, when you read the fine print it is amazing what is not covered. Travelling in March and have another Cover-More policy. Peace of mind is important."


"I can second Cover-More Travel Insurance. We took 3 children to Phuket last year and I found Cover-More cover very affordable and they also had great coverage, especially with things like hospital expenses and flying a sick person back to Australia etc.

We used them again this year when we flew to Bali and ended up really needing our travel insurance as both my daughter and I were unable to fly home due to ear infections and Cover-More paid the medical bills, extra flight costs, extra accommodation and even the taxi fares that we didn't get receipts for, so we have been very impressed with Cover-More and definitely recommend it."


"We would like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for processing our recently submitted travel insurance claim.

I will be flying to South America again soon and I will be taking out my travel insurance cover with you. You have certainly given us the confidence to continue to choose your company for our insurance needs.

Once again thank you very much for your support."


"I am not sure how many thank you's you get, but I just want to say thank you for your help with my daughters claim.

From the first call in Phuket that I made and spoke to one of your consultants when my daughter split her head open to receiving your reply yesterday to cover the costs, your service has been amazing. I am sorry I do not remember the names of the people who I spoke to, hopefully they are logged on the system, but everyone involved deserves to be acknowledged by their manager(s) for their professional service. My husband was only slightly optimistic about the insurance process and he couldn't believe how fast the response was. He is not easy to impress, however, you did. You were brilliant, above my expectations for any insurance company.

Thank you again for your help."


"Thank you. We are very thankful for the support from your group during this difficult time for us. Please pass on our gratitude to those who should know."


"I would like to say thank you for your professional and efficient insurance claim services. My fiancé and I are travelling overseas twice next year and I can certainly say that we will be choosing your insurance cover."


"I write in relation to my recent claim for expenses incurred whilst on holiday in Italy. I must say that I am very happy with the settlement and further, with the assistance provided to myself and my daughter when she fell ill and was hospitalised in Rome. As you can probably imagine, this was a stressful time, being far from home and family and the assistance provided by your staff was most efficient and thoughtful. The staff was most helpful (especially given the problems I was having with mobile phones) and rang several times over the 8 day hospitalisation to follow-up.

Can you please pass on my heartfelt thanks to these staff members, I would have no hesitation in recommending your company."


"Can I say how wonderful you and your company have been. Firstly when I was stranded in an unknown country on my own and sick and injured your staff at Cover-More were so helpful and came and saved me from terrible pain of travelling sitting upright when I had bruised my tail bone. I had no idea how I was going to get home. The staff at Cover-More where so helpful and kind. I am so impressed with how you went out of your way to help and I can't thank you enough. I will definitely be recommending your company to anyone wanting to take out cover. Thank you so much! GREAT JOB!"


"Often one hears of difficulties claimants have with insurance companies. This is certainly not the case with our claim with your organisation. Your service was a perfect 'no fuss' experience.

Having paid a premium for my medical condition it came as a complete surprise, not to mention shock, to discover that my wife had breast cancer and needed immediate treatment and operation. This, as you are aware necessitated the complete cancellation of our journey on the Queen Mary 2. Hence our claim.

Thank you for the prompt and trouble free way you settled our above-mentioned claim."


"Thank you so much for settling my claim. I am still insured with you for the next year, but hope not to claim anything else!!

The whole episode of falling sick overseas, and all the ramifications, was most stressful and unpleasant, and it is very nice to have the back up of a good insurance company."


"I am emailing you re the wonderful treatment I received from Cover-More Travel Insurance when I recently had to claim when holidaying in Canada. At all times I was treated with prompt efficient service and when I was anxious to get home quickly Cover-More arranged with another Airline to get an earlier flight to Australia in business class. This I appreciated as I had surgery in Vancouver and was a bit poorly. I would recommend your company to everyone travelling overseas; in fact I have already given your name to fellow workers at my place of work."


"I wish to pass on my grateful thanks to those at Cover-More travel insurance for your prompt attention to my recent claim. I had my wallet lost/stolen while on holiday in the UK. This was quite a traumatic experience for me plus the drama involved in cancelling bank/credit cards quite an ordeal. On our return I was delighted to experience no problems with my claim through you and will not hesitate to insure with your company in the future or to recommend you to friends and fellow travellers. Once again many thanks."


"Just a quick email to say thank you. We are really happy with the ease it was to deal with Cover-More. We have no hesitation in recommending Cover More to anyone we talk to who is about to travel and will certainly be using you again for our insurance needs. Good to have that peace of mind!"

Lyn & Tex

"Thank you for the settlement of our travel insurance claim. It is the first time we have ever claimed on our travel insurance and we were pleasantly surprised at how straightforward your whole system was, and how promptly the claim was settled. It did in some way alleviate the dramas of that awful day stuck in Heathrow! Thanks again, and we will certainly consider you when we next travel overseas."


Personal Travel Manager

"I had to lodge a claim for a trip I had to cancel due to illness. It was quite a big claim and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated the speed at which the claim was dealt with and also hassle free for myself. I have been selling Cover-More Travel Insurance confidently for 12 years and this just reassures my confidence in your company. Again, thank you very much."


"I made a claim recently and was extremely impressed with Cover-More's service. All round a very positive experience & I will have no hesitation recommending Cover-More to anyone – I have already told many people how surprised I was with how quick and helpful Cover-More were (as I was expecting the standard insurance claim nightmare). Thank you so much."


"I do appreciate the professional and helpful service provided by Cover-More, both at the time of my initial telephone advice to your office, and also in the formal handling of my claim."


"I am just writing to thank the team at Cover-More Insurance for their prompt approval of my claim for the stolen items and also thank the team for the decent explanation as to why you were not in a position to approve the claim for my sunglasses.

I am very happy with the letter sent, detailing my claim process thoroughly and will be sure to use Cover-More again, and recommend to friends who are travelling.

When overseas, and a situation occurs like mine whilst travelling, it really is a nightmare, and it is reassuring to know that Travel Insurance is very worthwhile purchasing. I have never made a claim prior to this, and am quite surprised at how easy it was to process. Thank you again very much.

Warm regards from a happy customer."


"I would like to sincerely thank the various staff people who were so helpful during our phone calls from Zurich and the phone calls family members were making from Queensland as arrangements were being investigated for my return home for further treatment.

Thanks to your care I have been able to have the necessary treatment and am making good progress. I have been able to speak highly of your care and professionalism to people who have taken your name for their insurance needs for heir holidays.

Thank you sincerely."


"I am writing to sincerely thank you for the welcome support/advice provided by Cover-More whilst we were overseas on Prague and the timely response and claim settlement after our return to Australia.

The support whilst overseas was most appreciated as is the settlement received.

We will highly recommend Cover-More Travel Insurance to our friends who may be travelling."


"I would like to thank you again for your exceptional good service and we have been suggesting you to friends and family for travel insurance. The manner in which our claim was handled was superb and we felt well take care of. Thank you!"


"You have done a fantastic job and made my claim a lot less complicated as it could be. I used to run a business and I am pleased to see there are still employees and companies that look after their clients. A huge "Thank-you"."