Holidays often present numerous occasions to snap a quick photo of your travel companions, and perhaps even a selfie with a historically important monument in the background. Photos are an important part of any trip, and they help bring us back to moments of utter relaxation and joy when things may not be so relaxing or joyful in real time.

It makes sense then that so many vacationers bring cameras with them, whether they are high-tech cameras, phone cameras or one-use only cameras.

We've compiled a list of a few spectacular views to photograph for your next holiday to Croatia.

Sunsets in Zadar

Alfred Hitchcock once praised Zadar for having the best sunset in the world, and according to tourists and locals, Zadar lives up to the famous testimonial. But Zadar is more than just a gorgeous sunset. The small town enjoys a rich café culture that embraces coffee and people-watching as an enjoyable pastime. The potential for some stunning, rich colored photos of the people and landscape abound. All that's left to do is visit and take your own photos for a uniquely personal take on the small sea-side town of Zadar.

Proizd Island

As you motor up to Proizd Island, you may think that it looks like every other Adriatic island. But what remains to be seen is the hidden beauty and charm of this island. Touted as one of the most alluring sunbathing and skinny-dipping destinations in Croatia, Proizd Island has three beaches that are each dramatic in their own right. Featuring white pebble beaches and stunningly clear, blue waters, these beaches offer the chance to take endless pictures of the beautiful landscape and scenery.

Elaphite Islands

These islands are a little different from Proizd; carpeted with vegetation, their draw comes more from their "get-away-from-it-all" feeling. Contributing to this lackadaisical feel is the distinct lack of traffic on the islands—only one island, Sipan, allows private cars to come on to the island. Imagine the quaint streets, the lively city centres, the lush green vegetation and the laidback feel of the islands. The pictures of these places will draw oohs and ahhs, but the memories will be even better.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park is well-known for the array of landscapes and colours it has to offer. The waters flow over the limestone and chalk and over time have created natural dams, lakes, caves and even waterfalls.

Beyond the stunning water features this National Park offers, there are also a number of unique animals that call it home, including bears, wolves and even a number of rare species of birds. Take a picture almost anywhere in this park, and you are guaranteed to have a keeper.

When you travel to Croatia, it's an opportunity unlike any other to snap a few photos for your screensaver that will have your co-worker saying "yeesh, I hope I get to go to Croatia someday." Be the envy of everyone you know and make meaningful, vivid memories with a visit to and a few pictures of Croatia's biggest and most beautiful beaches, towns and more!

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