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    Best Places to Stay in Osaka

    See the top areas to stay in when visiting Osaka

    Osaka is the third-largest city in Japan and by far the most laid-back. It is the perfect place to experience everything Japan has to offer - without having to pay high prices like in Tokyo!

    The city boasts a bustling centre filled with friendly citizens, great food and even better shopping opportunities, all steeped in history and culture.

    If you want to find out the best places to stay in Osaka, then look no further than our helpful guide.

    Where should I stay in Osaka?

    There are many areas of Osaka that provide so many different atmospheres, so it can be hard deciding on where you should stay for your dream Japan holiday.

    From Honmachi to Namba, or the area surrounding Osaka Castle, it can be tricky to know where the best place to stay is, especially when there are many accommodation options to choose from.

    That’s why we’ve collated all the information you need to know into this handy guide, so you can determine the top areas to stay in Osaka and choose the perfect part of the city for you.

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    Namba serves as the metaphorical beating heart of Osaka and is eclectic and full of life. It’s one of the best areas in Osaka for tourists, putting you right in the middle of the bustling city.

    Why stay in Namba?

    • Convenient public transport. A well-connected part of the city, Namba has three stations in total, including the Midosuji line that can connect you to all other parts of the city.
    • Nearby attractions. The best of what Namba has to offer can be found near the train stations, meaning you can enjoy good travel links and great entertainment while knowing you’re never too far from home.
    • Great local food. You can eat your way through all of the goods Namba has to offer, including the Kuromon Market.
    • Good shopping. Namba is the perfect place to shop yourself silly in places such as Shinsaibashi and Amerikamura.
    • Rich history. There is some history in the walls of Namba, including the Hozenji Temple, where legend suggests there is a statue that grants a wish when you pour water over it.


    Umeda is Osaka’s commercial district and is home to the largest transportation hub in the city.

    Umeda is perfect for those looking for an authentic Japanese experience, as it is less of a tourist area like Namba, but just as fun-filled!

    Why should I stay in Umeda?

    • Entertainment galore. Umeda is home to some of Osaka’s best nightlife options, as well as having shopping, eating, and entertainment options in abundance.
    • Live like the locals. Staying here, you’ll be living right with the locals, being able to experience the hustle and bustle of the typical working day in Osaka.
    • Close to attractions. It’s home to the Umeda Sky Building, which holds an observatory, and has an entertainment part with underground shopping, allowing you to experience Japanese culture in a way you never have before.

    Osaka Castle Area

    Being a little less central to the city, the Osaka Castle area is a much quieter experience of local life in Osaka.

    It’s a good area for people who enjoy taking trips to the city, but are fond of the peace and serenity that comes with living in nature.

    Why stay in the Osaka Castle Area?

    • Scenic area. A beautiful, picturesque, and peaceful place to lay your head while you spend some time in Osaka.
    • Relaxed atmosphere. If you like to live at a slower pace but still be only one train away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there isn’t a place better than the Osaka Castle area.
    • Close to one of the top attractions in Osaka. The Castle grounds are completely free to enter, and are a wonderful spot to have a picnic.
    • Abundance of history. The place is rich in history, including museums, ruins and the castle itself, all of which are open to explore for tourists and locals alike.
    • Great dining options. While not being as central as the other districts listed previously, the Osaka Castle area still has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, meaning you won’t have to travel far to find a great place to eat.


    Honmachi is the perfect place to stay if you don’t want to miss out on any part of what the city has to offer, being conveniently located between two of Osaka’s major district hubs.

    If you are looking to be central but aren’t keen on the busy Osaka lifestyle, then Honmachi will be everything you need and more.

    Why stay in Honmachi?

    • Well located. It is within walking distance of Kita and Minami, making it perfect if you don’t want to spend too much money on train travel.
    • Quiet but still in the city. It is a little quieter than places like Namba and Umeda, but Honmachi still puts you firmly in the city and close to everything the city has to offer.
    • Convenient transport. If you do wish to travel, however, it is home to excellent transport links, including the Midosuji subway line that will take you anywhere in Osaka with ease.
    • Great food options. Despite being a much quieter area of the city, there are still lots to offer in terms of food and drink, including food options that are particularly favourable with the locals.

    Universal Studios/Osaka Bay

    Osaka’s waterfront is home to Japan’s Universal Studios, making it great for families, or people who love a good thrill.

    If you’re looking for something that every family member will love, whether old and young, Osaka Bay is a great location to experience the city and make sure everyone is entertained.

    Why stay near Universal Studios/Osaka Bay?

    • Close to Universal Studios. It was the first theme park under the Universal Studio brand built in Japan, and has eight sections, including Jurassic Park, Universal Wonderland, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
    • Entertainment for all. There is something to suit every member of the family: from the children visiting a theme park for the first time to the thrill seekers who are always looking for their next high.
    • Shopping options. If you want to escape the theme park for a little while, Osaka Bay offers a shopping mall, and a bird sanctuary.


    What are the types of accommodation in Osaka?


    Osaka is host to a whole range of hotels in every area of the city. From budget friendly rooms to luxury penthouse suites, you’ll have no trouble finding the accommodation of your dreams. Hotels are often located very close to public transport links and local amenities, making your stay a little less stressful, along with helpful staff that can help with any questions you might have about the surrounding area.


    A ryokan is a type of Japanese inn that will give you an authentic experience while in Osaka. With tatami-matted rooms and communal baths, it provides an insight into Japanese culture before you even step outside to explore the city. In Osaka and other big cities in Japan, ryokans can be on the more expensive side, as they are often more difficult to find. But, you might be in luck if you’re looking to stay in the Osaka Castle area.


    If you’re looking for a reasonably priced stay during your trip to Osaka - and don’t mind meeting locals and other travellers during your stay - then guesthouses are a sure fire way to make new friends. From accommodation with shared bathrooms, to women-only or Japanese-style guesthouses, you have the ability to find a place that works for you.

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