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    Travel Insurance for Japan

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    We can help protect your trip to Japan from Australia

    Japan a popular destination for Australian travellers. The country’s history spans millennia, helping to create a captivating culture and stunning architecture that still exists today.

    Beyond its historical characteristics, Japan also provides Australian tourists with the opportunity to experience vibrant cities, beautiful flower fields, and incredibly ski slopes.

    If you’re planning on visiting this picturesque East Asian island, it’s important to consider protecting your trip with the right travel insurance for Japan. Unforeseen mishaps can derail a trip to Japan no matter how meticulously you plan out every detail of your trip, but travel insurance can help protect you from the unexpected.

    For everything you need to know about travel insurance for Japan, keep reading.

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    Do I need travel insurance for Japan?

    According to DFAT, yes. As unlikely as it may seem when you’re planning a trip, something could go wrong when you travel to Japan from Australia.

    For example, you may suffer from an unexpected illness or injury while exploring Kyoto and require hospitalisation, or you might even be a victim of theft in Tokyo leaving you without cash and your important travel documents.

    If unexpected incidents like this do occur on your trip, they could leave you with expensive bills and/or needing emergency assistance. A comprehensive travel insurance plan could provide cover for these types of incidents and much more.

    Our best travel insurance cover for Japan is available via our International Comprehensive+ and Comprehensive Plans, which provide cover against unforeseen overseas medical expenses, travel delays, lost or stolen luggage, rental vehicle insurance excess, and more.

    To see which plan is best for your Japan trip, you can compare our plans here or get a quote online now.

    Does Cover-More offer travel insurance cover for Japan?

    We know every traveller – and every holiday – is different, so we offer a range of travel insurance plans to suit your budget and travel plans for your Japan trip.

    If you’re an Australian resident travelling to Japan, you can choose from any of our three international travel insurance plans below:

    1. Comprehensive+        
      Our Comprehensive+ Plan’s benefits include unlimited~ overseas medical expenses, delayed travel allowance, cover for delayed, lost or stolen luggage, comprehensive rental vehicle cover, loss of income cover, and much more. It also includes a Business Pack with benefits for business travellers.        
    2. Comprehensive        
      Our Comprehensive Plan offers many of the same benefits as our Comprehensive+ Plan, but with slightly reduced benefit limits. This travel insurance plan may suit travellers looking for comprehensive coverage for a more affordable price.        
    3. Basic        
      Our Basic Plan provides the essentials for travel health insurance benefits in Japan. This includes overseas medical cover while travelling internationally, as well as benefits for additional expenses and personal liability.

    To compare each of our travel insurance plans for Japan side by side, visit our compare page.


    Are you planning on hitting the slopes and are looking for ski insurance for Japan? You have the option to vary any of our international travel insurance plans to include extra cover for an additional premium.

    Our additional cover options include:

    To discover more about the benefits we include in our plans, visit our travel insurance benefits page.

    Does Cover-More cover skiing or snowboarding in Japan?

    Japan is renowned for having some of the best snow and ski slopes in the world, so many Australians enjoy skiing and snowboarding while they’re visiting Japan.

    At Cover-More, we can help travellers looking for snow or ski insurance cover for Japan.

    When purchasing one of our international travel insurance plans, you have the option to vary your cover by including our Snow Sports Cover or Snow Sports+ Cover in your policy for an extra premium. This can help provide cover for unexpected medical costs incurred on Japan’s beautiful snowy mountains whilst you’re engaging in snow sports.

    To help you consider which level of cover is right for you – and what is and isn’t covered by our two levels of winter sports travel insurance cover – compare our Snow Sports Cover and Snow Sports+ Cover here.

    Think you don’t need ski insurance for Japan? If you’re injured on the slopes and don’t have winter sports cover included in your travel insurance policy, you may be liable for the medical expenses you incur, which could prove costly.

    Get a quote online now to find out how affordable protecting your winter snow trip to Japan can be.

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    When should I buy travel insurance for Japan?

    It's a good idea to consider organising travel insurance for Japan when booking and paying for elements of a trip such as flights, tours, and accommodation.

    If you purchase Cover-More travel insurance and include cancellation cover in your policy, we may be able to reimburse for cancellations costs incurred should the unexpected happen before you take-off.

    For more information on our cancellation cover and how it can help protect before you’ve ever left Australia, visit our amendments and cancellation cover page.

    How do I get a quote for Cover-More's travel insurance policy for Japan?

    At Cover-More, getting a quote for Japan travel insurance from Australia couldn't be easier.

    To get a free quote online, simply enter your trip details into our quote box using Japan as the destination, and then follow the prompts to complete our quote process.

    The prompts will include advising us of any existing medical conditions you have and may want cover for, whether your trip includes a cruise of two or more nights, and if you wish to vary your policy by including cover for motorcycle/moped riding, snow sports, or adventure activities.

    If you’d prefer to get a Cover-More travel insurance quote for Japan over the phone, you can call our team on 1300 72 88 22 during Australian business hours.

    Does Cover-More cover natural disasters in Japan?

    Japan is a country where natural disasters do occur – the country has experienced tsunamis, typhoons, and earthquakes in recent years. However, certain regions are more susceptible than others, so do your research ahead of time to understand the risk.

    Our international travel insurance plans for Japan trips could provide protection if you or your trip are directly affected by an unforeseen natural disaster.

    Before you purchase travel insurance for Japan from us, it’s important to check our Travel Alerts section for advice related to Japan to understand what is – and is not – covered for claims relating to any known natural disasters.

    Advice for Japan can change at any time, so it’s important to also review our Travel Alerts right before you leave for Japan to understand how any new information could affect your travel insurance policy.

    To speak to our team about our cover for natural disasters ahead of your trip to Japan, call us on 1300 72 88 22.

    If you are a Cover-More customer and you need assistance while you’re in Japan – whether your passport has been stolen or you’re involved in an avalanche on the slopes after an earthquake – you can contact our Emergency Assistance team 24/7.

    To cover your trip with travel insurance for Japan, get a quote online now.

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