Japan Travel Tips


    Everything you need to know about travelling to Japan

    Are you thinking about booking a trip to Japan? An adventure to the land of cherry blossoms, geishas, and ramen will create memories that last a lifetime.

    With endless things to see and do, places to visit and easy ways to get around, it's no wonder travellers from all over the world are flocking to visit this country.

    However, as a destination with so much to offer tourists, planning a trip to Japan can be overwhelming.

    So, check out our ultimate travel guides for Japan below to find out everything you need to know.

    Before you jet off, don't forget to consider packing travel insurance for Japan so you can explore knowing you may have access to assistance if the unthinkable happens.



    How to fly to Japan?

    flight to tokyo

    Flights to Tokyo

    Everything you need to know about flying to Tokyo

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    flight to osaka

    Flights to Osaka

    All the information you need about flying to Osaka

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    Where to stay in Japan?

    tokyo tower japan

    Best places to stay in Tokyo

    Find out where you should book your accommodation in Tokyo

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    traditional japanese kimono in osaka

    Best places to stay in Osaka

    See the top areas to stay in when visiting Osaka

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    Best places to stay in Kyoto

    Discover where you should base yourself while in Kyoto

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    How to get around Japan?

    train in japan

    How to get around Tokyo

    See how you can use the transport options available in Tokyo

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    metro in osaka

    How to get around Osaka

    Make use of the efficient transport system to get around Osaka

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    bus in japan

    How to get around Kyoto

    Find out what transport options you can use in Kyoto

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    Best things to do in Japan?

    temple gate in tokyo japan

    Top things to do in Tokyo

    Don't miss out on seeing the best attractions in Tokyo

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    osaka castle japan

    Top things to do in Osaka

    Add these 10 things to do on your Osaka travel itinerary

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    torii gates in kyoto japan

    Top things to do in Kyoto

    Make sure you don't depart Kyoto without seeing these attractions

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    Top travel tips for Japan

    bamboo forest kyoto japan

    How to protect a Japan trip

    Find out more about travel insurance for Japan

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    japan city lights

    Travel scams to avoid in Japan

    Don't fall victim to these common tourist scams in Japan

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    ramen in japan

    Best food to try in Japan

    Enjoy these top dishes while travelling through Japan

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    orange torii gates japan

    Ultimate itinerary for Japan

    Follow this itinerary for the best experience in Japan

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    mt fuji japan

    Best hiking in Japan

    Venture out and find the best hiking spots in Japan

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    japanese symbols on latterns

    Phrases to know in Japanese

    Start learning these common Japanese phrases for your trip

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    sapporo snow festival in japan

    Sapporo's Snow Festival

    Make the most out of the snow season in Sapporo

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    Overview of Japan

    Get an overview of Japan before you travel

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    geisha in kyoto japan

    How to spot a Geisha

    Top tips on how to spot a real geisha in Japan

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