Sunset Photo of Tokyo


Step into a high-tech future with a keen appreciation of the old-world when you visit Japan's capital city. Tokyo's official metropolitan area is home to more than 12 million people and greater Tokyo has a population of 35 million. With so many people, Tokyo is a buzzing urban area with much to see and even more to experience.

Central Tokyo

The main centre of this metropolis is one of the most popular areas to visit.


When you visit this neighbourhood, be sure to take a peek at the Imperial Palace, along with the parliament and corporate headquarters of Marunouchi. This power section of the city is well worth a visit, especially in nicer weather when you can enjoy the palace gardens and the shrines. Even if you find yourself in this area in nastier weather, there are many museums to be enjoyed and theatres to catch a show.


For a really wild and exciting time, head to Shinjuku. You'll find many luxury hotels, futuristic skyscrapers, Kabukicho, Tokyo's pulsing nightlife.


For the shopaholics in your group, head to Shibuya. This is Tokyo's fashionable shopping district and holds the exciting nightlife of Ebisu. Beware, though, this area also encompasses the youth style haven of Harajuku.

Old Tokyo

For a more historic approach, head to Old Tokyo and enjoy some of the architecture from bygone eras.


For those looking to appreciate the traditional Japanese sport of sumo wrestling, head to Ryogoku, the sumo district.


Experience the old with the new, and the past with the present at Bunkyo. Bunkyo is home to the University of Tokyo and the Tokyo Dome.


Visit Tokyo's last original tram line or the Kiyosumi Gardens here in Eastern Tokyo.


Although the suburbs of Tokyo are less popular among the tourists, they might be the best place to go for a more authentic, modern Japanese experience. You can also view some sights here such as the three great temples in Adachi.


In Tokyo, you can find the world's greatest food in the bottom of a train station or the basement of a department store. You can find every variety of food from all around the world. If, however, you are looking for some local specialties, try out the sushi, known here as Nigirizushi. There's also Monjayaki, a gooey, cabbage-filled food made with a thin sticky batter.

After you have a bite to eat, you may want to have a few drinks. If you are looking for an authentic Japanese way to have a night out, head to an izakaya, a casual spot to enjoy a drink after work. You can enjoy nice drinks here and complement it with a pub-style dinner if your stomach starts grumbling.

It will surely take more than one visit to get the full experience of Tokyo. There's so much to see and do that your list will never dwindle. Every time you manage to get back to this colourful and imaginative city, count on Cover-More to protect your holiday.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Luke Ma.